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  1. We are cruising Alaska in 2022. We paid the deposit, and that's it. The rest of the money, we are putting in a separate account at our bank, monthly, just like we would if we were financing it through Carnival. We will use that money to make our final payment. If it is cancelled, we have the money to book a future cruise, again, if needed. Hoping August 2022 goes off without a hitch!
  2. My July 2020 cruise to Mexico got cancelled, so we opted for a full refund. Mulled over things for a couple months, and rebooked for Alaska 2022. I paid deposits, and won't pay a penny more until a week before the final payment is due. I am so glad that we opted to book so far in advance. Especially with Canada not allowing ships in this year.
  3. August 2022, Freedom in Alaska. Not celebrating anything specifically, just being together with my family. ❤️
  4. Same with my Aug 2022. I am putting my monthly payment into a special bank account, rather than directly to Carnival.
  5. That's one of the reasons I decided to just do it. The price was considered "average", and I don't want to risk it going up. And looking at future cruises, even into 2022, they seem to be filling up somewhat quickly. Probably due to people rebooking cancelled trips.
  6. And I did it. I decided that my family and I would go on a cruise in August 2022 to Alaska. After using the 3 gift cards, my out of pocket for the deposit was only $97. Worth the risk. I will wait until closer to the trip to pay it off, and just put money aside each month until then. :) Now I am excited!
  7. Good to know. Thanks! My one gc turned into 3 due to different refunds for cruises. Thank you!
  8. Okay, and another question.... I have a large gift card for Carnival. Will it expire? Without risking "my" money (gc was a Christmas gift), if I book now, I could book out to 2022, for a basic 4-7 night Mexico cruise out of California. And if things go positive for Carnival, I could pay off when final payment is due. Ugh. Does this make sense? Thanks! Y'all seem to know much more about this than I do.
  9. Thanks everyone! I thought maybe I was jumping the gun a bit. I am tempted to do Feb 2021 again, but still unsure. I may do a July 2021, or even 2022, just to be safe. Now to figure out where to go! I would love to do Alaska, but it IS pricey, and we still need to get a Vegas trip in too for our son's college graduation. Decisions, decisions!! I am glad y'all responded. I feel better about moving forward now.
  10. I have $500 in Carnival GC's and am seriously tempted to book a cruise. Not until 2021, at least, though. There seem to be some decent prices out there, and I am still mourning my cancellation for my Feb cruise on the soon to be, if not already, scrapped Imagination. Have you booked yet? Are you holding out? Are you tempted too? I am just worried that if something happens with CCL that I would be out my $. Thoughts?
  11. I'm ready, but after 2 cancellations, I am not booking until Carnival has proven that itself, and cruises, are stable. I opted for a refund, and said goodbye to my obc. When things are ready, my gc and I will be ready!
  12. I got an email this morning verifying that my refund will be processed. I would have rebooked again, but this would be the third time, and I am going to hand on to my gc until things are verified as "normal" before I think about a cruise.
  13. I ended up cancelling, even though I will lose the $300 obc and have $500 in gc's tied up on my trip. 😞 The closest cruise to mine - almost identical - was $400 more. I am not giving Carnival any more of my money. I am quite ticked off.
  14. Ugh. At least we have until May 2021 to make a decision. This is the second time my Imagination trip has been cancelled. Husband and I agreed that if cancelled we would just do Alaska instead, but right now, I am weary of dropping any more money into a cruise. Especially one that is double the price. Even if it is in July 2021. Sigh. This sucks. Stupid Covid. 😞
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