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  1. Norris - sorry to interrupt - but if you could share where your review of Princess vs Celebrity is located - I would greatly appreciate it. In this frigid weather I’m doing a lot of reading and catching up on your reviews is at the top of my list! Thank you!
  2. Thank you for a wonderful review that I came across this evening. You are doing a fantastic job! While I wait for further postings of yours, I would love to read about your sailing on the Crown Princess as we are contemplating a cruise on her this year. We have sailed strictly on Celebrity, which we love, for the past twenty years but want to try a different itinerary. Could you share how I would find it? Pat posted some wonderful pictures of her South American cruise which were great (and I will read about later) I don’t know Pat but by any chance is this the same Pat who took her grandson on a cruise to Russia? If so, I sure loved her very detailed and picturesque review of that trip and want to thank her!
  3. What is a kneeling bus? Also, regarding porters at Heathrow, expensive? Like how much?
  4. Thank you - you have all been very helpful!
  5. My husband uses a rollator (walker) and I need to know when we disembark the ship - how far would the distance be to access a transfer service. I am not familiar with the Southampton port and wonder how we would manage once we were off the ship. Is there any assistance available?
  6. Does anyone know if there is luggage valet offered on disembarking at a city in Europe?
  7. Would someone with a walker have any trouble using it at most places on the edge?
  8. I hope you will share with us the continuation of your trip to London. Loving every word and picture of your review. Thank you so very much.
  9. Yes - you can do that but just so you know - the same excursion will be priced higher - from $10 - $30 more. I found this out when I did this. Of course if you are using on board credit it may not matter to you but I was surprised. I was told that the pre-booked excursions before boarding are discounted
  10. Thank you very much John. I will look into this further with the websites you provided.
  11. If one were to take a taxi to Dover Castle, is there a steep incline to navigate to start touring. My husband would have a bit of trouble walking uphill.
  12. I used the credit this summer on a cruise to Alaska. It's 75% of the cruise price. It is good for a year from the date of the cancelled cruise and can be used wherever you care to book. You receive it in the form of a letter which when I booked using it, I faxed a copy to the travel agency. Worked well for me.
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