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  1. Greetings from on board the Muse. It’s a spectacular day in Vancouver & I’m shedding “crocodile tears” that we’re staying over. They’ve offered several very nice comp tours...we’re doing the Foodie Tour. Haven’t heard that they’ve encountered any problems with the repairs. The 15% future cruise discount is more than generous in my opinion. All is well & we’re delighted to be back!
  2. I know that Alaska cruises attract families but I'm sincerely hoping that the one we are boarding next Thursday will be an exception since most schools are back in session. Of course that wouldn't affect the 18 mo/1 & 3 year olds. Pretty sure the person in charge of the restaurant will be hearing about it if truck-banging-on-table or head or anywhere occurs. Room service (them, not us) is always an option. And don't forget Scannapoli (pardon spelling) on the Muse & Spirit. Pizza always a big hit with the little darlin's.
  3. 18 month? 1 & 3? What are they thinking? That is not a vacation, that's pandemonium - for all concerned! Shouldn't the head waiter have taken a parent aside & ask that they take the offending child out because of the general disturbance? Simply not acceptable behavior from anyone's children (or alleged adult in charge.)
  4. I suspect it's all about all of those new ships, Silversea & others, coming into the various fleets, with all of those cabins to be filled. Competition is going to get tougher & they will need to replace those of us moving up the age ladder. How better to do it than to attract a family willing to spend the $ for a "sample" cruise? There is another thread started by a poster whose children are the model of "decorum, good taste & refinement" - aren't they all? But she was probably the target of this new and most unwelcome promotion. As much as Mr. Conroy might agree with the majority of us, his hands are probably tied by the corporate bottom line driven marketeers. Moving to another upper end line will probably only swap one bottom line for another. Anyone know what the new Ritz Carlton line policy is regarding children?
  5. Still keeping my fingers crossed !
  6. Hi Worldtraveller. They are not listed in the daily bulletin. Those who are invited get an invitation in the suite. There is about a 99% chance you will have one hosted by the Cruise consultant & the social staff so that they can tell you how smart you were to choose Silversea & offer to sell you another one right NOW!
  7. Thank you Terry, you (and your photos) are awesome ! Keep them coming.
  8. Hi Calm.... I noticed that your roll call is titled "Silver Muse". It might get more response if you changed the title to your specific date. Or maybe not, as Silver stated, the longer cruises get more interest. Good luck & don't worry, you'll meet lots of people once on board & there will be a reception for first timers early in the cruise. Please let us know how you enjoyed the cruise.
  9. Tibi, You are are so impressive & I'm in awe of your ability to expand your children's horizons. The music experiences sound fabulous (and a little enticing also ... BB King? Seriously awesome) You rock. Consider the cruise you & your partner will enjoy on Silversea a test drive...purely for research in the name of "good parenting." And.... a la BB....may the "Thrill (never) Be Gone." Safe travels!
  10. Tapi, yours sounds like a wonderful family & that you are parents who go out of their way to expose the little ones to a more sophisticated lifestyle. Kudos to you both for raising them to appreciate nice things. I do, however, agree with Observer that you two might want to take a Silversea test run without the children to see if it's a good fit. (Call it research or a 2nd honeymoon!) I think you've probably surmised that Silversea is not a family friendly experience, no matter how worldly your children are. There are no activities other than the pool, which most assuredly is NOT geared for children, and a ping pong table. The shows do not start until 10 and lectures are on subjects that may or probably won't interest your children. There are so many lovely cruise lines out there that will welcome, appreciate & cater to your children. I can see by your history that you have experienced the family friendly lines. Again, congratulations on being the exceptional parents who are anxious to expose them to a new experience.
  11. Hi Que Sera.... We are on your cruise also. I, like you, have read the comments about Alaska being a little less "formal" than other itineraries but if our past Silversea cruises are an indicator, yes, you will need a sports coat IF you want to go dine anywhere other than the Grill on "Formal Optional" night. Someone on a recent Alaska cruise will probably be able to answer that more precisely. Usually men wear sports coats (no tie) on "informal" nights, & embarkation & last nights are always casual. I see that the 2nd night is our "formal optional" night so if you don't want to take a sports coat, you might want to make reservations at the Grill. Since we are in the inside passage and there are heaters at the pool grill, it should be comfortable. Terry who posts here regularly has just returned so let's hope he will answer. My husband will carry both sports coats, & suit for formal night but we are on the crossing also. I'll look forward to meeting you both. We're really getting close now & I'm very excited. Are you spending a pre-night in Vancouver? We are staying just across the street from the port so we can walk our luggage over (or the bell person can.) Someone started a roll call but I don't see a M & M. If you start one, we'll sign up.
  12. Oh no, Mary Ann. We were lucky enough to meet you both on the Wind this year. I am so saddened to hear this. You are correct, he best exemplified his generation & I'm so sad for you & for all of his family. He will be remembered by all who knew him. Thinking of you.
  13. Oh yes, first day of a cruise. The crew has been going full speed ahead since very early morning. There's the clean out & set up of probably 90% of suites on those 7-11 day itineraries. Many requests made on line never find their way down the line which shouldn't be but in the real world..... The various restaurant staffs have been up since the crack of dawn getting ready for the new passengers. It's a tough day for all...especially since people are arriving with very high expectations. The Venetians are very excited to return to see old friends among the staff & passengers & the newbies aren't sure what to expect, other than 100% excellence. Give everything a day or two to settle down. By then, peanuts will arrive, extra hangars will be in place, restaurant reservations will be settled & you will accept the fact that you're not going to download anything as quickly as you do at home. You'll not have time anyway....too many martini's to taste, different restaurants to try, nice people to get to know (and some not so nice to avoid) and mostly, fabulous sights to enjoy. I find the smell of cigarettes &, most especially cigars, abhorrent also, so please make your thoughts loudly known on the subject when you get your mid-cruise questionnaire. Internet at sea is frustrating to all of us who depend on the "free wi-fi." There is a caveat that says something like "speeds may not be what you are used to". No duh! I hope you will enjoy your time on board....fair winds to you ! And tell Katherina (the asst. CD) that her "earring friend" misses her! She's the very best, ever !
  14. Is this old news? https://latteluxurynews.com/2019/08/02/silversea-forges-partnership-with-lalique/
  15. Thanks so much for the info. The hotel was not listed there a week ago - it pays to check back, doesn't it? Now the post night offer has disappeared, probably because it's sold out, but it's on our "contract". Just hope it's not the same hotel as we fly out of FLL early the following morning - excellent non stop flight to SEA. (I know, real first world problem!) Yes, totally looking forward to seeing the Muse-ification of the Shadow. Again, thank you Observer!
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