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  1. I think somebody might be confused. RCI cancelled the upcoming season through till March 2022 due to the Govt's dithering and not giving them any clue as to when & how they might be able to restart. I didn't think there was anyway these cruises would go ahead anyway. Things are looking a lot better in NSW now and if it was up to them they probably would allow the cruises to go ahead but the cruise ship suspension is up to the Federal Govt and whilst they are pushing for everything to open back up we don't have any international travellers coming in by air yet and I don't think they'll allow cruise ships back for a while. I think it's way too early to talk about the next cruise season starting in October 2022. You would have to think that things will be settled down enough with vaccines etc.. & starting to learn to live with Covid that it should go ahead and hopefully be back to normal. The website (the AUS one anyway) has been playing up for the last few days and not showing all the cruises that should be available. I'm not reading too much into it at this stage. It would be way too early for them to pull the pin on next season now. I can see my Oct '22 Qu TP online and on my app but can't see my Nov '22 Ov NZ cruise online, only on the app. Time will tell, but I"m not worried about them being cancelled at this stage. ETA. to clarify, both cruises are in my RCI account when I log in. But.. if I go to 'search' for a cruise on the AUS website I can see the TP but can't see any cruises available for Nov' 22 and for other months around it appears not all cruises are loading properly at the moment, I could see it a couple of days ago. I think it's just the website being dodgy which happens every now and then.
  2. Oh, I'm not fully up to speed on exactly what they cancelled, I gather it was mostly Quantum they cancelled up till the end of the year? Are your cruises on the other two: Ov and ? (forgot the other one - Serenade maybe?) My TP in Sept got cancelled, it was Hon - Syd so that must have been Ovation? And my Dec Qld cruise on Qu was cancelled as they extended her stay in Singapore till at least Feb. It's frustrating isn't it. You know it's not going to happen and so do they so just get on with it already! I was going to hold out on the April one as I'd actually really like to go if it goes but took a chance given it probably won't sail. I needed a back-up plan for next Nov/Dec '22 as I'm not at all sure my planned big birthday trip to the US will happen now and wanted to have something that I could plan for with some sort of reasonable degree of certainty and the date of the late Nov NZ cruise worked out really well date wise for us so I switched to that. We were supposed to be in NZ this week. When I booked that mid June everything was looking all rosy - it's amazing how quickly everything changes at the moment. Still trying to sort that mess out now! I think we're all well and truly over it at this stage but all we can do is keep moving forward and hope things get back to normal sooner rather than later.
  3. Hope you guys are doing ok over there in Sydney. I jumped off the Ovation April '22 TP last night. I was already pretty sure it wouldn't happen but was still hopeful but with recent events over there on your side of the country and possible lockdowns/restrictions lasting into October there's just no way I can see it happening : ( It was a NRD which I could have got back if I waited but shifted it to an end of Nov '22 NZ cruise. I've booked a GS (special birthday cruise) so that was going to be NRD anyway so figured why not. Even managed, with a bit of effort, to get them to shift a $200 OBC from a cancelled Quantum cruise over to it.
  4. RCI cancelled two of our cruises, the Ovation TP in Sept and our December Quantum cruise. I received notification of the cancelled cruises last week. I requested the refund through the online form on July 7th. The refund hit my credit card for all the deposits and cruise planner purchases at the same time, all received on July 14th. I was very surprised, I was expecting it to take a lot longer, I wasn't even looking out for them at that point. Sorry to hear that others have not had the same experience recently
  5. Very sorry to hear this has upset your travel plans. Everyone knows the situation is fluid at the moment and open to changes but most people book Alaska for the ports / excursions so I completely understand your disappointment. Hopefully they will reschedule your excursions at suitable times and you will still be able to do them. Best of luck with it and hope you have an enjoyable cruise!
  6. Ha, ha, I think I'm getting confused as I have three TP's booked over '21/'22. I checked - my April '22 TP is on Ovation out of Sydney - no cancellation on that yet. I've rebooked Oct '22 TP on Quantum to Brisbane.
  7. Have they cancelled any of the 2022 AUS cruises, I don't think I've read anyone having theirs cancelled past 2021? My Quantum was Dec 29th. I went back and reread the wording and they don't say the whole season is cancelled at this stage I don't think. Somewhere I read that they've said the whole season was toast but I think that was an article from somewhere not direct info from RCI. I can understand them holding off cancelling Jan - April if they think there's a chance (I think there's zero chance our govt will let cruise ships in this season) so maybe they're holding out for the second half of the season at the moment? I submitted my cancellation refund requests by email for my 2 cruises last night so will be interesting to see how long the refund takes this time.
