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  1. I’ll second shadowlover on this. Steve or really any of his associates at the TripInsuranceStore are beyond amazing. I truly can’t recommend them highly enough.
  2. Similar to Jim, we did the trip from Seward to Anchorage on the Mariner-provided coach. This is Regent, but also locally-sourced, so I expect similar. The trip wasn’t bad at all, about 2 hours and 45 minutes, beautiful scenery including several wild-life sightings, etc. We did get to the airport really early, so had a long wait there, but had a long lunch, walked around the terminal a bit, and the time passed quickly enough. The train schedule didn’t work at all for the Seward to Anchorage trip. Overall, no issues with the cruise-line-provided transportation.
  3. I don’t want to give you bad advice, so definitely ask tomorrow when you speak to Steve or one of his associates at TIS, but they have a number of well-vetted policies that require you to purchase them within the first 7, 14, or 21 days - NOT the first 3. Good luck!
  4. FOTFL!!! This will keep me smiling all night.
  5. Can you say which forum that is, or is naming a different forum the same as naming a travel agent - not allowed? Thanks!
  6. Can you tell us which Board, or is that one of those “things that shall not be named” on CC?
  7. Thanks, this is extremely helpful detail. Makes total sense in terms of why Cunard is able to get this type of pricing.
  8. I’d second GeezerCouple’s advice to contact TripInsuranceStore, but to answer your question directly, IMO, you should go with the higher limits. The lower limits won’t be sufficient if you actually end up needing either of these components when you’re away.
  9. Has anyone had recent experience with this, specifically with a flight on American/British Airways? As others have noted, the one-way fare from JFK to LHR - to catch a westbound crossing on QM2 - is eye-poppingly lower than anything I could get on my own. There are two choices via CunardComplete, one on British Airways, and another on American. The price is much lower on the BA flight, and more but still very favorable on the American flight. I could use frequent flyer miles for either of these, as well, but the CompleteAir pricing is making me think twice about that. My specific question, which I haven't been able to get an answer to from Cunard, my TA, American customer service, or BritishAir customer service (at least, not a "for sure" or "consistent" answer): at these prices, does the fare class that Cunard is using qualify for frequent flyer mileage credit on American? (BA is a codeshare with American, so I assume the same answer would apply to both airlines.) Any insight from others who might have recently booked on American/BA via CunardComplete?
  10. I’m about to purchase, pending finalizing the trip arrangements with my TA later this week. If you have a chance, you can call anyone there and they’ll give you great information about how CFAR works, why you might or might not need it - in our case, because I have an elderly mom and an older dog, it always makes sense for us to have it - and, perhaps even more importantly, some examples of how claims have actually worked with some of their policies. I found this really helpful. Another thing that’s informative is to visit their website and read the information that’s posted there. I learned a lot, and also figured out some questions to ask that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Good luck!
  11. So, to be sure I understand the suggestion, BlueRiband, if I have a gmail account, is that one that can be accessed vis the web? In other words, it’s a personal account not connected to any work systems, etc. Is that what you mean, or something different than that?
  12. Can I just do a shout-out to the great team at TripInsuranceStore.com? Based on the recommendations of so many people on CC, as well as the in-depth Q&A with Steve a year or so ago, I spent a good bit of time on their website and blog posts, and then talked to Deanna for about an hour this morning. The information they provide, the thoroughness of their answers, the advice they’re able to give, and their professional yet personable attitude are just amazing. I’m so glad I paid attention to everyone who has heaped praise on them over the years, because my experience just now would say that it is 100% deserved. I’d recommend them to anyone looking at any type of travel insurance for any reason.
  13. If you happen to be on an iPad, it’s super easy. When the thread is open, touch the star icon in the upper right-hand corner. You’ll get a message that says: “Bookmarked to Favorites”. Then, whenever you want to find the thread again, touch the 3 horizontal dots that are just to the right of the star icon. Anything you’ve bookmarked as a favorite will be saved there, and you just touch the one you want to open it back up.
  14. Thanks very much for both of these replies. It does put my mind at ease!
  15. I know this is an old thread, but giving it a bump to ask a very specific question re internet. I need to be in touch with good frequency with my elderly mom. We most typically use wifi to exchange brief texts during the course of a day - both of us on apple devices, so iMessage works just fine over wifi. We can also exchange emails if basic, short emailing works better than text over wifi. How likely, in your collective experience, is it that I would be able to touch base with her 3-4 times/day on a westbound to eastbound crossing? Each interaction might last no more than 2-5 minutes.
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