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  1. RKA - also just curious, are you currently booked on Silversea & will need to cancel a cruise because of the masking issue or just thinking of booking? It's so fortunate that you have other options for vacations. Knowing the fabulous, amazing crew of the Silversea fleet, I'm just going to imagine the big smiles on the crew members when they welcome us on the Shadow & they'll be able to see my great big smile through/around my mask because I'm going to be so happy to be there & not here. What a small price to pay.
  2. My first thought was that it's Chanel with the bun. Great photos - makes upcoming cruises seem real !
  3. Hi Joe & Joan. I'm a bit confused by your initial post & the subject of food. Of all the Silversea cruises we've done, we've always had a "Chronicles" delivered to our cabin each night for the following day. In each issue, there is an entire section detailing the meal times for every venue. Did you not receive one regularly from your butler? If not, I certainly would have complained. On the Muse/Spirit cruises we've done, the tea service is in the Arts Cafe, every afternoon, even port days. It should have been in your Chronicle... There are so many choices of cruises
  4. This is the current policy on the website: Clothing Suggestions – Shipboard Attire Shipboard attire ranges from casual to formal. Casual wear is appropriate for daytime aboard ship or ashore and consists of standard sports outfits as worn at five-star resorts. Shoes should be flat or low heeled for deck activities. Evening attire falls into three categories: casual, informal and formal. On casual evenings, pants, blouses, skirts and casual dresses for ladies; open-neck shirts and slacks for gentlemen are appropriate. On informal evenings, ladies usually wear dresses or pantsui
  5. Here it is at Pier 91 today partially obscured by the something of the seas. However the Port website says it will use Pier 66 for the Alaska cruises. Maybe it's easier to supply from here since Pier 66 is on a very busy waterfront street. Who knows? This was taken by a Silversea friend from the area who braved the traffic & bad drivers to get to Elliott Bay Marina.
  6. Aha! Good catch. That giant ship must have been the Ovation of the Sea that arrived last week for the Alaska season.
  7. There isn't a webcam at Pier 91 or 66 but from this Space Needle cam, there appear to be 2 ships at Pier 91 (Elliott Bay Marina) & none at 66. The first one looks too big for the Muse though. I would love to go down & wave but wouldn't fight the traffic for anything ! https://www.spaceneedle.com/webcam
  8. SF...do not knock the checkbook cover, I still use mine, not to mention the decks of cards! If you play your trivia right on Silversea, you could be the proud owner of a mouse pad guaranteed to last a few days. Never a shortage of tchotchkes on either line.
  9. If you score enough points with trivia, putting contests, bingo, etc, you can get a very nice tote bag. I wonder if these "traditions" will change post COVID? I hope we'll find out after the first few cruises.
  10. I've also seen them smoking in Terrazza. There are rules & then are are "rules." I doubt the crew would intervene because they treat the crew very, very well. Same with smoking in their cabin - they would probably pay any associated cleaning costs gladly.
  11. They were on the Shadow when we went into quarantine & I kept thinking about the smoking situation...pretty sure they didn't have to abide by the no cabin smoking. OMG when they vacated !!! I pity the staff.
  12. We sign up for the ATT day pass too but have had luck with What's App & also Viber where you can pre-pay an amount & the international rates are about .10 a minute or something like that. That may have changed though.
  13. I'm really looking forward to reading all about your adventures on the Moon & the excitement of seeing fellow passengers & crew. I know you will hear amazing stories. Less interested in reading why others won't travel right now & pointing fingers on which country is doing what. At least on this thread, let's celebrate the new Moon & its pioneering passengers ! Safe travels.
  14. this is such good information - thank you RKA.
  15. Can't imagine that there isn't a plan because Holland America, Princess & RCL (?) are all scheduled to sail from SEA. Surely they wouldn't commit ships with thousands of pax without prior approval. But it's an interesting scenario.
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