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  1. I am organizing a slot pull and this information has been very helpful! Anything else anyone can suggest would be great.
  2. Glad u guys had a good time thanks for taking us on your journey! Safe travels home! This kinda makes me want to do a live report for our mardi gras cruise in March!
  3. Your sons expression is the same as mine when I get off the boat and back to reality lol
  4. Yes I'm flying delta so I think we wouldn't be able to as it's not classifed as domestic I dont think *sad face*
  5. Can you check you luggage if your going into canada? Or do they consider it internationally? I was planning on checking mine in but we will be flying home to Canada
  6. The all inclusive package isnt bad if u have a larger party and like to take pictures. Plus the package is 20% off online before you sail.
  7. I wonder why she hops ships so much because in June of last year she was on the equinox! I'm just glad to her she isnt the main person, I honestly really dislike her so its disappointing all 3 of my cruises I've has her now. I also dont know if it's an act or what but manner just throws me off! I told my travel mates and they were laughing at me, but also super disappointed to see it was her. As no one either trip was impressed with her
  8. The lady beside him is named christine she was the cruise director on my Hawaii crusie and assistant cruise director on our Caribbean in june on the solstice and equinox respectively. Martin the other director was great on The equinox so hopefully he is with her on this one aswell then.
  9. On the question about age I am 33 and this will be my 3rd cruise on celebrity. My mother loves the line and I enjoy it aswell. I have 4 younger children who really enjoy it but we will be trying the new NCL bliss in 2020. Honestly I find alot more hassle and fees going thru ncl then thru celebrity. The crowd is a bit older but I 100%agree with what someone said about time of the cruise. 1st time I went to Hawaii in feb/march and didnt see a single child the entire trip. Then went in June and there were many children. I think it depends on what your looking for. If you wanna relax it's great... if you want parties, crazy excitement and things to do maybe try one of the other lines. I think it's worth trying out the diffrent lines and see which you like best
  10. Nooooo I hate christine this CD, I've been on 3 celebirty cruises, 3 diffrent boats and this is the 3rd with her. Anyway you can find put if she will lbe off the boat by March?
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