  8. I know how you feel - I was really hoping the Queensland December one would work but I guess it was always a long shot. I decided to go ahead and book the Quantum TP next October as it gives me something to look forward to and as it's refundable nothing to lose really. It was quite heavily booked as a lot of people have already moved over to next year. I would have preferred the Ovation / NZ itinerary but the price of the Jnr suite on that one was obscene - I think a lot of people preferred the NZ stops to the South Pacific. I know I would have! I was wanting at least a Jnr suite on that longer cruise for myself and husband. We've only done the Jnr once before, Alaska in 2019, but the extra space - particularly on the longer TP - will be welcome. GS would have been even better but no way I was paying what they were asking for that. I hope you guys are doing ok over there in Sydney and life gets back to some sort of normality for you soon!
  9. I don't want to tell you what I paid for the TP I booked for Oct '22. I really have no idea whether it is a good price or not - I booked a junior suite and I really have no idea on pricing as to whether the price is obscene or not 😬 I did pay more and make it refundable which I don't usually do as I usually tend to find it is thousands more to do so. This was a few hundred but I really don't know whether we can even go at that time next year so went refundable for piece of mind. I didn't tell my husband I was booking it and next years TP is out of school hols and not sure if that will work for us or not. Will only have one kid left at school and he may board with his older brother next year for school so if that is the case it might actually work out ok timing wise but too many unknowns at the moment to be sure. I did look around a bit at next season and yes prices aren't great and I don't know why but a lot of the options weren't doing it for me. Don't really want to do Sth Pac again and I think the dates of NZ weren't really working for me - we're a little limited when we can go as that is peak season for us work wise + my son and I are supposed to be doing a trip to the US late Nov / most of December. Other cruise I have booked is a 7n Harmony out of PC in mid December. This is also refundable. Supposed to be a 4 - 5 week trip to the East and West coasts of US at the end of '22. Who knows if that is even going to be an option by then + I think the kid wants to ditch me. He's fifteen and we've travelled extensively since he was a baby, I have a friend with a daughter a similar age. However, during this long pandemic he's grown up and matured a lot and sadly, I don't think he's at all keen to travel overseas with 3 girls anymore. We've travelled extensively over that time to the US/HK/SIngapore and others - it's a little sad but I think those days are behind us now.
  10. I've received emails re: 2 of my 3 cruises - TP this Sept on Ovation and my Quantum for December. Only had a quick look at email so far but no L & S offered by the looks of it. Just the usual 125% FCC or refund. I'm in same boat, had a great price on a GS in December so that's gone - oh well, wasn't unexpected : ( I haven't been notified about my TP in April '22 on Ovation but it's probably on it's way. I'll just take the refunds on the deposits. I booked the Oct '22 TP on Quantum yesterday and paid the new deposit for that - I'm going to avoid the whole FCC stuff around, not much point getting 125% when I've only paid the deposit.
  11. Thanks Hogbay I shot them off an email and received reply today confirming that double points apply for our market as well, even though the website hasn't been updated at this point in time. >>> Thank you for contacting the Australia & New Zealand Reservations Department. Please accept our most sincere apologies for the delay in our response. Kindly be advice, Regarding the double club point promotion. The booking window is being extended to 30 September 2021, sailing window is for sailings from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2022. We hope this information helps you. Feel free to contact us at 1800-754500. Should you have further queries, do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, Lincy Casandra Juarez Giron • Reservations Department • AUNZ Call Centre Operations Telephone: 1800 754 500 • Fax: 02 8904 0888 <<<
  12. Does anyone know if the extended double points offer is only for the US market/website. On the AUS website it still says book by 30/6/21, sail by September 2022 for double points and I looked at the UK website and it says the same thing? Thanks
  13. Not this time fortunately. I had final due on 30th June for September TP and we received letter from Royal stating that they were still working out what was happening and no final payments have to be made until they make a decision. OP - we don't know when, we just have to wait. OP - there's no chance they sail down here this year (which you probably know as you're asking about when they cancel) I think our vaccine rate is up to 8% now but the rollout is going incredibly slow. They banked on using AZ and got heaps of that but now not recommended here for under 60's. They are getting more Pfizer and Moderna coming soon but we are looking towards the end of the year now. I got my first shot of Pfizer last weekend - I jumped on and made an appt the minute they announced it for under 50's but I think people can't get an appt now till Sept/Oct or later. We currently have outbreaks in most states bar a couple this week, nearly all states were in lockdown - our state came out of it at midnight - as we locked down quickly there was minimal spread. Sydney currently has a large outbreak and they're having trouble getting it under control. We have a Queensland only cruise out of Brisbane booked at the end of December that I had still hoped might cruise, it would be with Aussie's only, but I think there's about 0 - 1% chance of that happening. The govt yesterday released a 'plan out of covid' and it's looking more and more like international travel won't happen till second half of next year. Our current cruise ship ban is till Sept 17th. We might have to wait a couple more months for an official cancellation which is very likely going to be the whole season gone - there's just no way they're going to let cruise ships in, even if it was just for Aussie's only. Until everyone can be vaccinated it won't be an option.
