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  1. Unfortunately, this was our experience exactly with Oceania - our go-to line prior to the sale, and then two really bad experiences post-sale.
  2. Viking is another line to check out. There are many posts on the Viking Ocean portal that list all of the various advantages and amenities, so I won't repeat those here, but I think it might fit your criteria well. After sailing RCI, Celebrity, Princess, Oceania, and Regent, Viking (both river and ocean) have become our preferred cruise line by a significant margin. Good luck! I'm sure you'll find something that fits your requirements.
  3. Yes, that pretty much describes my dinner attire, other than for specialty restaurants where I do bring a dress, typically, but a more casual one that I wear with boots, tights, and a scarf. But for the Restaurant, it's black leggings, boots, and tunic tops pretty much every night. (Or in really warm climates, which we haven't done much of, leggings, tunic tops, and flats.)
  4. In addition to the other tips listed, a flight attendant told me a few years ago to be sure my hands were well-hydrated, e.g., always apply lotion just before deplaning. Since using that trick, I've never had any issues with fingerprint readers, and before I started doing that, we were in this exact situation....husband waiting on me because I could never get through the fingerprint reader.
  5. Thanks, really appreciate the detail! This is what I was hoping you'd say - we do reserve our N95s for trickier situations, and I think we're wearing them properly....I have the ring/mask impression around my face when it comes off. Again, thanks for sharing all this useful info.
  6. PurpleHays, because you actually DO have a bunch of experience here, your "allegedly" attached to the N95 parenthetical worries me. Why do you say "allegedly"? (I've been - perhaps naively - counting on N95 protection pretty heavily.)
  7. Can you expand on your thought, Clay? If they did an east coast departure - where we could drive instead of fly to the port - we'd book it in a hot minute.
  8. Ha! I see how you could read it that way, but no, the intent is that you can wear a dress, OR a skirt/slacks with a sweater/blouse on the top. But now that you point it out, I see the other way to read it!
  9. Sleeveless dresses or tops are most definitely not an evening dress code violation. Not sure where you saw that, but you'll see sleeveless everywhere in the evening. I always wear a shrug or pashmina or something like that because I'm always cold, but I'd say a healthy minority of ladies I've seen in all the evening dining venues are sleeveless on any given night.
  10. This has been my experience on Viking, at least with essentially constant email connectivity and the ability to transfer files without a problem. I haven't tried zoom.
  11. As I recall, so did I...😉
  12. As others have said, I think it's very ship and location dependent, but FWIW, I worked successfully on three different Viking cruises - (Viking includes wifi with the cruise fare for all passengers) - in both remote and not-so-remote locations. I only required reliable email, and didn't need to send or receive large/data-intensive attachments. I was able to receive and send typical presentation decks, for example, without a problem. Your mileage will almost certainly vary...as someone suggested, checking with the specific cruise line, and reading about internet experiences on that cruise line, would be a good next step.
  13. One important tip about the swimsuit wringer...be sure you have your suit really smashed in there, towards the bottom half of the machine. I made the mistake the first time I used it of not being that careful. Parts of my suit were near the top of the machine, and I managed to tear off a strap and put a hole in another part of the suit. But if you're careful with placement, it works beautifully. Have never had a problem after this first time.
  14. Just to pile on, one hour to connect through CDG is impossible. There's just no way that will happen. Everything Clay describes happens more often than you'd think - although that experience was pretty bad! - and with the current state of air travel, I wouldn't risk it at all.
  15. And, you aren't limited to the items listed on the card. You can write in pretty much anything, and they're very happy to bring it.
  16. Is this the one that has reindeer in one of the courses? We love that one.
  17. It truly, truly is not. The last time we sailed, the ship had 927 pax, and there were many afternoons that I would walk the entire length of the ship inside on decks 2 or 3 without running into anyone else. And these are very public area, with game tables sprinkled about, etc. You'll be amazed.
  18. I am so, so sorry to hear this. Heartbreaking, I know.
  19. I don't know...I love the length of this and have been watching for months now as it grows and grows. It would be interesting to see just how long it could get....
  20. Yep, should have reposted here that I found you over on that one! Thanks!!
  21. Clay, tell us more! How was arriving/boarding/settling in? What's been happening today?
  22. Not working so well for me. I can't log out, no matter how many times I try. And when trying to access threads or roll calls, it takes forever to load and then typically kicks me out or goes blank.
  23. Definitely no jeans or shorts in the Restaurant or specialty restaurants, but the air conditioning in our experience is always down pretty low and we find it on the cold side, so chances are you'll be fine in some type of khakis or other slacks. No matter what the temperature is outside, I generally need long sleeves and a wrap of some type. My husband is fine with a polo shirt and khakis.
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