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  1. We're going to be doing B2B on the Joy the first couple weeks of September, so I am definitely lookin forward to your reviews!!!
  2. I was sorely tempted when RCCL announced their Adventure of the Seas sailings for the summer, but I decided to hold out and see if NCL would do something similar. Glad I waited, as I definitely prefer to sail with NCL, especially with all the FCC on our accounts right now! Hope your RCCL sailing goes well. I follow the La Lido Loca youtube channel and Tony will be sailing on RCCL in June. Can't wait to see his videos!
  3. I called my PCC last night and she was able to remove one-way airfare and transfer from both cruises and we are now officially booked! Cannot wait to be cruising again!
  4. Anyone know how NCL handles the second person flies free promo with back to back cruises? Now that NCL is starting cruising in the Caribbean again this summer, we are thinking of booking a B2B on the Joy. We definitely don't want to pay for flights for both sailings, since we would only be flying once, but we would want the flight dates to correspond with the first leg of our trip for the flight down and the last leg of our trip for the flight home...
  5. The Joy is going to be sailing from Montego Bay and the Gem will be sailing out of Punta Cana. Already got a courtesy hold on the Joy for the week I was supposed to be sailing to Alaska. Hooray!
  6. Again, I cannot reiterate this enough. The primary "risk" that NCL is worried about right now is that the CDC will not allow them to sail soon. The have speculated that by having 100% vaccination, they will be allowed to sail sooner. Your debate about the risk to/from children is with the CDC, not NCL. You should not be holding this decision against NCL. They are simply trying to get back sailing ASAP. Those cruise lines that are currently saying they will allow children to sail without vaccination are taking a risk of further delays to their cruise start dates in the US.
  7. All of you debating the risk to children are completely missing the whole point of NCL's decision. They want to be able to sail sooner than later. They are speculating that the CDC will allow them to do that sooner if 100% of the people involved are vaccinated. Right now, children can't be vaccinated, so they are being excluded. It is that simple.
  8. NCL is floating this 100% vaccinated cruises idea as a way to get cruising in the US started again. If the options are 100% vaccinated cruising or just no cruising at all, it seems like this is simply the most logical choice and best business decision. They aren't excluding kids because they WANT to. They are excluding kids because they believe that, if they do, they might be able to sail sooner. You seem to be taking this ridiculously personally. I am certain that if kids could be vaccinated, NCL would have included them. Right now, it's all about appeasing the CDC to get ANY cruising started
  9. What a HUGE relief! I am so glad to finally have a definitive answer on this and I am so glad I am going to be able to safely and comfortably sail with NCL instead of switching to a different cruise line!
  10. What? You need to provide a direct link or a quote for that. The latest study released this week showed that immunity lasts at least six months. It's only "at least" six months because they haven't had more than 6 months to continue the study yet. Most experts have estimated immunity will last between 18 months and 3 years. But, of course, no one has been vaccinated that long, so we can't know for sure.
  11. Here is the article, dated March 17, 2020. It was definitely the start of the human trials for the Moderna vaccine that came to market. Specifically states SARS-CoV-2: https://www.forbes.com/sites/victoriaforster/2020/03/17/first-person-injected-with-trial-coronavirus-vaccine-in-seattle/?sh=4c6ea40e2583
  12. The first dose of the Moderna vaccine was administered to a human in Seattle on March 17, 2020. So we definitely had high hopes for a vaccine even way back then. But I do agree that, at the time, speculation was that it would take close to 18 months to get approval and become available. So you are right that we should all be incredibly grateful that vaccines were developed and given EUAs so quickly and that we are getting them rolled out in the massive numbers that we are. There is light at the end of the tunnel!
  13. This is exactly why vaccines will be required. While the vaccination may not be 100% effective at preventing disease, they are nearly 100% effective at preventing hospitalization and have, so far, been 100% effective at preventing death. It's the severe illness that requires medical facilities not available on ships that are the real threat to normal cruising. Having unvaccinated passengers on board increases the chance that someone will become severely ill enough that they will need to be medically evacuated. That would then cause a huge disruption to the rest of the ship and passengers, plus
  14. News today says the Biden Administration is working on something like a "vaccine passport". New York State launched their "Excelsior Pass" last week, which has a similar function, but will likely only be utilized by companies/organizations/venues within New York.
  15. Fun fact: back when the smallpox vaccine came out, there were people who thought it would turn you into a cow or cause you to sprout a cow head. So, it's good to know that idiocy and misinformation about vaccines isn't unique to current generations.
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