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  1. That's definitely a better turn around time than anyone in my party got a few weeks ago. We all had our tests at three different CVS stores at 10:00am Wednesday. My mom got her results first, at around 8:00pm Thursday, but my husband didn't get his until 7:30pm Friday!
  2. Well, that's probably inevitable with my next scheduled sailing on the Equinox in January, when we definitely can't afford to upgrade from our veranda to a suite.
  3. I am sorry to start two new threads in one day, but after my thread this morning about finally starting to prepare for my 11/13 sailing on the Summit, I looked into the possibility of doing a B2B and now I am really torn. I am currently booked in a Sky Suite for my 11/13 sailing. I really can't justify doing an additional sailing in the Retreat. I really just wanted to try it out for the first time at a (what I considered) reasonable price. To book the 4-day sailing on 11/18 seems really cheap. Initially, I thought I might do a veranda solo for under $900 total out of pocket. Then I realized that the Aqua class for that sailing is the same price! Aqua class for under $900 seems too good to pass up! Once I get the $50 off each leg of a B2B, it will only be $800 out of pocket not counting whatever switching my air will cost. I would also only have to miss one extra day of work, as I had already scheduled the 19th off. I didn't see any point in going into work just on a Friday. So I would technically only have to miss the following Monday. The big downside of making this a B2B is that I am going solo and it will be tough for both my husband and I. I did a 7-day on the Equinox and around day 5 is when missing my husband sort of started to outweigh what a good time I was having on the cruise. That's why I decided to book a 5-day for my next solo sailing. But then we just got off of 14 days on a B2B on the NCL Breakaway and now 5 days just feels like it won't be enough. I will have the Stream internet for the first 5 days at least, because I am in the Retreat. So keeping in touch with my husband those first 5 days should be easier than it was on the Equinox when I had the free wifi and it did not work so great. I know you guys can't make this decision for me. I just feel like I need to put these thoughts out into the universe and see what I get back.
  4. When I got my CVS results, the link they texted me has better/more info than the report that was accessible in MyChart. If you received the text, I suggest submitting THAT version of the report.
  5. Previously, when I was booked on the Sky our of Miami (was replaced by the Gem), I was able to use both a cruisenext and a cruisefirst, but when I switched my booking to the Breakaway, I dropped the cruisefirst, because I didn't need it between the FCC and cruisenext. They are not supposed to be stackable. So I don't know what would have happened when I got to final payment for that Sky sailing.
  6. I was looking at the sailing after mine... In case 5 days just isn't enough (it's the shortest cruise I will have been on). Does anyone know if it is possible to book onboard if I decide I want to stay on the extra 4 days? Anyone know what happens with my flights through Flights by Celebrity if I do that?
  7. They accept PDFs as well as most image formats.
  8. Just wanted to say thank you for this thread. I am going to be in a Suite for the first time on the Summit in 23 days and I really had no idea what to expect with Luminae. Even though I am definitely not a "steak and potatoes" kind of gal, there has been a lot of info posted here that I found helpful. Especially the notion of being able to order from the MDR menu in Luminae and being able to go to Blu instead, if it is not full.
  9. I'll try to connect with some of the people in my roll call as well, though it's been pretty quiet in there.
  10. I am sailing solo in the Retreat on the Summit in only 23 days. I just came off of my 9/26 B2B on the NCL Breakaway to Bermuda and that trip really took up all of my attention with the extreme testing protocols and stress over getting the Bermuda Travel Authorization for myself, my husband and my parents. So I really haven't been focusing much on this sailing. This will be my second time sailing Celebrity, first time on the Summit, and first time in the Retreat (or any suite on any ship). I know about the antigen test two days out. That will be blissfully easy compared to the protocols for Bermuda. So, I am not to stressed about that. I am flying to Miami the night before the cruise and will Uber/Lyft to the pier, as I have done in the past. So, not super stressed about that either. I guess most of my questions are around what to expect with the suite experience. I don't love the idea of eating dinner alone every night in Luminea, but I heard they aren't doing sharing tables in the MDR anymore? They were doing them on my 7/25 Equinox sailing, but I guess they stopped when Delta ramped up? What are the chances of me meeting people in the Retreat Lounge before dinner and being able to join them for dinner? As a solo cruiser who does not intend to utilize the butler (or whatever Celebrity calls them) very much, what should I plan on bringing for a tip? I assume I will have a separate room steward who I will also need to tip? I have a bunch of OBC that I plan to use as my gambling budget. I am still a little unclear on how to use OBC in the slot machines. Can anyone provide any more detail on how that works?
