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  1. Thanks for the advise. I have confirmed the reservation on my AA account and am now confident that I will receive the AA credit card benefits.
  2. When I reserved my flight through Hal's Flight Ease program, I was able to input my American Airlines frequent flyer number. The flight shows up under my reservations when I log in to AA. The conversation on this thread was only about baggage fees when flight arrangements are made through Holland America. Your AA credit card probably has trip cancellation benefits that may require that you pay with the card. Hope that answers your question.
  3. Thanks for your response. The benefits section at the credit card web site says you have to pay your flight with the card to get the baggage benefit. I called customer service at the credit card company and was told that as long as my FF # was on the reservation I would receive all the card benefits, including free luggage. I was going to also call AA to confirm, but you've saved me the phone call. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Enjoy your July cruise.
  5. Did you get your free checked bag on your American Airlines flight? I have a flight booked through HAL for later this summer and am concerned that I will have to pay for my bags because I will not be paying American directly with my AA Credit card. (The "free baggage" rules say you have to pay with your Advantage credit card to get the benefits.) This is the first time we have used HAL's flight ease.Thanks for sharing your experience.
  6. Does anyone have experience using HAL's Flight Ease program? I usually book my own flights but have a reservation through HAL's Flight Ease for an upcoming cruise. The flight is through American Airlines and it appears on my AA Advantage (FF program) account so I am confident that I will earn miles for the trip. I also have an AA credit card with free baggage and priority boarding benefits. Since I will be paying HAL for the flight and not directly to American Airlines, will I receive the free baggage benefit? When I booked the flights, the HAL representative said I would get my benefits as long as my FF number was on the reservation, but I would prefer to hear from a fellow cruiser who has experience using the Flight Ease program.
  7. We are on the August 24th sailing. Hope you enjoy your cruise in June!
  8. Thank you, cruise4food, for the info!
  9. Hubby and I will be sailing Zaandam from Montreal to Boston this summer (our 5th cruise/ 3rd on HAL-OoSterdam and Statendam). Does the Zaandam offer unlimited laundry for $49/wk? We enjoyed this service on our other HAL cruises and can pack very light if we know we will have reasonably priced laundry services. We have booked a Vista Suite on deck 6. The cabin pictures on HAL show a small flat screen TV on the desk. Has HAL changed to a larger wall mounted TV on the Zaandam? (TV is not important to us, but the small TV makes the room look outdated.) We will be flying into Montreal the night before the cruise and staying at the Fairfield near the airport. Any suggestions or info on transportation to the cruise terminal? Will language be a problem? (We don't speak French.) Any other info on the ship or Canadian ports would be appreciated!
  10. Thank you drowelf and Hank for your assistance. I just made the reservation thru Flight Ease and was able to enter my AA Frequent Flyer number, and was able to pick out seats. (I hope I maintain my free baggage and priority boarding benefits.) To answer HarryW: ,the airfare was quoted when I selected the flights that I wanted. I picked seats before completing the reservation. The disclosures advise that the price can change up till payment is made, but according to what I have read in this feed, that rarely occurs. Because I had a $200 per person air credit through HAL's recent promotion, the Flight Ease price was much better than I could get through the airline.
  11. I am considering using HAL Flight Ease for a cruise scheduled for August 2019. I have questions that are not answered on HALs web site. I have always made my own flight arrangements but HAL's rates look attractive for my August cruise. If I am a member of the airline's frequent flyer program do I earn the usual miles for the flight booked through HAL? I get free baggage through a credit card with a couple of airlines. Do I still get the free baggage benefit if I book through HAL? Can I make my own seat assignments? (HAL's web site says seat assignments are not guaranteed??) What benefits, if any, am I giving up by booking through HAL vs directly with my favorite airline? If I understand correctly, I can add a flight to my cruise reservation and not pay for it till I make the final payment for my cruise. The fare is not guaranteed, but from what I have read on this feed, the price of the flight rarely increases. Thanks for sharing your experience with Flight Ease!
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