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  1. Can you use referral bonus if booking through a TA? Thanks.
  2. Thank you all very much for info. Is there typically one BBQ/Caviar day per week?
  3. We are planning our first small ship cruise and our first 14 day cruise on Odyssey from Barbados in February. It stops on a new island every day. Is it common to schedule excursion every day? I think I read they offer some free excursions, what type activity is typical on these? How often do they have the Marina out so you can do activities off back of boat? We enjoy a few ship days so I’m wondering how we do it. Thank you!!
  4. Currently in GS 8508. We have heard a little noise here and there but nothing that has kept us awake or been a bother. Love this room and think it is a great location.
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