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  1. No, the main thing is doing what’s right, but degrees matter. It’s pretty obvious to anyone that robbing a bank at gun point is much worse than shoplifting. That doesn’t mean that shoplifting is okay.
  2. So, you’re basically saying that we should stop pretending that tips are tips.
  3. Weird, the reviews I’ve seen have been overwhelmingly positive.
  4. Getting rushed in the MDR is what? Going from a snail’s pace up to a tortoise? This sounds amazing.
  5. This thread title sounds like it’s for planning an armored car robbery.
  6. I really wish people behind me in line at Mongolian Wok would stop giving me nasty looks when I order for my friends. Why should all of us have to do an incredibly boring activity when one of us can handle it for all?
  7. No one here has provided any reason to believe that Carnival knew this would happen. So it happened before. So what? They likely changed how they handled things because of that and thought they had the problems fixed.
  8. Sometimes, things get old and need renovation. This is obvious. When the renovation is big enough, they can give the ship a new name as a way of saying that the changes were so great that it might as well be a different ship. It’s that simple.
  9. One cruise is never going to be a good indicator of the quality of service. For all you know, a popular staff member died and everyone is in mourning.
  10. Tuxedos, but since they’re children, colorful ones.
  11. It’s easy to do the right thing when someone else’s insurance is paying for it.
  12. We all have all sorts of ridiculous reasons for various things that we do.
  13. Sounds like plenty of time to get them potty trained!
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