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  1. Thanks. I appreciate the replies. I'm going to change to a later flight or stay the night. I just hope the whole trip is not a practice in futility. Everybody stay well out there!
  2. We are somewhat optimistic about the future and have booked an Alaskan cruise in September out of Seattle. IF we are able to sail, do you think we could make a 10:15 flight out of SEA-TAC AP if the ship docks at 7? I know we would probably have to carry our luggage off early. We can change to 12:15, but for hundreds more. I guess others are also optimistic as the flights are filling up fast.
  3. We're sailing Saturday and will cancel if Lee is the CD. Just kidding! Looking forward to our first Journeys cruise no matter whom is the CD!
  4. How are the crash repairs progressing? We're sailing this Sunday.
  5. Except for John Heald (a long time ago), I can't remember but one other name. I think it was Mikey. He was the best we've ever had. But, I really don't care for the most part. They pretty much are all the same.
  6. Does anyone know the email address for the Glory Maitre D? Thanks
  7. Our last cruise (last year), which was our first as Platinum, we each got a pretty nice beach bag with a separate insulated compartment in the bottom. We thought it was pretty nice and still use it. Even the couple we gave the extra one to thought it was a great gift. I guess we'll get the photo next month. No comparison!
  8. And you will be getting off when we board for a 14 day Journeys cruise!
  9. We're going on a 14 day Journeys cruise next month. I think it's crazy that we get 10 (5 each) free bags of laundry washed. From what I've heard, you don't send anything but undies. That's a lot of undies! Everything is washed in hot water, so you risk discoloration or shrinkage (yes, George Costanza, things shrink in HOT water,too) of other clothes. And, I've heard that the P&D's are about 1/3 usually, not 1/2 (I may be wrong). We're going with 2 couples that are not.
  10. We are Carnival Platinum. Just booked our first Princess Cruise on the Emerald to Alaska. Booked the Mini-Suite which is a glorified balcony cabin. In our 60's, but not bedtime at 9 people. Hope we're not making a mistake.
  11. We're on the Allure now. Don't know what will happen. Glad we're retired and have travel insurance. I don't think we'll be returning to Fort Lauderdale Sunday morning.
  12. My wife has to use distilled water for her sinuses each night. Do they sell gallon jugs of it on the ship?
  13. So, I haven't sailed RCI in a while. I just wear slacks and a blazer on "formal" nights on other lines and will on my upcoming RCI cruise. I suppose that is going to be overdressed soon? No complaints. I really don't like formal nights and I'm not bothered by nice shorts, jeans, etc. Just change formal night to "no ratty baseball cap night" and I'll be happy.
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