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  1. Sold my remaining RCL and CCL stock this morning - my personal view of the recovery for the cruiselines has changed for the worse, so I will take my ~20% return over 4 weeks and sit on the sidelines for now, ready to jump back in if warranted. Having originally been of the opinion that some return to cruising would begin July/August - I am now having difficulty seeing cruises restarting within the next 6 months - and there is so many variables at play, I fully expect cruise stocks to retest recent lows and even then, I can't say I would jump back in in the absence of a more positi
  2. Maybe this is why...... With increased embarkations come increased onshore spending. In 2018, cruise lines, their passengers and crew spent a record $23.96 billion in the United States—a 33 percent increase since 2010. Additionally, 2018 saw a new peak in the cruise industry’s U.S. expenditures, generating 421,711 jobs across the United States and contributing more than $23.15 billion in wages and salaries, a nearly 13 percent increase since 2016.
  3. Can't you just apply the FCC to one of your existing 2021 bookings?
  4. RCL (and Carnival) are in complete denial if they think they can continue operations much longer - the number of positive cases in the US is going to skyrocket in the coming days.....and along with that - the risk of someone carrying the virus onto a cruise ship will increase dramatically. So sad, but I don't see any alternative but to suspend at least through end of April, but more likely it will need to be longer than that.
  5. yes - the bbc have expanded on the story since the news first broke. Nonetheless, italians are free to go to work, to go about their necessary daily business, but forbidden to gather in public places or engage in air travel without justification. these are some stringent measures for sure, but I still maintain that a statement such as '60m people in quarantine' was over the top.
  6. Ok - I think I see what you mean. When asked the question an expected response might have been 'I have just lost my granddaughter, I can't get much lower than that'. The way he responded does, I suppose' seem odd in the cold light of day.
  7. At the time of any tragic incident you experience shock, anger, possibly fear of retribution and many other emotions that do not enable true reflection. In this instance, Anello also has a complete circus being created by lawyers trying to absolve him/ minimise his responsibility, and creating a distorted view of what really happened. It is not unusual for the 'low point' to come many months or even years after the event, and can be triggered by anything that causes one to reflect and remember the events of the tragedy and the pain and loss can overwhelm. If Anello is
  8. If he has any sort of conscience - then he will suffer a lifelong penalty far worse than any court could impose.
  9. I hope they can find a way to get those in inside cabins out on deck for some fresh air - even if they have to do it one family/cabin at a time. 14 days stuck inside with no fresh air cannot be healthy.
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