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  1. Sorry everyone, I was trying to post this to my roll call but it ended up out there floating and I could not figure how to delete this post! Thanks for the tips, though!
  2. Hey everyone! We are so close, 2 weeks until beach time! I was really hoping to explore Castillo de San Cristobal and was checking on details today for my friend that is going, however I see it is considered a National Park and due to the government shut-down, it will be closed. If they can't get it resolved before then, I will need a plan B. 😞 I really wanted to go explore the fort. A long time ago I went on a cruise out of San Juan but we flew in the day of the cruise and out the day we came back so we did not get to see anything. Has anyone been? It sounds like there is a lot within walking distance to see and do.
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