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  1. Looking forward to more of your trip. This is on my bucket list. Terrific reading!
  2. Can’t wait to see more, but I feel really bad for you regarding your ankle.
  3. After sailing on the Disney Fantasy once we have followed their rule. We use a clean glass in the Lido to get our ice then water pouring both into bottle/insulated cup without touching the rim. Unfortunately on the Fantasy many adults and kids never followed the rules that were posted right in front of them. Have fun on your cruise.
  4. Thanks everyone this helps to ease some concerns.
  5. Really enjoyed your post! Husband and I did this in reverse August of 2018 and really loved it. Totally agree with you about the Westmark in Whitehorse it needed some definite updates that I’d hoped might have been done by now. We really loved Scagway and Dawson. Thanks for the chance to relive the trip!
  6. We have been to Denali twice. Husband and I both had large “checked style” bags and then carry-on types. Your larger bags are transported to Denali by trucks, small personal bags stay with you in the train.
  7. Just looking for opinions from you all (southern a little) on whether or not you feel crowded on these ships. My DH and I have been on the Zaandam twice and the Nieuw Amsterdam once but that was only for 3 nights. Thanks
  8. Hey Miss G, my husband and I returned May 4th from the Ft. Lauderdale to Montreal cruise on the Zaandam. Second time on the Zaandam and really enjoy her. Not so big that you can’t get from one end to the other easily and never felt crowded. Ate most breakfasts in Lido but have also enjoyed the MDR, very restful breakfast. DH and I were in Vista suite and I don’t think it was any larger than a Veranda and really perks weren’t anything. We are both from Florida and were prepared for the cold but not the winds that really dropped the wind chill. Cadillac Mountain, Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg, Fortress Louisbourg, and out at Anne of Green Gables the wind was really gusting and cold. Hope you have better luck! But we didn’t have rain ☔️. We ate at a couple of good restaurants IMO; Geddy’s right on the Main Street up from Harbor in Bar Harbor. Look for the lobster over the door, lobster roll, chowder and blueberry tart. At Lunenburg we ate at Salt Shaker Deli a small family place with good food and people. We were some of those people that were up at 4am. to get ready and on bus by 6:30 for transit to Montreal airport for a flight scheduled at 3:35pm 🤭☹️. Have a great time, oh and we rarely used veranda after Boston, too cold😂
  9. Learned my lesson on a Disney cruise as far as dispensing water. We always use a clean glass to put water, ice into our travel bottles and never touch rim or dispenser. Hated seeing so many kids/parents that never did that. Also, I’m not much for speaking directly to offenders either. I would speak to management.
  10. We also did an Alaska/Yukon tour in 2018. We did not choose to purchase the meal plan because it was limited to meals in the hotels/lodge you were staying in. We preferred choosing where we wanted to eat. On the land portion our tour guide, Patrick, always gave us suggestions of places to eat and they were always spot on. I will say that in Canada and the Yukon portions were pretty large and my husband and I were frequently able to split a meal between us. Hope you have a great time.
  11. We cruised on the NA and with an upgrade from a signature suite we took a Neptune suite aft corner, port side 7137 in Alaska. We splurged on this and we’re spoiled. As far as being directly aft it was fine, no probably with fumes or excessive motion. I do take Bonine because I am prone to sea sickness and did fine. We recently cruised Canada/New England on the Zaandam in 6222 which was port side, four cabins from the aft. Again no problems. So enjoy great views.
  12. It was really “invigorating “ we just weren’t prepared well for the wind. I also agree that we missed the greening that would occur and I imagine it would be beautiful..what I am glad we missed was the crowds we would have faced later in the season in these smaller ports.
  13. My husband and I both carry our meds in original bottles in our carry on bags. We have never been questioned about them arriving by air or sea.
  14. The seas going north from Ft. Lauderdale were not really bad. I am prone to sea sickness so I took Bonnie every night except the last two. At times the side to side rocking was very noticeable. Columbus Day usually just has closing of government office and post office if anything. Commercial businesses don’t close. Have fun.
  15. We only took tours offered by the cruise line. HoHo in Boston, an intimate look at Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor (only had 14 people on the tour), the iconic three out of Halifax, Fortress Louisbourg out of Sidney, Anne of Green Gables and north shore drive out of PEI, walking tour of old Quebec. All of them were very good.
  16. Hey all, returned this Saturday from our Canada/New England cruise on HAL Zaandam and would like to share a few things. We left from Fort Lauderdale for a 10 night cruise. Being a lifelong Floridian I really did not realize how cold it would still be “up North”. We did plan for this with our clothing but we did not take into account how windy it would also be starting with Bar Harbor and all the way until we reached Quebec City. Cadillac mountain, Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg, Fortress Louisbourg, Green Gables temps were in the 30’s-40’s with wind gusts very high. For us it was freezing 🥶. one thing that was really a positive was that we were the only ship in port all along the way. I know we missed some things because it was so early in the season but I can’t imagine how very crowded it would be later on. Would like to recommend to restaurants we stopped in for lunch. In Bar Harbor we stopped at Geddy’s right on the main street. Quirky little place with good food. We had a special that included small lobster roll, seafood chowder and blueberry tart. In Lunenburg we ate at Salt Shaker Deli. Small family run restaurant with great food and terrific people. Unfortunately we were unable to finish cruise in Montreal due to the flooding and high water issues and had to be bussed from Quebec City to YUL but otherwise we had a wonderful time.
  17. We used the Navigator onboard during our trip April 24. Our wish list for improvements/changes: audible alerts that you have a message on Chat, weather info so you would not have to check out the in room TV, be able to see the next day dinner menus. Overall we felt it functioned well.
  18. Hey all, DH and I are cruising with HAL end of this month to Canada/New England. We have tours booked through Holland and most of them go through lunch. I realize that our tour guides can probably give us this info but would like any opinions from the great CC people here. These are the tours we will be on; Peggy’s Cove, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Halifax Fortress of Louisbourg, Sydney Island Drive and Anne of Green Gables, Charlottetown Thanks for any ideas.
  19. Wonderful! Thanks for the post. Now have new ideas for next cruise.
  20. Thanks for the response. I posted on the Roll Call also today.
  21. Thanks for letting me know. We can’t wait to go.
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