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  1. I did the glassblowing on the Equinox last year and I loved it! I was actually surprised that I got to do as much as I did, I didn't just blow in the tube. I made a vase and I think it was $90 and I use it all of the time. It was a good use of my OBC in my opinion. It actually flowers in it right now!
  2. I was just on the Summit and I don't think Chandelier was on it. They had Life, Broadway review, and Soundtrack. As always we were underwhelmed with the production shows. The Soundtrack show actually had very few songs from soundtracks on it ironically. The Broadway one is always our favorite, but they did make very unfortunate song assignments... they gave the one guy with a lisp "Stars" from Les Mis. The same poor guy had to sing "Roxanne" from Moulin Rouge.
  3. We just returned from the Summit and we were in LOVE with the Indian food. We were extremely underwhelmed with the food in the main dining room and ended up eating the Indian food from the buffet most days. Although one thing that may have to do with the quality was the fact that the executive chef was Indian...
  4. My husband and I did the Chef's Table on the Equinox last year. The cost was $300 for the two of us and included a champagne reception, galley tour, wine parings with each course, and private dinner with the chief security officer and the executive chef presented each course. For us it was hands down the best dining experience we have ever had and was well worth the money. With the amount of on board credit that Celebrity and travel agents tend to give out we considered it an 'included' experience (I think we had like $600 to spend on board). We also met some very interesting people who we still talk about today. We were by far the youngest couple there and were celebrating our 5 year anniversary. In addition to the dessert that was provided with the meal, they presented us with an ENTIRE CAKE which they delivered to our room afterwards. We ate off of it for the last two days of the cruise. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  5. Hmmm maybe I'll just keep my mouth shut...
  6. They should be, but sometimes people cheat 😉
  7. That's a great idea, thanks! I got it as a perk, but I can't imagine they wouldn't let me switch for a package that is technically less expensive... maybe I should ask my travel agent if they can do that for me?
  8. I usually go for Reeds or Fever Tree (can't find Goslings very often here), it actually has real ginger in it not just 'natural ginger flavor.' Hopefully that will be alright! I saw the live Summit post that Radio is doing and the videos of the pool are making me really nervous, and I'm not one who normally gets seasick...
  9. I have a drink package (booked before we found out), so I'm hoping I could just ask for one and they'd give it to me? Either that or I could just order a virgin dark and stormy haha
  10. Lol whenever we go out for trivia nights everyone has such cool team names and I'm not that creative so our team name is usually "clever team name"
  11. Thank you! I was hoping some of the bars must have some since they serve dark and stormys, and we are going to Bermuda...
  12. We will be embarking on the Summit this weekend and I recently found out that I am pregnant! Morning sickness/nausea has kicked in and I've been living on ginger beer (an extra strong non-alcoholic ginger ale made with real ginger) and ginger tea. Does anyone know if any of the bars offer real ginger beer? Does Cafe al Bacio offer ginger tea or should I bring my own? Thanks!
  13. I don't know how they could possibly put an age limit on the AquaSpa cafe, it's self serve and you can simply pick up a plate and carry it through the Solarium on your way from the elevators near the fitness center to the outdoor pool. That being said, it didn't really bother me much, as we had fantastic weather on our cruise and spent most of it outside but I can see it may bother people on colder cruises or ones with bad weather
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