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  1. And you will be getting off when we board for a 14 day Journeys cruise!
  2. We're going on a 14 day Journeys cruise next month. I think it's crazy that we get 10 (5 each) free bags of laundry washed. From what I've heard, you don't send anything but undies. That's a lot of undies! Everything is washed in hot water, so you risk discoloration or shrinkage (yes, George Costanza, things shrink in HOT water,too) of other clothes. And, I've heard that the P&D's are about 1/3 usually, not 1/2 (I may be wrong). We're going with 2 couples that are not.
  3. We are Carnival Platinum. Just booked our first Princess Cruise on the Emerald to Alaska. Booked the Mini-Suite which is a glorified balcony cabin. In our 60's, but not bedtime at 9 people. Hope we're not making a mistake.
  4. We're on the Allure now. Don't know what will happen. Glad we're retired and have travel insurance. I don't think we'll be returning to Fort Lauderdale Sunday morning.
  5. My wife has to use distilled water for her sinuses each night. Do they sell gallon jugs of it on the ship?
  6. So, I haven't sailed RCI in a while. I just wear slacks and a blazer on "formal" nights on other lines and will on my upcoming RCI cruise. I suppose that is going to be overdressed soon? No complaints. I really don't like formal nights and I'm not bothered by nice shorts, jeans, etc. Just change formal night to "no ratty baseball cap night" and I'll be happy.
  7. Yes, but we are traveling with a couple in a suite and want to sit with them in the VIP seats for shows. We will also take advantage of the Chops lunch at embarkation and the debarkation breakfast. I'll probably do some of the activities during specific times for Key holders. The price doesn't bother me much.
  8. We bought it for $29.99/day apiece. I thought it was high, but I wanted the perks, especially the internet and VIP show seating.
  9. Thanks. I think I'll stick to a balcony and The Key.
  10. We haven't sailed RCI in many years. What amenities do the other suites receive that the Junior does not?
  11. I have read on line that you must make reservations for shows 72 hours before sailing even if you have the key. However, I called RCI and was told reservations are not necessary with the key. You just show up. Which is it? Sailing on Allure in August. Also, one rep at RCI told me it didn't include special hours for activities such as the rock wall, flow rider, etc. Another said it did. I didn't even ask about ice skating or zip line special hours. Thanks
  12. Thanks. I consider myself very cruise savvy, but switching lines makes me feel like a newby. Especially on a ship this large with so many passengers and new to me procedures.
  13. Thanks. Is it difficult to get reservations to shows or dining venues if we wait till we're on the ship?
  14. We are on the Allure the end of August and haven't sailed with RC in many years. We are in a balcony and are traveling with a couple in a Suite. We both have ATD and I didn't know we have to make dinner reservations. We're accustomed to Carnival and are Platinum with them. Do we need to have the other couple, whom we are linked with, make the reservations? We'll just have to book reservations for shows separately because they apparently get priority seating as a perk (also not a perk on Carnival). I'm very much looking forward to the cruise, but things look they are done very differently than on Carnival. It appears like everything has to be reserved in advance.
  15. And, you can book them a very long time before the cruise.
  16. I wonder if it's different for D&Ps if there are no FTTF's sold on a cruise, such as a Journeys cruise.
  17. We booked private tours ahead of time in several ports. Eight people in a nice van each time with a very knowledgeable driver. He handled the admissions. Less expensive and much better than the Carnival shore tours. Another passenger arranged the tours on our first Med cruise. I set everything up on our second. I went to Roll Call to recruit passengers to join us. All had a great time. I can't remember whom I went thru, but just look up private tours or limousine companies at each port. Some companies have private tours at several ports. We never went on a Carnival tour.
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