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  1. We chose this one I replace a canceled April one. Because of the FCC offer, we were able to go from a Brilliance interior 5 day to this Oasis ocean view balcony 7 day! We are really trying to be optimistic, but we also recognize that we won’t be able to come close price wise if we wait until after it cancels. However, we really don’t want to cancel and postpone then see that the cruise does go. Such a tough position to be in!
  2. Any tie breakers? I have one for TA being correct and one for TA being incorrect.
  3. We have an Oasis cruise scheduled for November 29. We see the writing on the wall and are hoping to lift and shift. We used an online TA and in speaking with them today, the rep explained that the itinerary that we wish to switch to must be the exact same as the itinerary we already have booked. I was under the impression it just had to be in the same area (Bahamas, Caribbean, etc). Is anyone able to clarify this for me?
  4. My husband and I stayed in an OV cabin that would have slept 4 (the beds pulled down from the ceiling). I will tell you that it was tight with just the 2 of us and I couldn’t imagine trying to fit two other people (and their things) in that cabin with us. If you can pack very lightly and will literally only be using the cabin to sleep, it might be doable. But for what it’s worth, we loved the ship. Yes it was small and had zero frills, but it was my husband’s first cruise and was perfect for whetting his palate for further cruises!
  5. What if you had to view the video prior to boarding and then at check in you are given your muster station....You have to then appear in person at your muster station and receive your seapass card from the crew member assigned to your muster station?
  6. We’re booked on the April 4 sailing on Brilliance. We originally booked an interior cabin for $1100 total for 2 (spring break). On Friday I looked at the website and a balcony room was now less than that, so I called and sat on hold for 2.5 hours and they upgraded us to a spacious balcony for no additional cost.
  7. Thanks, I’ll keep checking for a couple of days. I know they’ve been slammed with other matters, I can wait!
  8. We were upgraded from an interior room to a balcony, yesterday. All of our cruise docs and luggage tags still have our original room number. Will these eventually change or is there something I must do to get them changed? Don’t want our luggage getting lost!!
  9. That’s what we got for our April 4 Brilliance sailing. We had originally booked an interior cabin but I called and was able to upgrade to a spacious balcony room for no additional cost.
  10. We went from interior deck 9, to balcony deck 10! Worth a try if you have patience to wait on hold. I got a lot of cleaning done today while waiting lol.
  11. We are sailing April 4-9. On a whim, I looked on my TA’s website and saw that a balcony room is now less expensive than the interior room we had booked. After a short 2.5 wait on hold, we were granted an upgrade to a superior balcony room! Worth a check!
  12. We booked our cruise through an online TA. Part of the promotion was $50 on board credit and our choice of an additional $50 OBC or $50 Amazon gift card. We chose OBC. Should I be seeing that OBC in my cruise planner on the Royal Caribbean website? For some reason I thought last time I cruised, the OBC was available on the cruise planner to use to book excursions, specialty dining, etc.
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