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  1. They did tell me we were #1 on the list. I just assumed it was what they might tell everyone.
  2. Thanks. Just sent her an email with all the details.
  3. I responded immediately and received my new ship's cabin number. I was as nice as I could be. The woman helping me was very sympathetic. I asked for the club class benefits with the new mini suite, but they said they couldn't do it.
  4. We booked (for our anniversary) an Alaskan cruise in February on the Emerald leaving Seattle 08/21/21 (Paid $400 deposit). We received lots of perks and a great cruise rate for a Club Class Mini Suite. About 2 weeks ago I received an email that the cruise was canceled and I would be moved to the Majestic leaving on the 22nd of Aug., if I wanted. I called them and told them I wanted to sail on the Majestic and was given a Club Class cabin #. I was also told that my deposit would transfer, along with my deposit and my perks. The cruise rate would also be unchanged. I received an email saying that my deposit was due by a certain date or my booking would be canceled. I called and was told to ignore it. Everything was set. The deposit I paid would transfer and I would receive an email with all the correct details asap. While I was out of town last week I checked on the cruise. My booking was canceled for non payment of deposit. I immediately called and was told they made a mistake, but that my cabin was snatched up and there were no more Club Class available. They could move me to a non Club Class Mini Suite. I was on the phone with the rep for almost 2 hours. They offered a Specialty dinner and would put me on a waiting list. Whoopee! We are Platinum on Carnival, but this is our first Princess cruise. What a way to start! We normally book a balcony. I just wanted the Club Class for our anniversary. Sorry to vent. At least we're cruising. By the way, I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they don't speak to people.
  5. I've never had a future cruise credit. I paid $198 deposit for a 04/05 cruise that was canceled. I opted to let them hold (keep?) it in return for a $600 FCC. I have now booked (online) a future (2022) cruise and paid another $198 deposit. Am I giving them the $198 deposit for the canceled cruise in return for the $600 credit? Or, do I get credit for the past $198 also? It wouldn't really bother me getting $600 for $198. Just curious as to how it works.
  6. I wish people would stop spreading the false information that this vaccine alters our DNA. It does not! This type of information keeps some people from getting the vaccination and may cost lives.
  7. I wish people would stop spreading the false information that this vaccine alters our DNA. It does not! This type of information keeps some people from getting the vaccination and may cost lives.
  8. She was our first Carnival cruise in August 1997 for our 20th anniversary!
  9. I had it in April and got a positive test for antibodies in May. I tried to give plasma, but my iron was too low. Tried again in July and they said that my antibody count was too low, not that I didn't have any antibodies. My brother was a cellular biology professor and he told me that I probably still had T cells that would protect me. If you keep up with it, you will find that very very few contract it a second time.
  10. So, we have a 15 day cruise leaving 04/05/21 with final payment due 01/05. You're saying we won't lose the deposit if we cancel before final payment? Just quote the CDC rule to Carnival?
  11. We have an 04/05 15 day cruise sailing on it out of San Diego. I don't see it happening because it is an over 7 day cruise. The final payment is due 01/05, but they're emailing me now to pay ASAP. I hope they decide its fate by the end of this month. If not, I guess I'll pay by 01/05 and then wait for the refund after it's cancelled 01/06.
  12. If Carnival says it is cancelling all cruises over 7 days from American ports until next November, why haven't they notified me that my 15 day April Hawaii cruise out of San Diego is canceled? I am going on the premise that it will definitely be canceled, but it continues showing my countdown to my my cruise and payment due date.
  13. A balcony of our type was up over $1000 (total for both of us) on Miracle in April. I booked it awhile back and glad I did.
  14. I just looked at the Carnival site and it shows our 15 day Hawaii Journeys cruise leaving San Diego on 04/05/21 still selling rooms.
  15. Never said that. They should give it back asap. Just saying that the gratuities part would make little difference.
  16. I prepay gratuities every cruise and I don't live paycheck to paycheck. I also manage money very well. I just like to get it out of the way. And, who cares about giving it to them interest free? If I received a ridiculously high interest rate of 10% on my cash, the interest for the 3 months they have the money is, based on $200 tips, about $3. And way less than 2% interest is about the norm. 2% would be $4 a year, or less than a dollar for the three months. So what if 5000 passengers do it and the cruise line gets $5000 in interest. It still makes no difference to me.
  17. Thanks. I appreciate the replies. I'm going to change to a later flight or stay the night. I just hope the whole trip is not a practice in futility. Everybody stay well out there!
  18. We are somewhat optimistic about the future and have booked an Alaskan cruise in September out of Seattle. IF we are able to sail, do you think we could make a 10:15 flight out of SEA-TAC AP if the ship docks at 7? I know we would probably have to carry our luggage off early. We can change to 12:15, but for hundreds more. I guess others are also optimistic as the flights are filling up fast.
  19. We're sailing Saturday and will cancel if Lee is the CD. Just kidding! Looking forward to our first Journeys cruise no matter whom is the CD!
  20. How are the crash repairs progressing? We're sailing this Sunday.
  21. Except for John Heald (a long time ago), I can't remember but one other name. I think it was Mikey. He was the best we've ever had. But, I really don't care for the most part. They pretty much are all the same.
  22. Does anyone know the email address for the Glory Maitre D? Thanks
  23. Our last cruise (last year), which was our first as Platinum, we each got a pretty nice beach bag with a separate insulated compartment in the bottom. We thought it was pretty nice and still use it. Even the couple we gave the extra one to thought it was a great gift. I guess we'll get the photo next month. No comparison!
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