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  1. Leaving next Friday on Adventure, have 3 rooms: Myself and my wife, my son and my daughter, my mom and dad. My kids decided to let me know that they REFUSE to sleep in the same room together! I originally booked my cruise with myself and son in one room, my wife and daughter in the next connecting room and my parents 4 doors forward. Booked it that way specifically, so we would have an adult and child in each room. Wife and I have Deluxe Beverage Plan, have a couple excursions booked at Coco Cay. Wife and I are doing wave runner, kids doing Teen Adventure whatever...Parents have NO plans or bev. package. I called RCCI today to see if it was possible to move everyone around from original booking to: Grandmother/Granddaughter in one room Grandfather/Grandson in connecting room Wife and I 4 doors forward. They said it was possible, but that I'd have to cancel and rebook the drink packages and excursions, but wouldn't be able to get the sale price that we originally paid.......... So, I understand that they would have no problem with me in my parents room, and my parents in my room, but I'm wondering if I can get my kids to get on my CC for incidentals, and also, how bout the room keys? Are the sea pass cards with our pictures on it our room keys? If so, how do I have them switch the sea pass card with my picture on it to open the door to the room I'm sleeping in????? I know it's a lot of confusion, but this whole process of having to be responsible for this 6 person cruise has been nothing but confusion. Thanks so much for any and all help!!!
  2. I get that, but my point is that the sale hasn't shown up for me. Either way, not worried about the $14 I'd save on a sale, but it looks like none of the sales have shown up at all since Memorial Day...
  3. I assume that since I'm traveling next Friday that none of these sales would apply to my sailing? I was going to wait for the Voom to go down, but decided to just buy today at $14.99. I do have the Deluxe Drink Package, and if I pair it together, I would be able to save a whole dollar per day, but that's not worth it to cancel and rebook for $7...
  4. Is there a "wine bar" on Adventure? Wife and I are big wine drinkers, but being a complete total functioning alcoholic, I will drink just about anything, but wine is my preference. Also, is there a list of bourbon anywhere to be found? I thought I saw somewhere that they had Blanton's on board....
  5. Google owns Waze. I did use Google Maps because Waze freezes in my car sometimes and always count on Google Maps to get me where I wanna go. Luckily, I know the area somewhat, since I live a half hour away and used to travel near there for work, but yeah, after the LONG awaited construction to finish, it is all shiny and new, but still confusing as all hell! By the way, there is a hot dog lady on Goldsborough, $2 dirty water dogs, not a bad snack before you get on the ship!!!
  6. Sailing into Nassau on July 17th on RCCL Adventure of the Seas, and looking to book a private, in shore light tackle fishing 1/2 day fishing charter. Has anyone had any luck with a certain boat or fleet? Have a few feelers out there, all relatively priced the same. Just throwing it out there... Thanks!
  7. So my son and I were out picking something up near Newark Airport today, and said to him, hey, lets take a little ride...He says where? I pop it into the GPS, and it was only 21 minutes away and drove down to Cape Liberty to show him the Adventure of the Seas that we're going to be boarding in 2 weeks from today! Traffic getting to the port was minimal, but the lineup of cars to get near the cruise ship and towards the terminal got a little backed up. Anyone driving to Cape Liberty, beware that the GPS (at least Google Maps) didn't account for the new off ramps on the NJ Turnpike to 440. FOLLOW THE SIGNS! VERY VERY Confusing!!!!! Can't wait to board her 2 weeks from now!
  8. Travelling on 7/13 on Adventure to Coco Cay then to Nassau. My question is, how is the Verizon cell service on Coco Cay? I am going to get the travel pass through Verizon for $10/day, which they assured me I would get the same benefits of my plan at home (4G, unlimited etc..) given the area I'm in has a cell tower capable of handling such service. My plan is to use my cell (unfortunately for work), open my hotspot and connect my laptop to my phone's wi-fi, and then use a couple different VPN networks, which the Verizon guy told me will work, GIVEN the ability of that local cell tower. I'd hate to use the VOOM only to use it for the few minutes that I'd need, and would much rather have the ability to use my cell in that fashion, as well as for other business needs, and of course for the kids to connect to update their SC and IG status!! TIA
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