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  1. I just called since I canceled it one week ago today, and the rep said usually 7-10 business days (OK....) but since they're issuing a lot of other refunds, it might take 30-45 days!!! I put it on my CC with the intention to cancel and rebook, and now I am going to have to pay freaking interest on this!!!! Hope its sooner than later!
  2. Wow, you seem like you could write for Frommers! Stick with this guy, he knows it all!
  3. It's not the Subway, the Subway only runs in NYC. From the Jersey side of the river, there's a few different options. Either take the Ferry from Edgewater, or you can pick up the PATH from Jersey City or Hoboken to 33rd St or even down to Wall St. You can also take NJ Transit from Hoboken into Penn Station, which is not far from the 33rd St PATH Station. Jersey City is REALLY built up nicely with some AMAZING restaurants and nightlife. Any one of those waterfront areas are nice, Hoboken, Weehawken, JC and Edgewater. Stay away from places like Cliffside Park, Leonia, Ft Lee and and you'll be fine. Not saying those towns are unsafe or anything like that, but staying in Hudson County you'll have a much better experience with food/drinks and nightlife.
  4. Nothing to do in Bayonne. I’d stay in Hoboken or Weehawken if you want to stay on this side of the river. You can catch a ferry from Edgewater right to downtown and midtown
  5. Anyone have an idea of when they issue the credit? Booked the DBP, canceled when the price dropped and repurchased it with ZOOM, and still waiting for them to refund the money. A couple days, week, month??
  6. And there it is! Thanks so much!!! Really is a good deal and saving a few bucks if you bought separately...
  7. So we finally got the pricing down on the Deluxe Drink Package and Voom internet. With both of us on board, we didn't want to share the access, so I tried to purchase another VOOM package. Fortunately, the card I was using had an expiration date of 2030, and their website can only accept up to 2029, so I called. The woman on the line said that this includes VOOM Surf & Stream for TWO devices! I'm both thrilled and cautious, because I'm not 100% convinced that this is the truth. Can someone who's booked this package please confirm?
  8. No, I believe we were at Coxen Hole on an NCL ship. Still trying to find the name of the restaurant we ate Iguana at for lunch right outside the port as we’re going back in August!
  9. You just answered my question about taping the cord down! From what I heard (haven't cruised since I started using my CPAP) on NCL they do not offer a cord, and it's BYO....
  10. Cheapest I've seen is $350-400. If you can maybe post a link of the one you got for $150, that would be fantastic!
  11. You can also buy a bottle of Smart Water in the airport if you need to use it right away. I've found that hotels overseas usually do not have distilled water, if you happen to be flying in the day before. I was in Chile last year (pre Covid) and bought a bottle in JFK, and it got me through until I could find a bottle of distilled in the area I was in. Not easy to find everywhere, crazy as it sounds!
  12. Just curious as I'm sailing on Allure and debating whether or not to purchase the Voom internet. For anyone who's used it, can you use iMessage to text back to the kids while at sea? I know there's other apps like WhatsApp and FB Msgr and such, but just hoping to make it easier if possible.
  13. So heading back to Roatan two years later, and last time we were there, our tour guide took us to a little non-touristy restaurant which sat below a zip line. I think they might actually both be connected. Had the most amazing lunch there, and yes, it was Iguana! I am trying to find out which restaurant it was, and I know it was near the port at Coxen Hole. Just trying to figure out if we can walk there from the ship or not...
  14. We used Rony's, paid them via Paypal a few years ago. Had a fantastic driver, Brian, who showed us around in his private car. Was a little sketchy though because he had us meet him outside the port and take us to his car on a side road. Wife and daughter were a bit nervous, but all worked out fine! Took us to the chocolate factory, rum tasting, one of the sloth/monkey places and to a church to give out some school supplies to the children.
  15. Bro I’m with ya! But all she wants to know is if the windjammer or other coffee spots have it for her coffee.
  16. My wife is trying to convince me that she needs to take her own almond milk on board. Can someone please clarify if they have on board or should she bring it? TIA
  17. Me too! Fingers crossed!! Already had two NCL cruises canceled, which is why I came over to this side!
  18. We booked this cruise a couple days ago being that out Greek Cruise on NCL canceled then our Southern Caribbean we booked after that also got canceled! I was told by a friend of mine that sells medical supplies and medications directly to RCCI that he is fairly confident this will on as planned.
  19. My cruise on Allure in August still shows $58. The person I spoke with at RCCL said that they should have a sale for July 4th. If it goes to $55, I'll buy it then. Guess $3/pppd isn't gonna kill me if it doesn't go down..
  20. Does this app have communication between passengers? We have sailed NCL with their app and definitely a lot easier to text my family as opposed to walking the entire ship to try to find them...Been a few years since I was on Adventure and there was no app then
  21. That's TERRIBLE! I had the original sailing on the Dawn that got canceled a few months ago and re-booked the Gem to Eastern Caribbean. If I re-booked that sailing, I'd be PISSED too! Come join us on the Gem!
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