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  1. I didn't get any kind of notice about the upgrade. I just logged in today and noticed a different room number from what it had been just yesterday.
  2. My husband and I are new to Princess (have done 2 Celebrity, 1 RCL) and we booked the lowest category balcony in February (booked thru Costco). I logged in today and saw that we were moved to a mini suite! I'm pretty excited about it, but the room is L105, one of the forward facing mini suites on a much higher floor. I always book to be mid ship because of potential motion sickness. The new location has me wondering if it's going to be a rocky ride. The itinerary is the Pacific Coast, end of October. Does anybody have any experience with this cabin?
  3. I don't have anything at all in my cruise planner for my March 2021 cruise. I think it's just too early yet.
  4. This just happened to me with Celebrity. Our Feb 2021 cruise was chartered. They offered us $100 per person. We had booked Sky Suites at a very good price. They gave us 5 options of new sail dates that would keep our price locked in plus the extra ship board credit. The option we chose didn't have any Sky Suites available and they upgraded us to the next suite up! For us is worked out great! If they are price locking you in at your original price (and it's a good one) then I would for sure re-book with whatever options they gave you. I think it's pretty rare honestly that these things happen.....but if it did happen again, you would probably just benefit from it again!
  5. I'm confused by your post. The title is RCCL cancelled our cruise, but then you say "......if we should cancel that and book something else"
  6. I'm not sure why everyone seems so defensive about the OP review. Some of you seem to feel personally attacked, and others insinuated that he was lying when he said that Vibe was sold out! Some of you pointed out that he went during President's day week and what did he expect? I'll tell you what I'd expect: If you build a ship for 4k+ passengers then make sure it can accommodate them! 1 pool for that many people? Doesn't seem logical. I understand that not everyone wants to lounge in the sun, but clearly more do than there is room for. I love to sit in a lounger on the pool deck on sea days for a bit as there are usually activities happening, and I just like the vibe. If you read the reviews of the Bliss, many say the same thing. I've never done a cruise on NCL, but the reviews that keep pointing out that they can't seem to handle the number of guests aboard their newer ships, are what keeps me from booking. I appreciate an honest review.
  7. If you left your chair, I'm not sure how you would see a warning at 15 minutes....just saying.
  8. Thank you lol, I appreciate it! I've been able to find many pictures of the public areas of the ship, but I'm really interested in pictures specifically of the Celebrity Suite. It will be our 4th cruise, but 1st time in a suite.
  9. I'm sorry, I don't know how to reply to posts directly.
  10. Yes, would love more live from the ship, thanks so much!
  11. Does anyone have any pictures of the Celebrity Suite on an M class ship after a revolution (millennium/summit) ? We have one booked for the Infinity after the revolution. Also, it's on the 9th floor and I know the pool deck is above this, so my question is, is this a good or bad location? Has anyone received an upgrade offer to a Royal Suite from a Celebrity, and if so how much?
  12. I was out of line?? I was kidding, hence the LOL. But you kinda proved my point about people getting so offended......I understand that it is all ages welcome. But there is simply less children. Where am I going wrong here?? I am not complaining about anything. You have very much seemed to miss my point. Sigh.
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