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  1. Just had this cabin. the third bed is a fold up cot.
  2. I wasn't replying to OP I was replying to the person that agreed with all posts above them. Since one said full refund, to agree with all would be incorrect.
  3. I had thought that too, but when I read the T and C I thought they had changed it. I did see that for some excursions there is a greater penalty, as xDisconnections said. Thanks for your response!
  4. Did you not read this, or do you agree with everyone except the person that said you get a full refund?
  5. I would think they'd have to dock in some foreign port or they would violate the Jones Act.
  6. And that's why it's deceptive and unethical. You, individual you, can justify paying a premium for "free" by applying conditions that NCL isn't supplying or stating. It must be nice in your world. If free costs $400, 4 weeks from now or $100 2 years from now that is not free.
  7. Obviously it would be soon, or there would be more rooms, its actually 5/13. I did need to look at a few to prove the point, but Free should be free or use a different word. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Forums mobile app
  8. And I just test booked a balcony, where the only balcony with "free" stuff was a gty, that cost 478 more than a "sail away" balcony. That's some pretty expensive free Sent from my Pixel 2 using Forums mobile app
  9. Although it is "fine by you" to call it free, and may be worth it, yet you are almost fully charged for it vs a Sail-away room, why would this be fine with various state attorneys general? How to they "getaway" with this? Wouldn't it be more up-front and ethical, and then also probably legal, to discount it if you purchase it at the same time?
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