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  1. Sometimes we do sometimes we don't but we never SLAM the door.
  2. As I said we do not SLAM doors. We simply go out the door and let it close. Your opinion of what is better is just that, your opinion. Thank you for sharing it with us all. That says a lot.
  3. FYI he is my dad. The eyeball is not coincidence at all. Thanks!
  4. :rolleyes: Sorry, my fat fingers struck an extraneous key, it was obviously intended to say THEM. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to correct that for those who could not figure it out without adult supervision. Seriously, seeing a dirty plate grosses you out? :rolleyes:
  5. Would you like the phone number to the hospital room? I'm sure he would enjoy the call.
  6. So unless someone lives by your rules they need to 'learn a better way'? Sorry but I do not want dirty dishes on my bed (no couch or table), the counter is already being utilized, and I use the bathroom sink like most people who practice good hygiene. Are you talking about yourself? Based on your entire post basically saying my way or you are wrong, that seems to be the case.
  7. I don't dispose of dirty dishes. That is wasteful. I put them in the hallway for theme to be picked up washed and used again, all nice and proper, and easily taken away by anyone!
  8. Nope but I know him personally. He is away with medical issues right now.
  9. You still will not be traveling by boat. You will be traveling by ship! :)
  10. I never mentioned linens. If you do not like the dirty plate being by my door, then by all means feel free to pick it up and take it to the buffet as you walk by. It is common practice to do that everywhere I have been.
  11. Somehow I get the idea that you actually do believe that! :rolleyes: According to you then, about 90% of the people in the world slam a door every time they go through it. Please save yourself aggravation and do not boo a cabin next to us. :D
  12. Maybe just left the room and let the door close on its own like most people do?
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