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  1. JamieLogical

    O'Sheehan's vs The Local

    I was on the Bliss a few weeks ago after having sailed on the Escape and the Gem. I honestly barely noticed any difference between O'sheehan's and The Local other than the name change. Menu was the same. The "vibe" of the space was the same.
  2. JamieLogical

    Ocean Blue and UDP

    Yeah, that is definitely an old menu. Nothing like the one we had on the Bliss two weeks ago.
  3. JamieLogical

    Ocean Blue and UDP

    It was printed on the menu. Which is why I wish I had gotten pictures of it.
  4. JamieLogical

    Drinks Package?

    Yeah, no swimming or SUN on a fresh tattoo, so it does seem like a bad idea for a cruise...
  5. JamieLogical

    Bid email

    I have seen it take about 48 hours to receive the offer to upgrade after booking inside 80 days. If you haven't gotten the email yet, check to see if you have the banner ad upon logging into My NCL or a message in your Messages inside of My NCL.
  6. On the Bliss two weeks ago, shows were at 7:30 and 10:00 or 7:30 and 10:30, depending on the show (Jersey Boys is quite long). We had our specialty dinners at 6:00 and had no problem making our 7:30 show reservations.
  7. JamieLogical

    The little details

    @Hopes4 was spot on with the answers to your original questions. When I was on the Gem in June, there were no paper straws yet. And even on the ships I have been on since that did have paper straws (Escape and Bliss), they were in very limited supply and not available at every bar. I highly recommend bringing your own straws if that will be an issue for you.
  8. JamieLogical

    Strayed From The Fold

    I read that status matching via the web form is taking about 2 weeks to process right now. Some people have had better luck calling and doing it over the phone.
  9. JamieLogical

    Strayed From The Fold

    We're trying our first MSC cruise in September. Still sailing with NCL in April (45 days to go!) and December (checking out the Encore), but the price was right for this MSC cruise. Both excited and nervous. We do love NCL, but for the price, we figure it's worth the risk to give MSC a shot.
  10. JamieLogical

    Random Bliss Stuff - We'll Call This a Review

    For lunch on Monday, we ate at Margaritaville. It was as I remembered from the Escape. I had the "Last Mango in Paris" margarita, which was delicious. The food was very good, but they give you just WAY too much of it. Our server there was really nice and friendly and funny. We got the nachos and the conch fritters as apps and both got burgers for our entrees. The burgers really are VERY good. I had the server get me some key lime pie to go, but it didn't fit in the fridge, so it mostly ended up going to waste. 😞 This is how much of the nachos were left after we'd eaten our fill! It became kind of a running joke to see how much of them other tables managed to eat, since it seemed like every table at least attempted them. Oh! I forgot to mention that the Captain and my future husband, the Hotel Director were there having lunch while we were. The joke about "my future husband" also reminds me that I failed to tell you about the Q&A with the ship's officers that we attended. Turns out the Hotel Director, Mark, is single and it also turns out that officers are allowed to bring their spouses on board. So I intend to marry him so I can go on free cruises all the time...
  11. JamieLogical

    Random Bliss Stuff - We'll Call This a Review

    Finally moving on to Monday! We did first breakfast on our balcony, as usual. Then we headed to The Local to get second breakfast. We stopped by the bar there to get our own screwdrivers, because ordering drinks from the wait staff can be a bit slow. I got the corned beef hash as always. It's the main appeal of The Local for breakfast for me. Everything was pretty good, but they forgot to give butter and jelly to everyone who ordered toast and I heard some yelling about it coming out of the kitchen at one point. Not from the passengers, but from one NCL employee to another.
  12. JamieLogical

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Well that's just demonstrably false. When you put in/manage bids, you are taken to a website by PlusGrade. PlusGrade is definitely a third-party company based in Canada that handles bidding for RCCL and a bunch of airlines in addition to NCL.
  13. JamieLogical

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    I am much more inclined to believe the NCL rep is mistaken. I agree that it would make no business sense to accept bids randomly and pay a third party to manage that. Most businesses are in the business of making money...
  14. JamieLogical

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    That makes almost no sense at all from a business prospective...
  15. JamieLogical

    Random Bliss Stuff - We'll Call This a Review

    Guys, I am probably not going to be able to post much more over the weekend, but Cruise Critic did approve my official review, so here is a link for anyone who wants more of an overview: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=648721