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  1. I could not agree more. What on earth were AZ thinking of by releasing a press statement based upon a subset of the data. Who the heck vets what the PR guys send out. My inside source is actually more upset that the University's own press release repeated AZ's release parrot fashion. One unhappy scientist right now.
  2. I will pass on your thanks. Everybody around the world who has worked on a vaccine response in such short timescales deserves our thanks. It is amazing what has been achieved when sufficient funding and prioritisation has been given to the scientists. Let's hope that continues now that they are moving on to try to protect us in future years against variants of this virus and those that will inevitably follow as the world's population continues to grow.
  3. Only by those who choose to ignore the empirical evidence arising from its usage which sadly will probably be the majority, it seems to be the modern way to not let facts get in the way of a good argument 😀
  4. I too believe that it an overreaction and that there is no causal relationship between that particular vaccine and thrombosis. I have read that in the UK it has been estimated that as many as 1 in a thousand people may be liable to suffer from blood clotting. The Astra Zeneca vaccine is well used here now and there is no evidence of any deviation in clotting cases. My son has even stronger views on the suspension of its use but he would do as he has worked on the development of the vaccine and is rather fed up with his teams' work being used as a political football by those seeking to explain
  5. Yes, the Brazilian Health Regulatory Authority approved the Oxford Vaccine for use in trials in Brazil earlier this week. Whether the politicians there get in the way is as you say another matter.
  6. I didn't mean to sound critical. It's just that one of my sons is a member of the University research team so I just went a bit parental there 😀
  7. AstraZeneca did not develop the vaccine. That was done by the University of Oxford, based upon an existing vaccine that was under development for another virus, I think it was SARs but I may be wrong, that was put on hold. AstraZeneca are manufacturing the vaccine in conjunction with two partner organisations in the world.
  8. I just use WhatsApp to talk to other WhatsApp user over wifi or via my mobile phone data package. As long as I don't exceed my data allowance then all calls to fellow users are free anywhere in the world. I do not use it to call non WhatsApp users. I don't know whether that is chargeable.
  9. I think we have different Skype call packages over here unfortunately. It would not be worth my while buying a Skype package since I use WhatsApp for all my internet calling. Anyway I think Skype will still charge over and above 'norma'l calls for access to this Celebrity number. Thank you very much though for taking the time to make this suggestion. Much appreciated. Oh and I gave up after 40 minutes. I hope that people are being nice to the agents when they do get through. None of this is their fault and they must be concerned about their jobs as well.
  10. 30 minutes so far to the UK number (which is a premium rate charge number) and no indication of position in queue. Not having any indication of queue position or wait time is not acceptable when I am paying for this.
  11. It's a common theme. We have just moved our September cruise out of Southampton to the following September.
  12. I have a better idea for social distancing on board. I had one of these as a toy when I was a kid and it protected me from my elder brother. These would be great on board. You could exterminate chair hoggers, the queues at the Buffet would be mysteriously reduced and the outside could be disinfected through a mini car wash. Might have a problem getting them into the cabins at first though.
  13. I think that travel bubbles may well be a kick start mechanism. Whilst there are logistical challenges with crews and quarantine and the potential number of passengers may be limited by the markets that operate any revenue will be welcome. It will also potentially be a way of increasing global confidence in cruising if the new processes for passenger and crew safety work successfully. Of course if there is a well publicised disaster on a ship then confidence will be reduced to zero. Like so many challenges at the moment it is a finely balanced decision that has to be made. PS This
  14. A) A Tow from an aircraft carrier, B) Some heavy duty jump leads or C) A very large trickle charger
  15. I am not overly bothered about Cruise ships not going into BC myself but I do feel for all of you who were planning on visiting Alaska this season. It's an addictive place to go to. That said we are pretty desperate to get to BC to see our son, daughter-in-law and two growing, adorable bundles of mischief. As with pretty much everything else in these strange times whether we can or not this year is up in the air. We live in hope. Take care everybody, keep safe and be kind.
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