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  1. that's me being blond then - sorry- had somehow assumed a sushi place on all ships. thanks - we are booked on odyssey - but other half is looking at something for next year too - which i think antarctic/alaska is on the others i think.
  2. i keep thinking of the philadelphia cream cheese advert from the 80's now....where they used to have philadephia on a cracker and then the woman would add lollo rosso ,,,'for that continental touch"...as the voice in the background would say.... fancy :)
  3. yes a med cruise - so I will certainly be asking if possible - but understand they can be labour intensive if limited staff - and i am not that demanding - espresso will always do with a couple of litres of perrier instead :) i know what you mean on 'too much of a good thing' - i often see that with salads....you know rocket on everything...... there are other leaves ....
  4. thanks Isklaar - i might ask if I see available produce around the breakfast area etc - i like a nice long leisurely dinner - so don't eat breakfast or lunch sometimes - to ensure I enjoy dinner. an espresso and a juice are usually handy to bridge any hunger gaps...
  5. yes next month odyssey ....though my partner is looking at antarctic/alaska options for next year ....so all info welcome...thanks
  6. does seabourn do fresh juices to order anywhere? seabourn square maybe? i mean spinach/kale/ginger juices etc - not squeezed apple or orange breakfast juices.. thanks in advance.
  7. fishnet vests:) - now i have an image of madonna from 80's videos - 'like a virgin' etc and all the skimpy lace tops....
  8. agree - don't get why people bother with the argument - which probably means they will either be removed from the flight - or flight miss the take off slot - so they definitely won't make the transfer. often if a full flight and i am checking in a bag they will offer to take my cabin luggage free as well- to make more room - only really an option if no breakables etc.. i would prefer to check a bag two thirds max full- be able to take all the liquids like high factor sunblock etc that i want- and when they are used up - i have plenty of space for nice foods - or as happened on a previous october cruise - bought 3 winter coats - and they all fit in my bag now half empty - no problem. but i do love cubes and individual zip containers for smaller items - so they make space easy.
  9. it's not meant to- and on most flights won't - hence why they attract my attention as they are usually arguing with boarding staff that they brought it from a usa flight and are in transfer etc.....or whatever the story is..... a slim 20inch is max for most short hall euro flights- AND they do have the right to ask you to put it in the hold( EVEN IF RIGHT SIZE)- possibly free of charge - if no room as busy flight- has happened to me frequently- but you will have to collect it landslide.... i always think of this when people say they are so proud of just carrying just cabin luggage - and so have arranged for short transfer times - if you have to go through customs possibly and wait for luggage - and then depending you might have to go landslide and come back in as from luggage collection you can't re-enter airside proper in a lot of eu airports....you aren't going to make that short connection...
  10. absolutely- the policy is 21 on usa sailings - so a bit like wanting things differently on any other policy - you accept the policy of the ship/hotel/country etc you are in and that is the law there. as in I am european - so being in certain states in the usa where i know there is probably a percentage of people around me carrying firearms - is uncomfortable knowledge for me - but then i have the choice not to travel in usa. .... same as the original poster and the 18 yr old have the choice not to travel on a cruise from usa...
  11. you're absolutely right - policy is 21..... but seems others guest have experienced a softer approach to that policy - so my 'assumption' is that within reason if for a celebration etc.... i am multiples of 21 :)and have found wine waiters etc fairly few and far between on the last few cruises in the mdr....so I don't know if they are out doing what i assume is called a ' hall monitor' on each table..:)...would explain where they are i suppose.
  12. fair enough - same reason why scotch and scottish whiskey distillers got pride of place 'after' prohibition - than irish whiskey then :)
  13. thanks....was just fact checking that.:)
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