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  1. Viking offers this as part of its "In the Wake of the Vikings" transatlantic cruise.
  2. Thanks so much for posting this video! So well done. I hope you'll have the time to make and post a few more.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to make such a detailed post! As one who isn't on Facebook, I really appreciate getting this information here. Sounds like the trip met expectations!
  4. Hmmm....looks like I need to get on the friends and family list!
  5. Definitely not! In our experience, people tend to dress up a little more for the specialty restaurants. You won't stand out at all in a sparkly top. While many, many men don't pack sports coats at all, my husband generally brings one and wears it to CT and Manfredi's. You'll see other sparkly tops in there, I'd bet.
  6. Beautiful bags, and your watercolors are great, Clay. Seriously, would Mike take orders? I'm guessing he could sell as many as he could make!
  7. On our TA in Sept. 2018, afternoon tea was offered every day other than embarkation day - and this was a port-intensive TA. (In the Wake of the Vikings.) It has also been served daily on each of the other VO cruises we've done. Similar to Twitchly's experience, on the TA, the afternoon tea was crowded on sea days, with overflow out into the hallway seating outside the Winter Garden. That said, it doesn't sound like we were quite as crowded as their experience; there was always a place to sit, although it might not have been in a preferred location. On port days, our experience looked much
  8. Thanks for this detail! I have really high arches, which is always a problem for me in finding comfortable shoes of any type. Does the Alibress feel like it has enough support for walking on the beach, or maybe even water aerobics? I love the way they look.
  9. We were in Iceland on In the Wake of the Vikings in September 2018, and it was cold, particularly near water or at higher altitudes. (Did the Golden Circle, highly recommend for a first-timer.) In any case, I wore a silk long-sleeved undershirt, a cotton turtleneck, jeans, a thick cotton sweater, and a waterproof insulated windbreaker with a hood. And rain pants over the jeans. Plus gloves. The jacket and rain pants came off on the bus, but they were necessary at several of the stops if I wanted to be comfortable. (Wind was also blowing pretty hard in spots.)
  10. That's what we've observed, as well. The majority of pax change in the locker rooms, but a healthy percentage do wear robes to and from and use the backstairs or elevators, just outside the spa. In all our cruises, I've only seen one gentleman walk down the hall and onto the middle elevator in his bathrobe, and he definitely stood out. A warning re the bathing suit ringer machine. It works wonderfully well, but be SURE you have your suit pushed all the way down into it before using. I didn't get mine properly placed, and managed to chew up one corner of it because it got caught
  11. Important caveat: As someone above noted, this is a great feature ON LAND. It's not for when you're actually sailing in the evenings or overnight. But then, you have access to whip Wifi, and all the other ways to access phone-calling type capabilities mentioned above via wifi.
  12. Plus 1 on Verizon Travel Pass. When we aren't able to use ship or other wifi for whatever reason, we've used the Travel Pass option. Some countries used to be - in the before times - only $5.00, but most, as I recall, were $10. Well worth it for the additional 'belt and suspenders' coverage of having cellular service if necessary. But zero charge if you don't use it. It's really easy to set up, and once you establish it, it remains an established feature on your account - which means you don't have to go through the set up process every time you leave the country.
  13. This just brought tears to my eyes! Thank you, JeriGail!
  14. Any suggestions for those of us who don't use Facebook? Would SO love to see these pics!
  15. Wonderful! I'm not on IG, and was hoping I wouldn't miss your narrative.
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