  14. Doesn't help other regions but they did quietly extend the CWC for our Australia / NZ region a couple of weeks ago. Our season down here runs from October to April so the previous 'sail by' didn't help us at all as it is looking more and more likely that we won't have a 21/22 season down here (most states in Australia are currently in a series of Covid outbreaks and NZ has paused the travel bubble between Australia and NZ with all states for now.) It applies to existing bookings and new ones made by July 31st, 2021 with a sail by date of April 30th, 2023 which helps us a lot with our bookings down here in this region. So there might be some hope of them extending the policy in other regions, you never know.
  15. Yes, that's it and the other email is a more streamlined, less fancy one but essentially saying the same thing in a more condensed form. (it's beyond my capabilities to attach a copy of the email here like you did - I can sometimes manage it on my phone 😀 ) Doesn't say anywhere I can see about an offer of any sort to roll over. None of the TP's dates in Oct '22 / April '23 line up for me next year, the Sept/Oct ones are coming ~ 2 weeks later next year and that won't work for me so there's nothing I can change to. Also, I would love to 'lift & shift' my December Qld Quantum cruise if it is offered but there is nothing comparable at the same time / port the following year within the 2 week period so I'm pretty sure that won't be an option. I'm sure they'll want to cancel it anyway as I have a really cheap fare on a GS for myself, husband and teenager and I'm sure they'd prefer I rebook at prevailing rates which I'm seeing are at least double what I've paid for a similar cruise : (
  16. I am booked on Ovation TP from Hon to Sydney in Sept followed by a Quantum Brisbane end of Dec. Received an emailed letter from RCI (2 in fact-different formats) this morning, assumably relating to the Sept cruise as final is due on June 30th. Basically just mentions the recent cruise ban extension and that they are still working on what this means and finalizing their plans and it's taking some time. "In the meantime, the final due date payment is suspended till further notice for those with sail dates that reach final payment whilst we iron out the details of our next steps" So... still no answers but at least I don't have to make final payment next week. Means a delay before I get my $400 (solo) deposit back for the TP but at least I'm not having to hand over any more $$ to get my NRD back.
  17. Thanks so much for your great review of your cruise Bird and all the wonderful photos -- it was really great to go along with you on the journey. Safe travels....
  18. definitely a possibility! I bet it won’t help us out though in regards to my Quantum out of Brisbane I couldn’t see them not having a ship in Sydney, probably a Qu class ship. The NSW govt has been the most relaxed in regards to complete lockdowns verses locking down only the particular area/hotspot where the outbreak is rather than the whole state like they do here in W.A. Originally we were on Qu out of Syd to NZ then she was redeployed to Brisbane & we were cancelled We rebooked on Qu on a Qld only cruise - tried to keep things a bit more simple rather than add NZ into the picture as well. I can see us getting cancelled again for Quantum to go to Syd and maybe Radiance to Brisbane? A wait & see.. Either way, I don’t see any way they let foreigners on to our shores till mid next year at the earliest?
