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  1. Yes I was effected by this we were due to go next week with p and O instead changed to marella as they have a special £150 off uk sailings at the moment.
  2. We are sailing on her in May, any photos would be great. We are in concierge for the first time usually have aqua or mini suite but wasn’t too impressed with blu on our last few cruises.
  3. We recently came back from our first princess cruise over Xmas and new year! Having done celebrity for the last 5 years and royal before that. Being younger cruiser we had heard different things about princess. We love blu and the differences you get, also silent disco is a must and some of the adult late game shows are good too. We did Alaska last year and the information given out by the guides on board regarding the animals and nature we were seeing was great. We felt the staff were by far in front and the variety of food far in front. We also liked the fact you could get different juices apple, raspberry etc at breakfast even though we always purchase the drink so package. Cafe al bacio is our favourite place to go the lime green chairs are lovely and high and coffees are delicious along with the breakfast pastries particularly the almond croissants. The choice of ice cream again is far in front being able to choose and knowing they are made onboard. Im sure you’ll enjoy the experience again everyone expects different when they have there cruise.
  4. We are still awaiting for ours. Totally agree celebrity are by far in front when it comes to refunds! mots like they want you to forget about it 😏 we certainly my won’t be using them after our recent experience onboard the crown and also trying to chase up our refund. Phone calls emails and still no luck yet!
  5. WE sailed on Millie last May Vancouver to Seward and had a aft blu cabin, we had previously had a sky suite for the Xmas cruise. However couldn’t justify the price difference, we loved being back in Aq blu restaurant we personally prefer to lumineau. We enjoyed getting amazing views from our balcony rather than having to go up on deck. At the hubbard glacier we did a 360 so managed to see everything.
  6. Oops so sorry yes ment Millie, we were on Connie 2018/19 for the India cruise. how is azamara we have looked at them but wondered how significantly different they were
  7. THis is great thank you so much we are looking at flora for next December but being from the uk the flight so are very expensive.
  8. We recently arrived back from our Xmas and new year cruise with princess and was throughly disappointed. We had a moderate experience on Connie in may last year around Alaska but we thought it was because Shen had just come out of dry dock. So decided to try princess after 8 years away from them and would certainly not touch princess again. We are so looking forward to going on silhouette in may, I have no desire to do any of the E class ships. They just don’t appeal to me maybe when the price comes down I may look at a sampler one.
  9. We got of crown last Monday and they were lots of problems we missed Grenada, all other ports cut short because of the speed issue and every day had problems with toilets not flushing and lack of water. Particularly deck 7 toilets and our stateroom on deck 14. we got very little communication throughout the whole cruise about the issues.
  10. So sorry this has happened to you. We got of the crown last Monday and had an extra sea day and all days in ports we cut very short. i enjoy sea days but like you say it’s getting of at the ports that’s nice. Hope they at least give you some form of compensation
  11. Yes totally everyone has individual tastes for sure. It’s just a case of finding which cruise line suits you best 😁
  12. It was our first time with Princess (we us usually use celebrity or royal) and my parents have been on numerous with celebrity I was shocked at the standard. Staff all seemed h happy did bring this to the attention of the guest services manager too. The ship had toilet problems everyday on our deck 14.
  13. We’ve just got off the crown and got told at the muster drill we would be missing Grenada with longer in curaçao but all other ports had shorter days too due to us traveling slower.
  14. We got off the crown yesterday and we missed Grenada the only port we hadn’t been too. We got told this during the muster drill so you can imagine the reaction from everyone. Overall not a great cruise and we were disappointed with the standard in general onboard the crown. Hope you can still enjoy
  15. We’ve just come of the crown and it’s very dated and we were very disappointed. Only one plug socket by the mirror and very inconvenient. So definitely take some form of adapter with you.
  16. Hi thanks for this information we board on the 27 December and our first time on princess for over 8 years. We have been using celebrity and Cunard since so looking forward to coming onto the crown. Looking forward to the rest of your live blog
  17. This is our first cruise with princess and we are very confused about the drink service package. We have mainly been with celebrity who include drinks package, are we a lemon to take water or soda cans onboard or not? We aren’t big drinkers so lots of water and soda would mainly do us? I still there a limit to how many drinks you can bring onboard
  18. Are you able to use capsules? I’ve not been with princess before usually do the bag full offers with celebrity.
  19. I’m very interested to see people options we’ve been an avid celebrity and Cunard and since celebrity have risen there prices so much we have chosen a princess one for Xmas this year.
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