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  1. Sorry, I was referring more to the Aus cruise that the OP was talking about. I should have been clearer. Other markets seem to fluctuate a lot more than ours do down here.
  2. RCG's website says: 'Be among the first to chase adventure east onboard the new Wonder of the Seas, arriving in Shanghai in 2022. But who knows when it might actually float out and start making it's way over. They probably don't know yet but 2022 leaves it pretty open at this stage. I thought I read, perhaps on the Wonder thread, that speculation was now on the first or second quarter of '22. I personally don't reckon it will go on sale till sometime next year but who knows ....
  3. Prices didn't change with this. The cruise planner options have a nice new '40% off onboard prices' across them now but price hasn't changed so it had already been lowered. $68.50AUD/day now, previous to that it was $91.79/day so it is a pretty good savings. No other prices seem to have changed either. $68.50/day is a pretty good price for us down here, rarely do you see it go down below that at any time. I'm really undecided on whether to purchase or not. I really want to ask a question/opinion but wary about doing so because sometimes these things descend into a bit of c
  4. That's amazing - RCI must have been watching and saw someone wants to give them some $$ so put the price down for you!! Seriously, that''s great though. At least you know you've got it at a price that you're happy to pay and if it comes down even more in the sales or later on, even better. It is the same price on mine, not sure if I'm going to get it though. I'll be solo on that 17n TP and got to have a think whether I'll get value out of it. I think it works out at 48 USD which is only 4 x cocktails or glasses of wine (if memory serves me) and that doesn't include coffee's
  5. 1/ not seeing any recent sales that I've noticed, certainly not on our Aus site. Last price drop I know of was before they cancelled our TP for September this year from Hnl to Syd. 2/ as Ourusualbeach said: who knows. Personally I'm waiting for the Thanksgiving sales at the moment and hoping there'll be some discounts there. Prices currently are only available on the TP I've got booked for next Sept '21 at the moment, no pricing yet on the cruise planner for our 29 December '21 Queensland cruise out of Brisbane. I purchased Refreshment and Deluxe Beverage pkgs
  6. thanks for suggestion - good to check but that’s never been the case for me, simply doesn’t come - I’m sure it used to in the past but not in the last year or so. I would have thought sending the confirmation would be standard practise so one can check all details are correct!
  7. I don’t THINK we have that option when we dial the number in Aus. It’s real annoying you don’t get sent the booking invoice/confirmation when making a booking. I made 2 x bookings last week - when I told the CSR I don’t receive the invoice she said I’ll make sure you get it by the end of the day Nup, didn’t happen - I had to phone next day to get it sent. I wanted to check they had added the crummy $100 (per stateroom) OBC we got for our cancelled Quantum cruise
  8. Yes, I thought 'hole' was a bit harsh but everyone is entitled to their own opinion I guess. It would definitely be rude to someone from Brisbane. Some people probably think the same of our home port in Fremantle, certainly the cruise terminal is not very attractive. We cruised out of Brisbane on Legend in 2015 and quite liked the area, it suited our needs. We then did a quick 2 day Movieworld/Dreamworld stopover before flying home. That was enough for us, it was NYE so pretty busy. Our NZ Quantum got cancelled. Other options from Sydney weren't great, we were pre
  9. I was starting to wonder this myself. The 3 x TP's coming across next Sept/Oct only have 1 x NZ stop each (the one we were booked to go on this Sept had 3 stops in NZ) I wondered if they think it is possible that NZ wouldn't allow cruise ships to stop there so have only scheduled one stop and if need be, that stop could just be dropped?
  10. Their offer should really be to price match a similar cruise. I just checked. There is a similar cruise - 12n instead of 11n and there is 2 x GS's left but the price is $2,400 more than I paid. I don't think I'll be taking them up on their 'special' offer at that rate!
  11. Yep, received the email overnight. Cancelled. Their 'special' offer was a $50 / $100 OBC - Int / Bal - if you change to a similar sailing out of Bris / Syd. I haven't checked today but last time I did a similar cruise was 3K more. That's a no from me!
  12. Thanks for this. I'm sure you're right, but they were still all there today (on the Aus website anyway). Haven't looked now but will have a look in the morning - it's after 1am here, I really should be in bed : ) So.. what does this mean for people who have cruises already booked on Quantum out of Sydney?? Does RCG outright cancel those cruises? We are booked on an 11n on Qu to NZ on 13 Jan '22. We booked a GS for a great price, after I repriced a month ago. Ovation is doing a 'similar' 12n cruise to NZ out of Sydney but only a couple of GS's left and ~
  13. Yes, we're doing ok here thanks. Like a lot of places we've had some terrible things going on, mainly on the East Coast I think. Obviously we are about to go into our next Summer season so fingers crossed. We are on the West Coast so things are pretty good here. We have no C19 other than overseas acquired cases who are in hotel quarantine. Melbourne looks to have their outbreak under control finally. What is currently a problem is commercial shipping (livestock, iron ore ships etc..) that are arriving with C19 cases which may not bode well for the start up of cruising. I
  14. They could but it's not going to happen. There is one small company talking about starting up, in Queensland I think, but it's a small company / ship with less than 100 pax. There is no appetite for cruising down here. There was a 2hr television special on cruising in general and C19 on Sunday night and it didn't show the industry in a favourable light obviously : ( To be fair to RCI, the Aus Govt only has the cruise ship ban in place until Dec 17 so they did go further than that and cancelled till December 31, but I agree - they KNOW it's not going to be happening for the n
  15. Thank you! I have to work the next couple of days but am definitely going to review this! I'm glad I asked the question. Not knowing much about the cruises / ports in this area the suggestions have been very helpful and different to the perception I had in my head. Thank you! Timing wise I was not wanting to push WDW too close to Christmas week but looking at the dates I probably do have a two week period to play with so would have a bit of leeway to pick a cruise that most appeals to us Tentatively we'd fly into LA 11/26 and Orlando ~ 12/3. I thought we would
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