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  1. Hank you are full of great info. We have used the buses in P.V. many times & love them. But have seen the info. posted that bus fare is now 10 pesos to accommodate the new vehicles. My question is, do they STILL take US dollars? In the past we have just used like $3 for four of us. Of course that would be a little more than 10 pesos each. Should we still try to use US. And would $4 Us be acceptable? Also THANKS for the 'heads up' on flashing our Cruise cards. Will hide the 'stuff' from now on!

  2. Wow. Sorry you are unhappy. I think my wife's favorite cabin to date was an aft-facing Caribe deck balcony. As I told her on that cruise, "We used to have to put a quarter in the bedside box to get this nice vibration." :D We have booked aft cabins on purpose. We booked an aft balcony (not aft-facing though) for 28 days last October and loved it. We had an aft-facing ocean view for 17 days in 2015 and loved it so much I have booked the same cabin for an upcoming 19 day cruise. Some folks seem to hate forward cabins and others hate aft cabins. We love them both but, of the two, prefer the aft cabins the most.


    I sincerely hope you get your cabin issue worked out to your satisfaction. Not all people are the same and I am infinitely grateful that not all that many are like me. I'm guessing that the majority of people would also be grateful that most people aren't like me. :rolleyes: Enjoy your cruise and, if you don't get the ideal cabin, please don't let it ruin things for you. Just spend more time out of the cabin. If the aft vibration upsets your sleep just drink a few double bourbons before you go to bed and all will be well. (OK, that might not be great advice depending on who you are but it works for me. ;p)

    Thrak, you always crack me up! Nicely done. :')

  3. Unless you are receiving free nights, or unless you arriving very late in the evening, I would not recommend staying at an L.A. airport hotel the day before the cruise. I would select a hotel in San Pedro, Crown Plaza, Doubletree, or the Sunrise hotel which is a more economic hotel. They are very close to the pier and all have free shuttles to the ship. This is what we have always done. We take one of the shuttle services from the airport to the hotel, Super Shuttle or Prime Time, around $20/pp. You can also select a hotel in Long Beach, a little further away and maybe no free shuttle to the pier.


    On embarkation day you can also take one of the shuttle services from the pier to the airport hotel. The shuttles are lined up outside the terminal. You can also use Uber. Lyft, or taxi.


    I agree! We had a dedicated Super Shuttle because we had 6 family members, which meant no stops. We chose Crowne Plaza on Hotwire, great deal, everything walking distance, and even have a free trolley on weekends. Did some research before, and couldn't see everything in S.P. Best part of our trip, and plan on doing that again! Tour museums within walking distance, and the Crowne has complimentary shuttle to ship.

  4. One of the things we miss about not sailing on NCL. They had them every time we sailed away! Also miss the outdoor grills everyday, with salads, fries, burgers, dogs, not having to special order, but ready made. But still love Princess!

  5. Thank you, but I was trying to find out what movies were being played on Muts and who the entertainers were that were on their cruise. I realize it can change but we will leave in a couple of weeks.

    We are sailing on the Grand in a week. We received notice from them on Entertainment, MUTS movies, and other items of interest for our sailing. The MUTS has Pirates of C. Dead Men tell no tales, 2017, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2; Alex Ramon Magic; Scott Wyler comedian; Born To Dance. And celebrating Oktoberfest with various things like Polka Music!

  6. Actually, yes in February I boarded at San Pedro. We checked in fairly early (11am?) but then went over to the USS Iowa battleship before returning the rental car then boarding about 2pm or so.




    I am not sure what you mean. The ship offers the same things no matter when you board. So I missed a lunch by not boarding super early. But there were sea days right after we sailed, so we had plenty of time to take advantage of all the ship offers during that time. We couldn't have taken advantage of the things in San Pedro once we were on the ship :D



    I agree. We spent 2 days in San Pedro and loved it! All within walking distance of the hotel, museums, trolley car, fountains, nice dining areas, and Port O Call. We did a lot of research first. We are a law enforcement, fire dept. family and we could not see everything that pertained to those careers. And the hotel transferred us to the port.

  7. Please don't count out walking at least one way, as mentioned. It is an easy, level, beautiful walk through residential neighborhoods filled with trees and gorgeous flowers. The shuttle bus is there to capitalize on making people think it is a long walk to the downtown core, but it actually isn't.


    You can cab it back if you get tired. Enjoy your day! :)


    Thanks Karen, it does sound wonderful, however one of our group cannot do the walk. Might take a taxi for the 4 of us if they take Credit card. ;)

  8. ditto, ditto, ditto. What a mess. B2B but different cabins, not booked as b2b, and with diff. people. Flights a mess, even though booked with EZAir. Going with daughter ONE way, staying in port, meeting Hubby (flying EZAir)for next leg, and then both flying home together. Everything 'complete' then the same email. The poor Princess rep. was laughing and almost crying trying to straighten it out! She kept saying 'air shows you going nowhere, coming from nowhere'. Glad to hear everyone in same 'boat' so to speak.

  9. Suggest you get your reservation for the specialty restaurant as soon as you board to get your preferred time. Usually, productions shows are at 8pm and 10pm. if the show is scheduled at 9:30pm, you may want to get an earlier reservation time so you will not rush and be able to enjoy your specialty dinner.

    I suggest doing your reservation online, as it is now possible to do it before boarding:D

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