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  1. We have moved to Seabourn..yes we are older, but like the smaller ships, few if any children, all inclusive. Really dislike the giant ships Celebrity is pushing. Of course we have not cruised this year due to Covid-19, but when it is safe again we will be back. Who knows what that will be.
  2. That is so unfortunate. We really enjoyed our two PG cruises, but would not want to do business with the current owners. I am just glad we had the opportunity to enjoy our two trips.
  3. Well said. Yesterday a neighbor had a large group over for drinks. What part of staying safe do these people not understand.
  4. We received a PG brochure last week...it was the cheapest brochure I have ever seen, and not one mention of the current owner. I must say they used to have lovely mailings.
  5. It sure is a shame that our country wasn’t that smart. Well not the country, but the powers that made decisions about our lives.
  6. We have been three times, and love it and the Australian people. I agree about the vaccine
  7. However I frankly doubt if any cruising will take place and that includes the US. I know lots of us want to get back on a ship, but not with the current situation. It’s is unfortunate and we didn’t have to be in this situation, but we are now. I admire the countries like Australia and New Zealand who got a grip on the pandemic.
  8. I just want to make sure we get a refund, as we do not want FCC
  9. Glad this was cancelled. We had no intention of going anywhere in January
  10. Unfortunately it is politics. As much as some of you want to cruise, a month isn’t going to make any difference. We could easily be looking at a year.
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