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  1. Just checking in to see how your cruise went. Did you end up enjoying your tour/transfer? 🙂
  2. You get towels as you're getting off the ship. Once on the island, you can exchange wet towels for dry ones at several towel exchange stations located on the island. There's one in the waterpark near the wave pool. The map will show other locations. I'm not sure if you can receive towels at the towel stations (like check out new ones with your card). From what I understood, they were exchange locations, specifically.
  3. There is another entrance/exit close to Oasis Lagoon. Here’s a photo of it. In the park it dumps you out near the family slides tower/adventure pool. It’s also more convenient for those looking for more food options than Snack Shack. We very much enjoyed our lunch at Skipper’s Grill today. Lots of options.
  4. Currently on the Mariner. Tomorrow is our day at Coco Cay. Any questions and I can try to do some recon. We have water park passes (all day). 🙂
  5. This is extremely helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to come back and write such a detailed review. This sounds exactly like what we're looking for. :)
  6. This is actually not true at all and I really don't appreciate your assumption in that regard at all. I don't know why anyone is reading in an air of unhelpfulness in my TA. She's amazing, does whatever I need, whenever I need and has literally waited on hold for me for hours at a stretch to book opening day cruises for me with DCL. She's an angel and a godsend to me. She also happens to be a dear friend and was ready and willing to help. I had told her it was cool that I thought I could sort it. Clearly I couldn't so I texted her back a bit ago and told her, yes, go ahead that it seemed like me calling back again wasn't really going to solve anything so she contacted them a little bit ago. Somehow we had BOTH My Time Dining AND Early Dining. She said that the agent on the line literally couldn't figure out how that happened. So we have My Time Dining for real now and things seem to be sorted out. I don't know why the dude on the phone with me couldn't just figure it. Ah well, it's all good.
  7. I did contact her. She told me that she could call and try to sort it out if I need. She said she definitely didn't do anything. Clearly something is goofy.
  8. The dining tab just shows all the specialty dining. I don't see anything about My Time Dining there. There are two buttons "Make a Reservation" and "Plan All Cruise Dining" but the only options are uncharge restaurants which I don't want. If I click on my "My Calendar" I see My Time Dining there and there's a yellow button that says "Details" but there doesn't appear to be a way to change it.
  9. We're cruising on Mariner in a little over a week and as activities have been loaded into the app, I realized that I want to change the time of one of the My Time Dining reservations I booked awhile back. Because I couldn't figure out how to do it online, yesterday I called and asked if I could change it. The agent told me that I don't have My Time Dining that my TA called to switch us to traditional dining early seating. Um. No. No, she didn't. I explained that she didn't and I was logged in and looking at my reservations at that moment. He told me it takes awhile to filter through. I asked him when the change occurred and he said it was that day. I said, "so literally the same day that I decide I want to change my reservation, my TA, without my knowledge or instruction, just happened to call and change my dining to something completely different?" His answer: "Probably." So I just hung up. I checked today and I still see my My Time Dining reservations, but again, I can't seem to edit them. Should I just wait until I get onboard to sort this out? Call back? Have my TA call to try to sort it? (And yes, I have confirmed since, she hasn't touched my reservation since booking it.)
  10. Snack Shack doesn't look very friendly for vegetarians. Would it have killed them to toss a veggie burger on the menu? I assume the other dining locations have vegetarian options.
  11. Sounds great! I'd love to hear back when you return, if you think about it. 🙂
  12. For sure! I apparently don't have enough posts to send private messages. Are you on the FB group for the cruise? My real name is Summer.
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