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  1. What ship will you be on? One time we watched Sunday Night Football in the Red Frog Pub on the Breeze. The Sportsbar was packed so we made our way down there and had a ton of fun!
  2. I've heard you have to get over 20,000 points on an Ultra. However, that isn't entirely true. My MIL went on her first cruise with us and all I can say is "Like Mother, Like Son". She received an Elite after her first cruise. My husband didn't get his first offer until after we went on an Ultra. I normally end around 10,000 casino points and I've only received Ultra and Premier.
  3. It isn't a Carnival excursion, however Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hangout Is amazing in Roatan!!! We've been twice and honestly don't think we could ever go there without picking it! We paid $55 per person for them to pick us up at Port in a private car, drive us to the Sanctuary where we got to play with monkeys and hold a sloth, then went snorkeling, and then driven to wherever (first time drove to the opposite side of the island for fish tacos, second went to a resort where we ate and laid on the beach ) and back to Port. You can find a million reviews for the place and I couldn't recommend more. I've seen other people mention Little French Key and if you care about animals, don't support them. They have also done a lot of damage to the local reefs due to their "resort". As for Belize, if you enjoy snorkeling, anything will be amazing! It's some of the best snorkeling I think I've ever done!
  4. According to JH on Facebook, they won't have priority boarding until the CDC guidelines are lifted. I'm assuming this has to do with socially distanced boarding and testing, etc.
  5. Normally with our casino offers it includes "Free Drinks while in the Casino" which is the same others can get after racking up 1500 points on a cruise. With this offer, he got a Free Balcony, $1000 in Fun Play plus "Free Drinks Anywhere on the ship".
  6. I know that typically all people over 21 must purchase, but in my case he is already receiving Cheers for free. Would we still be required to purchase it for him?
  7. My husband and I booked an offer that included Free Drinks for HIM on the entire ship but for me I only qualified for Free in the Casino. If I chose to buy Cheers for myself, would I have to also purchase for him since we are both in the same cabin? I've never felt the need to purchase Cheers because we don't drink THAT much, but it would be nice to lay by the pool without him and get some drinks.
  8. Thanks! I travel for work and we were very fortunate! I had plenty of free rooms at Hyatt and free car rentals so we have been sitting in the hotel hanging out comfortably.
  9. Anyone at the Port waiting to embark? I was wondering how crazy it is. We are debating on what time we want to head down. 2 of us are Priority, and the other had a 12:30 time zone yesterday but it didn't seem to say what time that would be today.
  10. Was planning on today but I am currently still sitting in a hotel in Long Beach. We made a back up plan to fly to Mexico if the cruise is cancelled but we have 2 rooms booked. I don't want to book travel until we know, but would also like to book as soon as possible if needed.
  11. Does anyone know, at what point can I cancel and be refunded?
  12. In the email that said $15 it does say Don't come to the port until we tell you to.
  13. They still have not sent another update to us waiting to board. According to what we have received, boarding will start in an hour! 🤨 Thankfully I had enough points to book our room for another night so that we have a place to hangout. I have a feeling we won't be boarding until late, or at all.
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