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  1. Thanks so much for letting me tag along on your holiday.
  2. I honestly really loved the movie.
  3. Honestly, the gruel (porridge/oatmeal) on the QM2 was some of the best I’ve ever had. Maybe it was the venue, but the consistency was perfect and it tasted like….well…porridge and not cardboard.
  4. For my __th birthday, Mister took me for a staycation at Ginormous Theme Park Not Mouse Themed about an hour away. News was reporting the place was “a ghost town” due to school returning and mask requirements. Turns out, the place was PACKED. Maybe 1 in 100 were wearing masks or even attempting to social distance. We did the best we could, stayed as far from people as practicable and stayed masked up. All in all it was a nice treat, though. We were careful and enjoyed ourselves. For now we will stay hidden in our home again until June when there is a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas for our niece’s wedding. Hopefully the world will be well on its way to righting itself by then.
  5. I can see my (old) house from there!
  6. I had a moment of panic when I read “This is my final sunrise…” I visit every day to see a sunrise (or sunset) and thought you might stop sharing. So glad I was mistaken. I appreciate your photos (and everyone else’s) . Thanks for sharing.
  7. That’s a Frigatebird so I’m going to guess Galveston TX.
  8. There are some overviews of the kennels on YouTube. Also, a reservation for the kennels is harder to get than a stateroom, so you must book far in advance.
  9. Bon Voyage! I look forward to hearing all about it.
  10. Thanks. I always just jump to the unread posts. Sorry. But it is nice of them to delay the departure(s) so I can be back from my errands. “Oh, it looks like Tonopah is running behind schedule. Better shift departure by 40 minutes just to make sure.”
  11. What time will that be? I would like to watch it on Youtube.
  12. Take your tap shoes. If there are no tap lessons, no harm done (and maybe you can pay for a private tap lesson if the pros are tappers), but if there are tap lessons, you’ll be prepared. Tap shoes don’t take up a lot of room. 💃🏻 🕺
  13. I honestly wouldn’t notice what others had on their feet. I would wear dance tights with short dresses and knee hi dance socks or no socks with long dresses/trousers. Who looks at toes?
  14. Once again, we need an “educational” button. Thank you for sharing.
  15. Has this fun and favorite thread finally reached its end? *sigh*
  16. I really want to book the Fort Lauderdale-Fort Lauderdale voyage but Mister thinks we should just use the money to enhance our Northern Lights/TA trip. I’ll keep checking the website and if it gets closer and if it isn’t sold out I might be able to convince him to book it. Right?
  17. I wish there were an “educational” button in addition to the others, because I learn something new every day on this thread. Thank you.
  18. There was a laundry room across from our stateroom. I was keeping watch, saw an open washer, turned to pick up my laundry, turned around to leave the room and…too late. Frustration won’t ruin my holiday. We sent our clothes out for laundering after that, and plan to do so again on our next voyage (21 days).
  19. I love those books. Perfect for reading under a tree in the garden. It is too hot for me to be outside today, 90°f (32°c) with high humidity. I’m hiding in my air conditioned house, surrounded by cats (and a dog), listening to Stephen Fry narrate the Harry Potter books (just starting #6). I got the entire UK set of audiobooks in London in 2018 after a QM2 TA from NY to Southampton. Best souvenir ever. We are unable to go to the cooler, breezy local beaches or eat out at Gulf-side tiki bars because of Red Tide, so this summer has mostly been inside. I am counting to the days to Autumn (65) and dreaming of our next Cunard Holiday (November, 2022).
  20. Hammerfest, Norway. I’m 99% sure because of the church.
  21. The best part was seeing him peacocking up and down like a model on a runway while people studiously looked right through him. Whenever these threads pop up I remember him and wonder what story HE is telling about that evening.
  22. When we went to the captain’s reception on the Queen Mary 2, there was a man dressed in a military uniform. Think “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” variety, with ropes hanging from epaulettes, giant fake medals, etc. He kept walking back and forth in front of crew members, practically daring someone to challenge him. Everyone completely ignored him. Passengers, crew, everyone. Hey, he met the dress code (military uniform) and was waiting for a reaction so he could make a STATEMENT. Instead he just looked like, and was treated as, the fool he was. Does it make it OK? No. But was it allowed to interfere with anyone’s holiday? Again, no.
  23. “Skirting the bottom of the code” = meeting the requirements. Who would you talk about on board if it weren’t for those who don’t meet your perfection?
  24. Wear the silver dress and don’t even give it a second thought.
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