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  1. We didn’t even have the option on Allure last month. While sailing with 1500 on an Oasis Class ship there were no lines for anything so it wouldn’t be worth it but don’t know the capacity in April when I’m sailing again..
  2. Just sailed Allure in August, and bought the Drink Package with VOOM Surf and Stream for $71/day, used the internet everyday and beyond got our money's worth from the drink package...FYI The Key was not offered on that sailing Question is, we're sailing on Harmony OTS in April, and were thinking of doing the same package, but since The Key is offered at $27.99, would it be worth it as a benefit to us if we just took the Beverage Package at $58 AND The Key? Figuring that the Internet is $13 with the above mentioned package, The Key would only be and additional $14 pp/pd. Is it worth the extra $14? We already bought the UDP, so the Welcome lunch with Chops would probably be included? Just trying to rationalize if we should book it or not...Thoughts from "the experts"?????
  3. Can't see anywhere, but trying to find out if there's Hibachi at Izumi. Taking our daughter and her best friend for her Sweet 16 and wanted to do something special for them. Besides that, what else would be good to do on the ship?? If not much else, anyone have a good recommendation in Bermuda?? I'll scan that thread but maybe kill two birds with one stone here.
  4. That is correct. I thought it was on deck 4, but I drank too much that week to remember where anything was! 😉
  5. There's also a smoothie and juice bar in the spa, or maybe it was just a juice bar, don't remember. But deck 4 forward, IIRC
  6. So while on Allure on 8/15, we booked 2 balconies on Adventure for August 2022, and were fortunate enough to have used Casino Royale's discounts! While looking around for prices and deals, like I do all the time, I noticed a cruise in April 2022 on Harmony out of Port Canaveral, and couldn't believe that I was able to get a forward (CLOSE to midship) balcony for $1738! It was too inexpensive NOT to book!!! Anyone have any idea WHY IT WAS SO CHEAP?? Granted, the Suites were triple the price, so we just stuck with the Balcony.
  7. Debating whether or not to bring our son who's going to be 18 before our next cruise. He's inquiring about drinking on the ship. I do recall seeing that 18 year olds can drink beer and wine on board. My question is, are there packages for the 18-20 year olds or do they have to buy a la carte? I know as the parent, I need to sign something, which is no big deal but just looking to make it financially worth it if possible...Yes, we never cruise without the Unlimited Drink Package, but don't want to cheat it and give him beer without paying...
  8. If I might add about the disembarkation process, it was the easiest, most organized, QUICKEST thing I've ever encountered! We had luggage tags #14, they said 8:45-9:15. We got up, ate at WJ, walked back to the room at 8:30, they were already up to luggage tag 40 or something like that. We got off when we could, walked through passport control with no line, our bags were there along with the only other 2 that had our same tag number and got our shuttle to Budget. Was off the ship, and on our way in under 5 minutes....
  9. Nope, it was show your bracelet, go grab a seat where you want. Granted, most people were spread out, but that was by choice and the fact that there was plenty of room
  10. That is incorrect. We were on Allure last week, and the theatre was not socially distant. However....The vaccinated passengers were on deck 4 and the unvaccinated were on deck 5. That being said, with 1500 pax on board Allure who holds 6000+, the theatre was pretty empty anyway
  11. We stayed at the Radisson after storming out of the Days Inn by the pier. Best decision we made! What a great hotel!
  12. When we sailed there in '19, we just took an Uber, it was a lot cheaper than a ship's shore excursion. It's only a few miles
  13. We played a bunch in the casino, and each got a $300 and $200 future cruise credit. When we got back and checked Casino Royale, it went up to $400 each! We had booked at Next Cruise on the ship and got a good deal for two cabins. My question is, if we are both playing together, and only handed one card, would we have gotten one bigger offer? They said 2500 points gets you a free cruise, and the two of us combined had over 2500...
