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  1. It can't be the tides that is an issue. We are at the highest tides of the month (high +6.4 @ 11am, Low +1.9 @4:50am). Chart shows the channel depth @ 47 feet+. The GP will sail under the west side of the Bay Bridge and turn east around Treasure Island. That is the same routes for all the cargo ships into Port of Oakland. I don't believe there has ever been a large passenger liner cruise under the Bay Bridge but I could be wrong.
  2. The original cruise terminal where the GP departed is circled on the left. The Outer Harbor in the Port of Oakland is marked by an "X" for those curious where the ship will be docking.
  3. They have to sail about 280 nautical miles. The Grand's speed according to ship trackers is approximately 11 knots. It will take about 25 hours to sail to the navy port if they stay at their present speed.
  4. It will be interesting to continue to follow his twitter feed because even when he gets off the Diamond and books a flight home doesn't mean the authorities are going to let him fly on a plane or allow him into U.S. if they know he was on the Diamond. He might be enjoying it now but it could cost him a small fortune in $$$ and time to get home. I would have got on the plane today.....
  5. Just an update provided @ 6:20 PM PST. The Diamond Princess flight was delayed for 6 hours this morning in Tokyo. The new ETA at Travis AFB in Fairfield CA is now scheduled to arrive at 10:47 PM PST this evening. Some of the flight trackers show different information but i believe this information is accurate because the telemetry that is shown on the tracking site appears to be accurate for their position.
  6. Just an FYI for those who have family/friends on the Diamond Princess that are being flown to Travis AFB in California. The flight is Kalitta Air #585, Flying from Haneda (HND) to Travis AFB (SUU) scheduled to depart 1:10 AM Tokyo time. Landing is scheduled for 4:53 PM PST at Travis. Flight time is 8h 43m. They are flying on a Boeing 747-400. As of this post it appears the flight hasn’t departed Japan (10:00 AM PST/03:00 AM Tokyo Time) which means they are already 2-hours late departing. I hope they have a safe flight. Hope this information helps.
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