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  1. I was out of line?? I was kidding, hence the LOL. But you kinda proved my point about people getting so offended......I understand that it is all ages welcome. But there is simply less children. Where am I going wrong here?? I am not complaining about anything. You have very much seemed to miss my point. Sigh.
  2. I have chosen to sail on celebrity for a couple different reasons. One of them is that there does tend to be less children onboard. During certain vacations, my husband and I are just looking for a more "adult" experience. I'm not sure why so many find this offensive. We both love children and do look forward to cruising with the children in our family and our friend's children in the future (royal caribbean). I don't have any expectation that there won't be any kids on celebrity, just that since the cruiseline doesn't have water sides, skating rinks, etc. there does tend to be less. I don't think this makes me a horrible person. I'm certainly not intolerant as one poster called another. Celebrity just tends to be a different atmosphere that I sometimes prefer. Our next cruise is a weekend one on Rc's Navigator. We are going with about 12 of our friends and as such, we picked this cruise for the more upbeat and fun atmosphere. We are traveling with all adults but are really looking forward to laser tag and escape room! Since this is a cruise over a weekend, I expect there will be a good amount of children on board. The more the merrier! I'm sure there is enough fun to be had by all. The way some of you posters lash out at people who prefer a more adult vacation kind of makes me rethink wanting to be on a ship with a bunch of a-hole adults though LOL
  3. I had to click on this thread because I knew it would be something completely ridiculous. I was not disappointed.
  4. Although I feel like I am an experienced traveler, I have only been on 2 cruises, both celebrity. Here are a couple examples of why I wouldn't be brave enough to do a 10:30 flight: 1. On my first embarkation, I arrived at the port that was completely on lock down. Every first responder in south Florida seemed to be at the port. They weren't letting anybody in or out. We found out later that a bomb dog had indicated a bomb. This ended up being a false alarm, but there was no way that anybody that day was making an early flight. 2. On disembarkation on this same trip, the line to get off the ship was not moving. We had chosen to carry off our luggage because we were hoping to be off the ship quickly, as we had plans for the day. We soon learned that the escalators to go down were broken, and we were waiting on 1 single elevator to transport everyone on the ship. So literally one escalator for 3,000 people. After about an hour of waiting in line, they decided to let people use the stairs. (They didn't want to let people use the stairs because many like us had chosen to carry off their luggage and they were afraid it would be a safety issue.) We did have to make a couple trips to get all of our bags down the stairs, but at lease we were able. Some people did not want to attempt it. 3. When disembarking on our last cruise, an elderly lady took a pretty bad fall on the gangway and they needed to get emergency personal to her, including a stretcher, so they stopped the line because it was a narrow area so they could tend to her. The last 2 were both before we even made it to customs! You never know what can happen! But I seem to have pretty bad luck, and since I won't be on your ship, maybe you'll do fine lol.
  5. I would bring some cash for tipping the ship, but I'd attach the account on board to a credit card, not a debit card. You may end up with lots of authorizations and holds. Same way as you are suppose to use a credit card at a hotel instead of debit. I would also only use a credit card in ports of call. Sometimes they have sales on drink packages prior to sailing. A 10:30 flight is cutting it way too close in my opinion. The ship may dock at 7, but there is no guaranteed time you will be off.
  6. My husband and I went on our first cruise last year on celebrity and just got back from another one. We are looking to another in late spring of this year and spring of next year. I started looking at other cruise lines to try something new, but I can't find another line that can compare to their perks! Norwegian says that you can get up to 5 perks included, but every time you choose one, the price jumps up! Add all 5, and I'm way over what I'd spend on a similar itinerary on a newer refurbished ship on celebrity! And now this drink package business??? I get up to $15 on celebrity and virtually everything is included! And I heard bottled water isn't included with the UBP? We don't have any children which is really the only advantage (seems like Norwegian has more for kids) so I just can't justify spending more and getting less. It's too bad that Norwegian is getting less competitive and not more because I was really considering them until I saw this post.
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