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  1. wingnutphl

    Going back to carnival!!

    You're kidding, right?? Ahhh nevermind. This isn't worth a response. Like I said have fun on your next carnival cruise. Hopefully they are all American.
  2. wingnutphl

    Going back to carnival!!

    Perhaps the maintenance worker didn't speak English and didn't understand why your son was giving him a watch. He probably thought it was a gift. Either way your son stole something and should be accountable. Meaning whether he had possession or not. If he threw it in a trash can and the can was emptied, would you blame the worker who was doing his job?? Have fun on your next carnival cruise.
  3. Jahahahahahaha! This is such a good idea!! Is the OP serious?? Maybe this is a hidden camera thread to see how many people will fall for this nonsense.
  4. I would bring a doctors note just in case security finds it.
  5. wingnutphl

    Oasis - Stuck on the Zip Line?

    Hahaha!! I was thinking the same thing!!
  6. Just got off on November 2. Sorry I stayed on the ship after I checked in.
  7. Muster was at 8 and late seating dinner was at 845.
  8. I wonder if they are going to give you the refund as an OBC on your account. I would ask your TA to check your reservation and see if he/she can see it.
  9. wingnutphl

    Miami Vice drink

    I get Miami Vice's all the time on RCI.
  10. Hahaha I had my 70's clothes on including foxy brown wig. Needless to say when I had to sizzle like bacon at quest, my wig went flying. All worth is as we won! What we'll do for a 5 cent gold medal!!
  11. Thanks, carol! I didn't think to take pictures. I'm bad like that anymore.
  12. Muster is at 8 pm and be warned it is outside. Also, they are very strict with muster. Security was going to cabins of people not there. Also, notes were left in the cabins of people they couldn't find.
  13. Sorry I didn't take any pictures :( If you do a search on the boards, you should be able to see pics.
  14. We never made it back there. We kept forgetting about it. The park ranger told my friend she could not use her pass. Not sure what it was. Sounds like yours is different. Also, if you want the National Park stuff, you have to go to the visitor center by the ferry.