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  1. Help with a few concerns before we pull the trigger please. Ft. Lauderdale to St. Petersburg leaving April 11th 2019. I understand there will be rain and we will most likely only have the warm weather the first week when leaving Florida so Im only concerned about the last 2 weeks (from Brest to St. Petersburg) will a couple sweatshirts and a semi insulated overcoat be ok or do I really need to winterize my wardrobe with a heavy coat, scarves, gloves and the like. I hate the extra packing but don't mind doing laundry on the ship. Also any suggested highlights that should be on my "must see" list?? Thanks so much
  2. I meant to ask this on my previous post...How do I find out the # of ships in Port for the day....Sept 12 and 13 2019 are the dates in question...thank you
  3. Finally talked my sister into her first cruise from Boston with an over night in Bermuda. Can anyone tell me how late you can stay out during the evening and still be allowed back on the ship...….would like to enjoy dinner and perhaps strolling and enjoy a cocktail or 2 at local spots but didn't know if there was a certain time you must return to the ship....thanks. Any suggestions would be wonderful...thanks so much
  4. Yes, Yes and yes!!! Let me tell you about the first day we used them...Very rainy morning in Rome, we thought "oh gawd, the tour guide may not even show up". Several ships in Port and very hectic....but we walked out of the terminal area and saw a guy with an ItalyTour sign but our names were not on it...he had a huge umbrella, we had nothing. We spoke to him and he assured us that the other guide was coming but told us to stay with him under the umbrella. We chatted about the tour he was on and the one we were going to be taking.....offering us his coat and plenty of room under his umbrella. He spotted our driver about 15 minutes later and took us to her for introductions..she allowed us to sit in her vehicle while the 4 other guests arrived. Of course the sun cleared up and made for a beautiful day!! The guide was fantastic, I feel bad I cant remember her name or the other gentleman that kept us dry....but we ran into the other tour later in the day and he made a special point to come up to me (he even remembered my name) to ask if we were enjoying ourselves!! It was absolutely one of the best full day tours ever. Although 6 of us he made everyone feel as though we were getting a private tour....he was truly interested in what we wanted to see and not exactly what was on the schedule....but agreed upon by all 6. The next day was Amalfi Coast and Pompaii…..same thing....WONDERFUL experience. Always felt safe and boy, these guides know their stuff...history, little fun facts, where to eat.....everything!! Even when they passed us off to the guide in Pompaii...that guide was also wonderful!! I would highly recommend them to anyone....no doubt the most professional group of people ever!!!
  5. May 2018: We used ItalyTours.EU for the Amalfi Coast and Best of Rome and I couldn't be happier with this company. We always felt safe, they were quick to respond to all my questions and concerns, the guides and drivers were terrific and truly wanted us to see as much as possible...suggesting places to visit on our free time and places to eat. Very accommodating. Guisepee our guide was a blast, very knowledgeable and he sings awesome Italian love songs. This company may not be the cheapest but you get what you pay for....they were a lot cheaper than cruise line prices and much more personal service. There were cheaper guys holding signs for tours but why take the chance of not getting back on time, unsafe vehicles and less than stellar "service"....ItalyTours.EU will forever be my go to excursion specialists!!
  6. This would be a once in a life time trip for us. Princess is offering this on one of their older smaller ships which is fine as we did our first TA on an older NCL and now we love the older smaller ships. We live in Florida so this would be perfect...my hesitation is: its in November 2020...any one with experience traveling in Nov. in the S.Pacific. This cruise is ideal as it also has us traveling through the Panama Canal which we originally wanted to do next year anyway. In order to do this we would get an inside cabin and try to stick to a budget...using the extra $$ for excursions and the like. Before I pull the trigger Im wondering if you know of any other lines that offer S.Pacific to Florida....or even California. It appears no one is selling them or Im just not seeing them...I cant believe most lines wouldn't have published all their 2020 cruises yet. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated...thanks so much
  7. Littleribbie


    Has anyone attended a Andalusian Horse/Spanish Riding School Tour? Distance from the port? Is it possible to hop a cab? this is the only thing i would like to do...then go find a great seafood spot so I dont want to waste time and money on a ship "tour" TIA
  8. Considering a TA in 2020...to save $$ and to be able to book the spa/sanctuary for the entire cruise Im considering an inside. It sounds like the spa package with the various pools and emenities would be something i would enjoy.....anyone know the appox. cost of this? When they say "sanctuary" is that just the adult area and free?...what would I ask for if I wanted the "spa"?? thanks
  9. 1st time Alaska Cruise: Considering Princess in Mid June /7 Day: w/Vancouver, Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway , Gl. Bay NP (cruising) College Fjord (cruising) and Anchorage. Because viewing the glaciers/scenery are a high priority do we want to be Port or Starboard.....will there be things to see from both sides. Im sure most often we will be up on the decks for the best viewing but I know hubby likes to also relax in the cabin too. Also (might be a crazy question) but will June still offer the spectacular glaciers and flowers or would I be better off really trying to get a July cruise. Also I would love to splurge on a helicopter or seaplane ride at one of the ports....can anyone recommend one in particular. I did read that some seaplanes offer to land near or close to a glacier to be able to get out and walk around...oh my gosh...just the thought of that gives me goosebumps...that would be wonderful. Has anyone been able to do that? One more question and I will ask again on Princess page but: Princess lists this cruise but is listing about 4 ships all for the same cruise....Coral, Royal, Pacific....do they choose the ship at a later date? How does it work...Im considering this for 2020 and perhaps they haven't decided yet?? just confused....TIA
  10. Last year; Carnival only a few minutes after the casino opened on the very first day a woman sitting next to me was betting .88cents (min.) on a penny slot...I was on the same machine next to her betting the max. $8.80. wouldn't you know it SHE hit for the $10,000.00. It was on one of the bonus things where she had to match 3 and she matched 3 Mega jackpot symbols.....I had to pretend I was happy for her....not!!! LOLOLOL
  11. Yes, I noticed that with another booking...appears the sales people don't always get up to date information....uugg!
  12. Thanks so much for helping me out on Chrstmas Eve day!!! its much appreciated. I'll call RCL and inquire about the spa and post what I find out. Again, thank you for taking the time! Heidi
  13. Darn, does that mean they don't have any sort of spa package...I'm assuming the solarium area is just a quiet area and not specifically for any sort of "spa paying" guests....not sure if hubby would want to be stuck in an inside cabin if that is the case for 14 days. Thank you
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