  14. We stayed in Cocoa Beach before we went on Allure on 8/15. We also sailed into there as a port of call on Adventure in '19. Your best bet is stay on the ship! It's a beach town, nothing much to do. If you forgot something, you can always take an Uber to Ron Jon, shop there, there's a CVS and Walgreens next door to each other, across the street. There's a cool pier a few blocks from there as well with some nice bars over the water, you can watch the surfers, or just go walk on the beach. Nothing much at all to do in town, unless you went to NASA.
  15. Regarding the tracelets, they were absolutely no big deal. Easy on and off at night, didn't even realize that it was on. You get to pick your own color, and to be honest, I was a little jealous of the people who had the RCCL Logo on theirs, mine was blank!! LOL When you get them to put on at check in, they tell you they are not waterproof, so I took mine off at the pool. The lifeguard was all over me like white on rice! They want them on ALL the time! It's for everyone's benefit. In regards to a place to go to eat near PC, we went to the Pier in Cocoa Beach. Make a left at the crappy Days Inn that we booked, and walked out of, and there's a parking lot with a LONG pier. At the end, the Riki Tiki Lounge, the food was great, the beer was cold, and its over the ocean overlooking the surfers, pretty cool spot!
  16. I can attest to the ease of check-in. We were also on the sailing, arrived at the port at 11:30 with a 1pm check-in time, and was on the ship by 11:45!
  17. We had a 1pm boarding time on the 8/15 sailing. We stayed over in Cocoa Beach (Radisson was real nice btw), and had to check out of the hotel at 11. We ran down to fill the tank, then go to the port. We were able to drop our bags off with the porters then leave and come back. We dropped the car off at Budget, and the shuttle bus driver (Duane) was there waiting to take us back to the port. We go to the port at 11:30, they asked what time our boarding appt was, and they let us in right away. We had drinks in our hands at 11:45am! Rooms weren't ready til 2, and our bags got up by 4. They handled everything very well, asked for our vaccination cards MULTIPLE times, gave us a bracelet and a tracelet, took our ID pics and were on the ship in no more than 8-10 minutes after walking into the terminal. On disembarkation day (yesterday), Duane from Budget was waiting for us at 8:45, got our car and went on our way by 9:10 or so.... No need to Uber from Budget...she even said they had 3 shuttles working the day before so they run back and forth every few minutes.
  18. Read it somewhere, don't remember which one or where to get it. Was it the roast beef or steak sandwich? Windjammer? Boarding Sunday and need to try to plan out every meal!! 😉 J/K, but I wanted to try the thing people have been talking about... TIA!
  19. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...that sounds like 3 to me, Saturday would be 4. However, you can also think about 72 hours....Depending on when you board? It's such a grey area. I was on the phone with CS yesterday and they did tell me Friday for a Sunday cruise
  20. I just looked, and I remember seeing either Woodford Reserve or Gentleman Jack as their "better" bourbon/whiskey. Now it's not there anymore, subbed with Buffalo Trace as what I see is their best Bourbon on the list, and I also thought I remember seeing a Reposado or Anejo Tequila. Now there's not even one! Patron Silver is the best they can do? Come on Royal, you can do better than that for $58/day!!! Btw, anyone know if they serve PBR on board???? Yeah, I'm a wine and Bourbon snob, but love my PBR's!!!
  21. It's a grey area, many conflicting answers. I booked mine on Friday for a Sunday sailing, just to play it safe and not have any issue when I get to the port. I wish you luck, and hope that you don't have any issues. It's just one more thing to add a ton of stress to this already stressful time...Just hope its negative regardless! 🙂
  22. We are on Allure on the 15th, and when I called to ask where my edocs and luggage tags are (10 days out now...) the rep told me that Thursday will be too far out, and recommended me getting my test on Friday at the earliest. I'd check and make sure, Wednesday seems out of the "3 day" time...
  23. Gotcha. We have a closed loop cruise from Port Canaveral, so that won’t apply to us…thx
  24. @Coconut Crew maybe I missed it in the previous posts, but if you were asymptomatic, why were you tested? Do they random test on the ship? And glad you and your family got home ok, hope everyone gets better soon!
  25. At that rate I’m in for a $550 refund from them!!!! It definitely pays to get the drink package!
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