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  1. Yes there are cut off spa is like 5 days WiFi and diners 2 days flowers and some gifts 5-7 days and some others have various cut offs
  2. Do all of mandatory DSC end up in the staffs hands or ?
  3. So 1st ? I am assuming 17 day cruise is this right since I don’t see a 17 day sailing on the jade but if it is 17 days you get 5 meals @ $154.8 per person retail value so the gratuity would be $30.96. Not sure how you got $75 but is it worth it is a personal preference so think the mdr food is fine some like the specialty dining and treat it like a date night is free at see really free No but as with everything there is a cost to play. So cost difference between sail away no perk and your rate with perks is what it cost for perks plus perk of picking your
  4. Just curious why would you walk past the aft elevators that are less crowed to go all the way forward elevators that are more crowed due to more being fwd ( observation lounge buffet and theater ) just curious
  5. Yes refundable payment he close it out 2 days prior to sailing have a had a client that was able to get it done 1 day before by calling in but not always the case
  6. Unless joy is different from the bliss smoking is. It allowed on 8 except for the cigar room that is way forward of these rooms
  7. Package perk covers only guest one and two when taken as a perk you are not required to buy for all in room but if they are soda drinkers and are going to drink more than like 2 sodas a day recommendation then would be to purchase the soda package for each of them
  8. Suite daily services charges are $17.99 per person so unless your on like a 20 day cruise something is not right probably just an error on NCL page
  9. Yes the speed is the same just open extra ports
  10. Social media works fine for facetime facebook messenger what's up but guess what with all ship based internet. Speed lag and buffering will and could always be an issue as the internet on ship is satellite based
  11. Are there mandatory extra fees technically yes and no some fees are or can be paid at time of booking so there may or may not be considered extra example would be DSC ( Daily service charges / daily gratuities) which can be paid at time of booking prior to sailing or onboard for the the most part that is really the only extra fee that is an option at tone of booking after that nothing else is really mandatory so technically if you prepaid that you could technically get onboard and not spend another me. If you didn’t take an excursion didn’t drink or dine specialty unle
  12. It appears that one might be slightly larger balcony 342 and 346 is an angled balcony
  13. Well that raise the questions back define ppl sailing like ages and kids Are you 1st tile cruiser been to any of the ports before and any other plus or minus we should know about
  14. What apps have worked from your phone when using it Does iMessage work Does iPhone mail or gmail app work How well did Facebook and Facebook messenger work What else worked or did you find didn’t work
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