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  1. When your last sentence is worded this way, it can imply that what we saw, smelled and heard was all in our imaginations! I’ve enjoyed every cruise I’ve gone on, and I stated that I enjoyed this one, as well. But there are certain expectations when you know that a ship was just redone costing millions of dollars and unfortunately, we found this one lacking; but there was still fun to be had, a beautiful destination and great food (that I didn’t have to cook!).
  2. Thanks for for that clarification! It was a little bit of a chaotic mess, wasn’t it? To make it even a little more chaotic, our kid’s room right next door was also on the viewing list, so TA’s were being turned away from both rooms - they were not happy campers! 😬
  3. We got off the Sunrise on Monday, and we enjoyed our cruise! My hubby and I cruised with our two adult sons and granddaughter, and it was a first cruise for one of my sons, so I really wanted him to enjoy it. I was on the Horizon last year and thoroughly enjoyed that ship, never felt crowded at all - in fact, there were a few times I looked at my husband and said, “Where are all the people”!!! This ship felt a little more crowded, but nothing crazy - but as others said, we tried to avoid the buffet by eating breakfast and dinner in the MDR. We had absolutely amazing waiters (and waitress!); we all had tears in our eyes with hugs to go around after our last meal there 😢 Unfortunately, I have to agree with the previous posters about some of the more negative aspects of this ship and cruise. We got off to a little bit of a rocky start when embarkation was delayed, apparently due to the ship inviting TA’s to view the rooms before we could board. When the initial boarding started, we were among the earlier groups, having purchased FTTF. The TA’s were still looking at rooms and one on the list was ours! For the most part they were gracious about not insisting they come into our room once we arrived, but there were a few who still wanted to view our room asking if they could come in (which we allowed) and one man was downright nasty about it when we said we wanted privacy. My hubby suggested he take it up with the captain, as we had paid for our room and had already allowed a few to view it 😉. So it was a chaotic start. There was definitely a foul odor near the aft elevators every day (our room was a balcony on 7 aft), but apart from having to walk through the casino to get from point A to point B, I didn’t notice cigarette smoke much. We were discouraged seeing the rust on our balcony and how dirty the balcony glass was - come on, the ship just came out of a huge renovation not even two months prior to our cruise! It was obvious they hadn’t touched the outside of those balcony rooms, even the deck flooring looked beat up. But our room was very nice, and we still enjoyed sitting outside for some peaceful time. Speaking of peaceful time, this cruise must have attracted many who could’ve cared less about keeping peace! Obviously not Carnival’s fault, but it will give me pause in the future about picking cruises. And the funny thing was, there weren’t a ton of kids on this ship - it was actually the adults who were acting out. We witnessed a fight that was happening in the buffet area; we were eating at the Lucky soup station, when we heard a woman screaming - we thought maybe someone was choking or a child was drowning. A few passengers jumped up to run to help, but turns out it was a massive fight between family members in the buffet area, with tables and chairs being overturned. And I’m seeing there were other outbreaks of fights on the ship for that cruise. Not good! It definitely put a damper on our day when we witnessed that happening...... We thought the food was delicious and, all in all, we very much enjoyed our cruise! But I’d have to say that I definitely preferred the Horizon over the Sunrise, and probably wouldn't book the Radiance knowing what I know now, even though we prefer to cruise out of the northeast.
  4. We also got off the Sunrise on June 24th, and the same thing happened to us! I thought we were supposed to be in a separate area for FTTF, but were told to sit with the other guests. Then we heard announced that “Carnival guests” were to board first. We all wondered who these “guests” were, but saw a bunch of people with yellow papers and found out not long after we boarded who they were. As we walked down the hall, we saw groups of people going into rooms and heard a woman in front of us say that she was headed to room 7425 - wait a minute, that’s our room!!! Turns out, the guests were all travel agents looking at rooms, and ours was one of the chosen rooms! For the most part, they were respectful of the fact that we wanted to be in our room - a few asked to look at it anyway, but one gentleman was upset, saying, “This is not right!”. Sorry, but we paid for our room, lol!
  5. The email only states that the hour later arrival “also applies to our Diamond, Platinum, FTTF and Suite guests”. But since I wasn’t sure when my initial arrival time was because of FTTF, I’m not sure when the new arrival time is.......
  6. Ok, thanks for the reply! So I guess FTTF doesn’t count anymore?
  7. We’re sailing tomorrow on the Sunrise and just received an email stating that boarding will be delayed by one hour because of an in-depth debarking procedure by customs for the previous cruise. My check-in time was 11:30-12:00 so that would’ve made it 12:30-1:00, but I have FTTF - what time would be an appropriate time to arrive? Has this happened to anybody? All I can picture is mass chaos!
  8. Thanks for your review - we leave later in June on a 4 nighter to Bermuda, also in an aft wrap (7425). Disappointing to hear the cabin and balcony was not totally redone and there are still signs of age! Why do a partial job when it obviously needed more attention? But Bermuda is beautiful, and I will enjoy visiting again............question: I was on the Horizon last year and felt hardly any movement on the ship - did you find there was a lot of movement on the Sunrise (notwithstanding bad weather)? Did you find the aft-wrap noisy/sooty? TIA!
  9. Thanks, you’re probably right - was just looking at alternatives to what will probably be a very crowded Horseshoe Bay on the day we come in. I’m guessing we’ll stick with Horseshoe (need a beach with toilets, food, etc).
  10. Just saw this thread and considering this beach in June - someone mentioned it wouldn’t be a good idea from the dockyard, but last year we did a tour of the island that included St. George’s and we got back in time. Is it really unreasonable to consider spending a few hours at this beach with just one day in Bermuda, and would the taxi fare to and from the dockyard be under $100.00 one way for a group of five? Thank you!
  11. And are there usually taxi’s waiting at Horseshoe during the day that could take you elsewhere from there?
  12. Thank you, I will keep checking! In the meantime, right now I can only access my first cruise booking; my second cruise, on the Mardi Gras for September, 2020, still gets the “sorry” message - so frustrating!
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