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  1. Thanks for your reply. Ships at sea would seem to me to be the perfect environment to examine the spread and effects of long term close contact. A petri dish at sea.
  2. How is the shipping industry handling Covid? Are there special precautions for sailors? I assume freight is still moving so they must be doing something to protect the crew. It would be informative to see the numbers infected, hospitalized, treated, recovered in that close of an environment. How is the navy doing with the covid?
  3. Passengers have been passing through EWR daily for months. Is there any difference between passing through an airline terminal and a cruise terminal? Just curious.
  4. We were upgraded to a GS on one of our Explorer cruises , after that there was no going back to an inside stateroom. 🙂 Cheers! 🍸
  5. The day the cruise line industry starts adopting the same invasive, inconvenient procedures as the airlines is the day we stop cruising. At that point you might as well hop on a plane and fly to your destination. No thanks.
  6. Or an airplane or a train or a bus or a subway............
  7. I have a class A commercial drivers license. I'm also over 70. Every two years I am required to have a physical to confirm that I am physically fit to drive an eighty thousand pound vehicle yet the government says I need a doctors note to take a cruise because cruising is way more stressful than maneuvering an eighty thousand pound vehicle through NJ rush hour traffic.🙄
  8. No. Good luck finding a doctor to sign the form RC requires. a. Effective Monday, March 16, boarding will be denied to any person age 70 or older, unless the guest provides written verification from a qualified treating physician that certifies the person has no severe, chronic medical condition and is fit to travel. b. Effective Friday, March 13, boarding will be denied to any person with a severe, chronic medical condition, including those specified by the CDC. Guests of all ages will be screened prior to boarding, regarding underlying health issues that may prevent them from sail
  9. I agree with you here but being 70 and over isn't a disability, is it? 🙂 Cheers! 🍸🍸
  10. It will be interesting to see how this is resolved or if it gets resolved. Nobody is cruising anytime soon anyway.
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