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  1. interesting projections ( I hope the pandemic doesn't having that kind of longevity) Based upon the projections widespread vaccination is a year away. The cruiselines may not be able to remain solvent that long and I think widespread vaccination and immunity will be necessary before the industry can even think about getting back to more normal operations. I will remain optimistic and hope we can soon return to our revered lifestyle. Stay Healthy 🙂
  2. Board of directors would not necessarily need shareholder approval to cancel/suspend this benefit. That is after all why we elect a board of directors, to make these kind of operational decisions between shareholder meetings.
  3. I think Shareholder OBC will stay as long as RCL & NCL keep theirs in place 😉
  4. One pass can be shared, the person who has the pass associated with their sea pass card has to be present. Rope course on Meraviglia is free
  5. Feb 1st Meraviglia was scheduled for Ocean Cay but went to Costa Maya instead. It was announced that the captain made the decision to change port of call due to anticipated "bad weather"
  6. We sailed B2B this week (Feb 2 - 9), and the previous week. The two weeks were like night and day. First cruise seemed extremely loud and crowded at all the public areas. The Feb 2nd cruise (although plagued with many of the usual problems with some chair hogging etc) was a much more relaxed and comfortable experience. so YMMV week to week. This is the most beautiful ship with the best passenger amenities that I have been on (approx 30 cruises and counting). I would probably sail MSC exclusively if they would improve their buffet variety and main dining room meals (quality and pr
  7. I have tried to understand how the fun pass works by reading about others experiences but I still have questions and I would like to clarify some things before deciding to buy. Are there any limits on how often a person may repeat any activity? For example can you possibly bowl two or three games in a row or drive the simulator daily? or is it good for a single use at each activity only? (one and done) Are there any "pay experiences" that are not included? for example; Bowling, 4D theater, F1 Simulator, Flight simulator, Does the Meraviglia provide a list of what is inc
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