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  1. Thanks for this! I have a hard time with finding answers to specific questions on CC.
  2. Do you mind sharing the name of the hotel? I'm always looking for hotel recommendations in Rome and this looks like a perfect location. TIA!
  3. This was wonderful! Thanks for posting.
  4. I don't think I did persist, did I? I only asked once, and then he asked why I wanted to know. My response then was only intended to clarify that it was innocent - plus I thought it would be rude just to ignore his question. I think I'm not very good at reading between the lines about what is okay and not so okay to post!
  5. Guess I should have phrased it more clearly...."would you be willing to share?" I thought it was a nice story, and since many companies aren't as flexible/accommodating, it made me curious as to who it might have been. It was an innocent question, posed in an entirely positive way - sort of surprised it seems to have been misunderstood.
  6. Could you please repost this under the “Could lifting the ‘Jones act’ help in this mess?’ thread?
  7. Well, shoot....I just got mine last week so I was hopeful they’d still be in stock. If you sent a email asking when they expect to have them, they’re great about responding. At least that would give you some idea about whether you could wait for them or needed to look somewhere else.
  8. Try Tom Bihn...this is a Seattle-based travel bags and accessories small business that makes the highest quality luggage by hand. They’ve turned all of their production capability - with the owners working in the shop and the small staff working from their homes - to making cloth masks. For every one that you purchase, they send one to the local hospital. These guys are sewing experts, so the masks are comfortable. tombihn.com. (I’m not associated with the company in any way, other than being a customer.)
  9. Not at all! That was just the right amount of help.
  10. Andy, can you do one more click of detail on the “some of the new builds will be marginally bigger for compliance with new stability requirements” point? What are the new stability requirements and how does this impact the ship size?
  11. It’s not uncommon to have the final payment date adjusted to six months before the sail date. TAs who are experienced with Viking generally have good luck with this, or if you’re working with Viking directly, it doesn’t hurt to call back and request that timeframe. People report mixed results with that approach, but we’ve always been able to adjust the final payment date to six months before sailing. Good luck.
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