  19. I agree Biker - just a wait & see at the moment You would think there is probably some discussion / indications going on behind the scenes between Royal & the govt as to whether there is likely to be changes to the current status this year/early next year. At some point Royal has to decide what they want to do with the ships if they’re likely not going to be allowed in. I think there was talk on another thread of the possibility of ?Ovation maybe going to West Coast/LA? If that happens then they’ll probably call the season down here. I read elsewhere (completely unreliable source no doubt) that there was talk of Royal pulling out of Aus if this keeps up. I really don’t believe this, surely it’s a pretty lucrative market for them - in normal times but they may very likely decide that this coming Oct - April season just has way too many uncertainties for them & make other plans for this season : (
  20. It depends if you have NRD or refundable. Most say wait till cruise line cancels but often you have to make final payment before they decide. I'm in the same boat. My deposits are NRD so at the moment I'm just sitting on them. I'm booked on Ovation TP Hon-Syd in September. I've known for months no way that comes with passengers, if it comes at all. Qantas cancelled my flights a few months ago. The same cruise last year they cancelled on final payment day. Unfortunately I'd already moved the deposit but I'm holding out on this one. Final is 30 June but there are rumblings this will be cancelled soon so I'm waiting. Then I have Quantum out of Brisbane - Qld only cruise - on 29 Dec. I will be so disappointed if this one cancels. I have a great price on a GS (our first) and there is nothing comparable to L&S to even if they offer it so I will lose it. I'm also booked on Ovation TP from Syd-Hon in April. Should know by final whether that one goes - if she's not here by the end of the year then there obviously won't be a TP. Basically, at the moment I'm just waiting. The not knowing is frustrating. They've just extended the ban till Sept 17th so I expect RCI will update the website soon. The question is whether they will cancel till Sept 17th or thru to Sept 30th which would probably cancel out my TP and I can get a refund on the deposit. I really don't think we'll hear more than that at this stage. I think we will have to wait till September to see whether they extend the cruise ship ban another 3 months thru till December to find out whether they are going to start cancelling our cruise season and what RCI intends to do from there.
  21. I think most people are just pretty accepting of the strategy we have taken. We've gone down the suppression route and on the whole it's been pretty successful. Mostly we are living our lives as normal but no travelling internationally. Sadly, there have been a few deaths but nothing like overseas. Our news still reports every Covid case as there's so few of them. Melbourne just had an outbreak (escaped out of hotel quarantine from an Aussie quarantining after returning home-this is how most/all of our outbreaks have occurred) and have just come out of a two week lock-down. I wouldn't want to be the one in charge of making these decisions but on the whole, most Aussie's seem supportive of the stance we have taken. I believe there are still ~ 36K Aussie's overseas who have registered their interest in wanting to return home and haven't been able to. I'm not sure they will do anything about opening the borders until that situation is sorted out - the optics would not be good I imagine if they are letting in foreigners before Aussie's who wish to can return.
  22. Unfortunately that is an almost certainty of being a no go, except for a possible travel bubble opening up which will only be with the likes of Singapore and they've mentioned maybe Taiwan I think and maybe a couple of others - I think even China was mentioned at one point! We currently have a bubble with NZ that is going pretty well with only occasional interruptions due to a C19 outbreak. UK / US / Europe is likely a long way off, at least mid 2022. Without getting too political, as mentioned above, we have a federal election coming up ~ May '22 and it's unlikely things will change much before then, particularly as our vaccine roll-out has been very slow. I still have some hope (probably futile) that we might get a limited RCI season down here. It would very likely be only for Aussie's though, maybe NZ'ers. I am booked on Quantum out of Brisbane on a Queensland only cruise at the end of December. Quantum is cruising in Singapore so wouldn't be too far to come if they think they could have some or all of the season down here. It is looking pretty unlikely that the govt would allow ships to start again though - I don't think there's much appetite for it from most of the Aussie population unfortunately.
  23. Yep, you've got to wonder why they didn't just pull those sailings. It's unfortunate but who would want to sail under that many restrictions anyway - no dine-in restaurants etc.. I know some here have expressed that they would be happy just to be on a cruise ship even if just hanging out on their balcony but I'll pass with that many restrictions as listed above.
  24. Thanks guys, yes it's Harmony (sorry firefly) I knew I was forgetting something. We will be in Orlando for 8n prior and really only interested in P.C. - we won't be heading down to Miami. I do understand that we could likely find a little cheaper out of there. We definitely want Oasis class ship, we don't get them over our way so we are non-negotiable on that. Thanks for insights. I thought the price wasn't too bad but really have no idea for the region. Yes, it gets a bit more expensive the two cruises over Xmas and NY as expected but that week of 11 Dec will best suit our plans anyhow. Appreciate your time in replying :-)
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