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  1. We are on the Reflection on May 8 from Dublin which does not depart until around 9pm. Boarding will not be until about 4 pm. Our Travel Agent called Celebrity and this is what she was told, in writing. Shuttles will be available at the Dublin airport from approximately 9 am to take passengers and luggage to the ship. Luggage can then be dropped off at the ship but you cannot board or check in. We are fine with that because we will then just grab a cab and explore Dublin, minus luggage. Now I know this is not set in stone, although she spoke to her contact at Celebrity and not just the general booking person, who really did not know the answer. If that option fails for some reason, I do have the info on my phone for storage areas in Dublin. Just crossing my fingers it all works out.
  2. Our travel agent called us yesterday with this offer. We have a cruise out of Dublin on May 8 and by choosing non-refundable, we were able to save $860. Since final payment is in 5 weeks, and we have insurance, we felt it was worth it.
  3. We did not use the train but instead did a small bus tour in Skagway and it was fantastic. Our driver made many stops, including when we saw a bear on the side of the road, eating dandelion. The driver, Heidi, ran the Iditarod in 2015 and is also a special ed teacher in a small town in the interior of Alaska. She was so informative about Alaska. Our favorite excursion of the trip.
  4. Following this thread. We sail out of Dublin on the Reflection on May 8, 2020. We arrive from US at 0900. Looking to utilize one of the luggage storage places in Dublin for the day since we don’t want to travel around Dublin with luggage.
  5. We are on the Reflection in May, out of Dublin. I keep hearing conflicting information about when we can board. Some say from 11 am on, others say not till 4pm. Reflection will have just arrived in Dublin from a transatlantic and I’ve heard they do a “deep clean” at that point. My only issue is the luggage. I’m hoping that the Celebrity transport will pick us up at the airport and take us to the ship to drop off the luggage. I’d be fine with that even if we can’t board. We would just do some sightseeing then till boarding time.
  6. I will be following this thread as I’m also interested in the answer.
  7. We took a 10 day cruise this past March on the Reflection in cabin 8277, right near the elevators. Absolutely no noise. In fact, we have booked the same cabin on our cruise from Dublin next May.
  8. I have been given the strangest looks on the plane when I get out my Lysol wipes and wipe down the tray table, etc. Will also wipe down surfaces in the cabin. Leaving on the 22nd.
  9. This is our 3rd cruise with Celebrity. We did the Caribbean 2 years ago and Alaska last year. We've been really pleased with them. Coming from Maryland and you never know about the weather so we are flying to FLL Thursday afternoon and spending the night. We are really looking forward to it.
  10. Really enjoying your posts from the Reflection. It seems as if your 11 days is going by quickly though. We board her on Friday. Please leave some Gray Goose.
  11. Tony, Regarding the dress code for Smart Casual {not Chic night} in the main dining room. I don't recall it requiring men to wear a long sleeve shirt. This will be our 3rd Celebrity cruise and I know my husband wore long pants and a short sleeved collared shirt to dinner {Tommy Bahama, Underarmour, etc}. Can you check it out tomorrow when it's not Chic night. Thanks
  12. What a great balcony. Thanks for all the info thus far.
  13. Really looking forward to following your posts. We board Reflection on March 22, the day you arrive back. We are arriving in Ft Lauderdale on the 21st.
  14. We are on the Reflection on March 22 for 10 nights. Took note of all you commented on. Thanks. Do you recall the Captain and Cruise Director? Although I know they could be different in a few weeks.
  15. Hi, Jim Looking forward to your next blog. Entoyed the last one and was especially pleased to read your thoughts about the Alaska land tour that you took. We took this same itinerary in June {Mark was also our driver} and we loved it. But we had only cruised 7 times prior to that and loved getting the perspective of a veteran cruiser.
  16. Two thumbs up for Hoonah Whale Tours. Captain Joardan is a great young guy who has been fishing these waters since he was a kid. Only 6 people to a boat. His last tour for the year will be August 15 though at which point they move back to Juneau for the winter.
  17. Just returned yesterday from the Celebrity Millenium, southbound from Seward to Vancouver. Did the Bering Sea trip and it was wonderful. Passed around different kinds of crabs for everyone to hold. But for me, the highlight was the eagles. They throw bait fish into the water and there are probably 40 eagles that swoop down right beside the boat. Amazing. Very interesting to see how they use the crab pots and to hear the stories of the men who have been on the Alleutian Ballad.
  18. I am so happy to hear this. We are booked with Jordan during our June 15 cruise.
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