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  1. +1 on the Neutrogena Dry Touch. I use it on my face and neck, generally in SPF 70 or 100, or maybe 110?, and have never had any stains on anything. I’ve also had good luck with Australian Gold in SPF 50 on arms and legs. You can get this on Amazon. I got turned onto it on an Oceania cruise when I ran out a couple of years ago, and had to buy it in the ship’s boutique. I went on the hunt for it following that. Also totally stain free, in my experience. Finally, Banana Boat SPF 50 for kids - the kinds that guarantees no tears if you get it in your eyes - is greasier feeling than the Neutrogena, but also a good choice for faces because of the no tears thing.
  2. Oops...my bad. I misread the initial post, I think - and only just now re-read it closely enough to see that you’re a pharmacist, which makes my comment back to you even sillier! 😚. I think your point about the patient presenting too late is the reason we get these types of prescriptions and have them on hand, because once you feel a cold sore coming on, it’s too late to call he doc, get the script, get the meds, and get that first dose in your system.
  3. I totally agree with this view on antibiotics. Very important distinction...an antiviral drug is NOT an antibiotic. Different classification of drug entirely. I’m sure RachelG. or one of the other docs can weigh in here with a more detailed explanation of the differences.
  4. First, thanks so much to you and TC2 for the wonderful posts across the past couple of weeks. I’ve looked forward to them each day. There are two ways my docs over the years have instructed me to use the antivirals - one is the more aggressive approach, which involves taking one 200mg dose twice/daily for 30 days, if you expect to be in a situation (intense travel, ill with something that typically triggers a cold sore, etc.) that will generally result in one. So this is the “prevent it for sure before it starts” version. The alternative is to take two 200 mg. capsules at the first sign of a tingling on your lip, repeat the two capsules later that day or first thing in the morning, and then take one capsule four times/day for 5 - 7 days. The antiviral I’ve used for years at this point is acyclovir, which is the generic for Zovirax. It’s old, but it really works. As long as I take two capsules at the very first sign of a cold sore, I can prevent it entirely. I’m definitely not a medical professional, and I’m sure there are other dosing/prescribing protocols out there. Bottom line: ask your doctor about it, but if you have any concerns about keeping it on hand in terms of whether or not it works, I can tell you that I haven’t had a cold sore since I learned about this, and I was plagued with them due to a lot of international travel in my 30s.
  5. Thanks, Czardas. I think we’re going with Regent’s version, not only for the possible later departure time, but also because I haven’t been able to reach a live person from the alternative company. In Anchorage, one of our favorite things was just walking around the streets and stopping into neighborhood dive bars and talking to the locals. Best. Time. Ever!
  6. Hi, czardas, thanks for the note! It would be fun to meet once we’re on board. I love Australia, although I’ve only been to Sydney so far. This is our third time to Alaska - first on Regent - and vacation time is limited, so we can’t take the train back after we disembark. It looks great, though, and I think you’ll love Anchorage. We spent a couple of days there before our very first cruise several years ago, and it’s a truly unique place. Let’s stay in touch and see you on board!
  7. For anyone who has done the seven day Regent cruise - Mariner - beginning in Vancouver and ending in Seward, I'm looking for information on the Regent-provided shuttle from Seward to ANC. In talking to my agent, he advises that the shuttle leaves "between 9-10 a.m." In speaking with Regent directly, they gave me the same information. We arranged our own air, so would need to purchase the transfer separately. The cost for this, at least for the June 12-19 sailing, is $120/person. What I'm hoping is that someone will have actually taken the shuttle from Seward to ANC, and can let me know more specifically what time you disembarked, what time the shuttle left the cruise terminal, and when you arrived at ANC. (There's a private company that offers a shuttle service that is a little cheaper, and it departs the terminal at 8:30 a.m. promptly. If the Regent shuttle really does leave "between 9 - 10 a.m.", we'd prefer that option, even for the price difference. But I don't want to spend $100 more in total for the two of us if it turns out that "between 9 - 10 a.m." actually is closer to "8:30 a.m.") Hope this makes sense, and thanks for any and all input!
  8. You may be right, although on our TA crossing last September - Bergen to Montreal - there were several people in the infinity pool every day/evening. I had thought, like you, that it would be deserted. We did have exceptionally good weather for that time of year (Sept. 4 departure)/the regions we were traveling in, but it was pretty cold out on deck. Didn’t seem to matter to several hardier soul!
  9. You’ll have no issues with a feeling of darkness in the ES. The extra space, the bathroom, and wrap-around balcony in the aft ES cabins - we’ve only stayed in aft ES, not forward - are really worth the splurge. The bedroom IS just slightly darker than the front living area, but certainly not “cave like” in any way. And the contrast is likely due to the fact that the front living area is SO light-filled, rather than the reverse, if that makes sense.
  10. You might want this to have on hand for other reasons, but there’s no way you’ll need it in an ES on VO!
  11. I don’t remember specifically, but there are tons of outlets everywhere. We had 5 different devices charging all at once on different occasions and there were outlets still unused, I do remember that. And in terms of storage, I doubt seriously if you could use it all. Even large suitcases fit under the beds, which is a convenient place to store them after you’ve unpacked. I slid them out at the end of each day to put dirty clothes in until it was time to do laundry or send laundry out, which was also really convenient.
  12. I think you’ll love it. We had an ES on Deck 3 aft, and I was worried about noise from below. It was never an issue. We heard nothing, no matter what time of day or night it was. I’d definitely go for it. These ES suites are HUGE, and the wrap around decks make it even more special.
  13. Can you share specifically what the resolution was, or are you/is she prohibited from providing that level of detail as part of the resolution?
  14. Works exactly the same way on Viking Ocean and is a huge value-add for shore excursions of all types. As others have noted, I’m surprised that Regent doesn’t offer.
  15. I’m so sorry you’re having this experience! The Sept 4-18 cruise had such good luck, and I was hoping that yours would, too. We only missed one port, Nanortalik, due to 3-foot swells which would have made the tenders too risky. Instead of that visit, the Captain cruised through Prince Christian Sound, which was amazing. There were various issues with other ports - the Faroe Islands didn’t want us to stay at the dock because a supply ship was double-booked for the (only) berth, After much back and forth, Captain Gangdal found a different port, let off all the passengers so we could meet various tour buses, and then sailed the ship to the other port. The buses took us to that port at the end of the tours. So he really went above and beyond, in the face of a difficult and unexpected situation. At L’anse aux Meadows, again, the seas were too rough for the tenders, but he found a port elsewhere, St. Anthony, where he could safely dock the ship, and the excursion staff located school buses to take anyone who wanted to go to L’anse aux Meadows for the site visit - again, just amazing above-and-beyond-expectations service and creative problem-solving. It makes me so sad for you that you’ve had to miss four ports. I’m hoping that your weather has improved, and that you’ll be able to visit the remaining stops on the itinerary. Too many sea days in a row would be incredibly disappointing. :(
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