  11. Check your county's department of health site. Many counties offer free rapid testing at county-run facilities. You should also check the urgent cares in your area. Some will do rapid testing at a cost and some will have you consult with a doctor or nurse practitioner, order a COVD test, and then bill your insurance company.
  12. As long as the little desk was moved over towards the balcony as well, I don't think you would have to do much "scooting", as there looks to be a good 2.5-3 feet between the foot of the bed and the wall. With the desk in its current position, up against the side of the closet, you are right that the space to get around the foot of the bed would be too narrow.
  13. They usually have two big theater production shows that each run two nights of a 7-day sailing. The other three nights, they will have things like a magician or comedian performing in the main theater. Every night of the sailing they will have musicians and comedians performing in smaller venues throughout the ship.
  14. I will say, with that balcony cabin floorplan that people keep sharing, I don't understand why the bed is near the balcony. For me, the only advantage of having the bed near the balcony has been access to the closet. Since that is a non-issue with this closet location, it seems like it would make way more sense to have the larger of the two nightstands against the bathroom wall, then the bed, then the smaller nightstand, then the couch, so the bed wouldn't be blocking the balcony door. From that floor plan, it looks like it would be really hard to access and open the balcony door. It looks to be less than a foot of space.
  15. Considering COVID began in earnest in the US more than 568 days ago and any of us could have caught COVID at any time in there and a test is just one snapshot in time, only 2 tests per person over the course of the whole pandemic seems pretty low to me! But, I don't want to get too sidetracked from the original post here. Testing for cruises can still be a bit tricky with only a 48 hour window for testing and results. Some counties make rapid testing widely available, but I know from trying to get my parents tested in a rural county in PA before our cruise a few weeks ago, it can be pretty challenging in some areas. My boss is also currently out sick. He began showing symptoms last week when he was staying at his rural cabin with his family for vacation. He had a terrible time finding testing anywhere near where they were staying. He was completely unable to find a rapid test, but did find a place to get a PCR test. That was on Friday and he didn't get his results until Monday. Thankfully, he tested negative for COVID. Unfortunately, he is still super sick.
  16. Don't think you have to worry about MDRs being "slammed" right now. Staffing is near 100% and passenger capacity is below 50%. In the Manhattan Room on embarkation night for my 9/26 sailing, there was a line of crew at least 30 people deep just waiting to seat people. They had more crew than passengers. As we walked by them to be seated ourselves, every single one of them wished us "good evening". It reminded me of a reception line at a wedding.
  17. You understand that in order to get COVID, you have to be exposed for a period of time, right? Unless the other people in the elevator cough directly on you or something, you are incredibly unlikely to be exposed to enough viral load to become infected in the amount of time it takes to ride an elevator. Especially if you and all the people on the elevator with you are vaccinated. Sitting next to people for a period of time in a restaurant, I can understand being concerned. Riding in an elevator for under a minute with people who are all vaccinated is a very low risk activity. That being said, with the lower capacity on ships right now, elevator crowding on a cruise is not what it used to be. It should be easy enough to avoid elevators with more than a couple of people on them at a time.
  18. They are using facial recognition at customs on disembarkation and it is super quick.
  19. If not going to Bermuda, you won't be getting a PCR test at the pier, just an antigen test, which does not require them to go too far up with the swab.
  20. Technically speaking, you are supposed to complete the initial form and pay the $75 no less than 72 hours from sailing and you likely won't have your test results before then, so Bermuda could be sticklers about that. But in reality, they did not seem to enforce that, as especially on the 9/26 sailing, there were people submitting their TAs from the pier.
  21. I've sailed on the Bliss twice now and didn't even realize/remember that the doors opened out, so I don't think it's a real issue.
  22. I posted the full timeline of our experiences for our 9/26 sailing in the Oct. 3 roll call: We did our initial TA application on the Tuesday before sailing and received the link to upload our test results/vaccination proof on Thursday morning.
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