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  1. Even though the trip was in July, cancelled everything. Hotels were great, the cruise line was great, just the airfare that is sticking around for now. Hoping to see their grace period for cancellation to extend into July so I can get a refund but hate to wish for that! Wish Expedia had better policies (they took my money but now pretend it is between me and the airline).
  2. I was scheduled for the diamond princess and cancelled since we were still before final payment and it was a fully refundable. The hotels before the cruise were also easy to cancel. ...the air fare was another matter. Have the airfare through Expedia (ANA flight) and their customer service has been no help sticking to the air fare being "non-refundable" despite on ANA's webpage it says "any ticket starting with 205... can be cancelled". So now I am forced to go to Japan where there is now a travel advisory due to the virus (and rebook hotels, pay a date chan
  3. I am also wondering about that, I have seen only one released for my cruise so far.
  4. This summer on the Vision they would take drink orders from the pool once in a while.....
  5. My first meal ever on a cruise ship was in Qsine on the Millenium. It set the bar to such a high level for all other meals and experiences. I am sad to see it go, and do not think I would ever spend money for Le Petit Chef.
  6. I am a new cruiser with only two cruises under my belt so far and one per year for the last two years. The first was on Celebrity Millenium ina Alaska and that set the bar for me for cruise food. When I travelled on Vision of the Seas in July to the Med I was comparing all things to the only other cruise I was on. My understanding going in was that Vision would be a step up in tier to Celebrity. So that also calibrated me a certain way which was unfair to Vision. So here is my take with a small sample size. Celebrity Millenium Main Di
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