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  1. I recently saw the TSA is now allowing air passengers to fly with substances derived from the marijuana plant. I'm assuming that means I can technically fly from Newark to Miami with weed. Now....I wouldn't be so stupid to fly with "weed", but perhaps some edible gummies or maybe a vape pen that happens to be filled with THC may slip into my carry on bag? I might possibly want to partake in these activities on my balcony. You honestly think that NCL will know that I may or may not be in possession of such substances that are now legal in how many states? I'm sure that there's no law against it Honduras or Belize, let alone Mexico....How can they possibly ban someone for such a small offense.
  2. Looking forward to following! I'll be on her in 69 days!!!
  3. My wife was on the Sky last week and the first thing she did was call me from the ship in port and told me that it STUNK! When she got in her cabin, forward deck 4, she said it stunk even worse! She complained, they shampoo'd the carpets while they were in Cuba, and when they came back, it still stunk! She complained and complained, but they weren't able to move their cabin, as the ship was sold out. Instead, they gave her an $80 OBC....BIG deal. She's been trying to call NCL regarding the incident, but has been on hold for hours on end, and she doesn't have the time to wait. We're sailing on the Breakaway in August, was hoping they would be able to compensate for something on our future cruise, because she had a HORRIBLE experience with the STENCH of the ship, among others on the sailing as well.
  4. I was mistaken then. I was always under the assumption that it was an NCL Island just like GSC, Coco Caye and Labadee (RC Islands)
  5. Not for nothing, but after spending thousands of dollars on a vacation that is inclusive (with the free at sea), then having to spend an additional $100 for lunch on their private island (according to the previous post, thank you btw), I feel like it is a slap in the face. I understand that the people of Belize benefit from this, but its at our (additional) cost. I sailed on RC last year, and their private island (Coco Caye) was totally inclusive of everything, including liquor with the package. Maybe NCL should have re-thought Belize and use another country as their private island so that their patrons don't feel like this. I will be going back to the ship for lunch after using the beach for a few hours in the am....not being cheap, but its the point of having to spend MORE money than I already have.
  6. She said they gave $37.50pp credit. I'm sure they would've rather been on the beach...oh well. Said the cruise is terrific regardless!
  7. Verizon is $2.99/minute for Cellular at Sea. If you take the wifi package, you will be able to use wifi calling on your cell phone. Turn phone on airplane mode, turn on wifi. You can also make calls via Skype or WhatsApp. I think the wifi package may be the least expensive option.
  8. Just spoke to my wife who's on the Sky, when I was on the phone with her, she said they just made an announcement that they're not letting passengers off at GSC today, due to something with a storm overnight, and for safety measures they're stuck on the ship. Sort of sucks, and said there was a mad dash for chairs by the pool.... Do they or would they get any compensation for missing the port? Just curious, since we're going on BA in August and a little extra OBC would be nice! 🙂
  9. .04? That's my baseline when I wake up. At least I know I can never work for a cruise line! Good thing I sell wine and liquor for a living! I'll stick with that!!! 😉
  10. Jameson almost has to be on the open bar, my wife is on the ship right now, waiting to hear from her tomorrow when she gets to GSC, I'll try to remember to ask her. The one thing that really pissed her off about the PP is that they wanted to charge her gratuities on bottled water while in port in MIA until they left. That was 5 hours.....She did say that there was fruit infused water around the ship that they just filled up their cups with. Told her to order a bottle of Veuve Clicquot every night at dinner!
  11. No...She doesn't have the wifi package, and her phone won't work until they get to GSC in the Bahamas tomorrow...I'm sure they're having fun regardless
  12. She flew out of Newark this morning with the free air perk, landed in MIA at 9am. Got the luggage, transferred to NCL bus, 15 minute ride, they took her suitcase out from the bus, handed to porter, she said it was SEAMLESS! Check-in was a breeze, got on the ship around noon (had to wait around for a little while, no big deal, she was with 3 other people) She got on the ship, called me and told me that she hopes it was just seawater from being in port, but said the ship smelled.....After a few drinks and a couple hours later, the rooms were ready, and said it smelled worse inside the cabin than outside...... Is it just the ship, or should she be concerned and go to Guest Services?? I'm waiting to hear back from her before they sail away, but hope they take care of it!!!
  13. I booked two adjoining balcony rooms on Deck 12 of Breakaway (WAY aft of the Splash Academy) for my family of 4. Wife and 13yo daughter in 1 room, myself and 15yo son in the other. This was fine because wife and I both got UBP and kids got soda. No problems at all booking any entertainment online (sailing Aug 11). And yes, they did say that we had to do it this way, due to the muster. ALSO.....it affected our OBC if we did it another way. Wife and I get Latitudes promo OBC in each room. My son was the only past guest, but he was 3, so wouldn't qualify anyway...
  14. Incorrect. At GSC, everything is included. Also, Coco Cay (RCI) everything is included, and I'm sure at Labadee as well
  15. Cash or CC only at Harvest Cay...I too, am bummed.....
  16. Which sailing? I'm going on 8/11 with the family. If so, I'll send a link to our Roll Call
  17. It's showing $0 on Breakaway for 8/11 sailing. Says to book on board, no pre-booking available...
  18. Thank you so much for the recommendation! I just contacted them for my Breakaway cruise in August. Looking for something fun to do besides a beach break, or typical touristy thing....
  19. ......so i'm assuming that Harvest Cay is a morning thing.....then back to an empty ship to roam as you please? Sounds about what I plan on doing...enjoy the peace and quiet!
  20. Cool pictures! How far of a walk was it to go back to the ship, if you wanted to go back for lunch, then back to the island? I hate the fact that they own the island, and our food/drink doesn't work there. I understand that it's a partnership with Belize, but after going to Coco Cay with RCI, and having our drink package work there, and my wife going to Great Stirrup Cay in a couple weeks.....
  21. I see you love that Lagunitas!!! I was in Monterey, CA and got Brown Sugga on tap....Wow, one of the greatest beers I've ever had! Two of those, and I barely made it back to my hotel!!!
  22. Again, lovin the review! 101 days and I'll be on the ship! Did you happen to see if they're offering the Premium Plus Beverage Package onboard? Would love to have a great bottle with a terrific steak at Cagney's, along with some Champagne and nicer Bourbon's!!!! 🙂
  23. Question for us traveling to the Caribbean...Do we stay on "home port" time, or do we switch to local time while traveling to Honduras, Belize and Mexico? Basically, while we're traveling in Central Time Zone, do they make an announcement to switch or watches/clocks? I can see it being an issue for excursions in those Central American countries, but what about shows/reservations etc ON the ship?
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