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  1. Sorry to hear about your fry- those seagulls got into my taco! They are relentless! 😄
  2. My response to the general comments: Yes, this cruise does, in fact, end on NYD, which was surprising to me. It is the Dec 28th 4-day out of Port Canaveral on Mariner. I have been on five cruises before on various lines, but none on a holiday. My experience is that people do tend to go to bed early on the last night knowing they have to get up early. I was hoping that those of you with lots of cruise experience would know more about how RCI might handle this. I appreciate those of you who were willing to give helpful answers, including those who said it was less than ideal- I agree. We have the constraint of school starting back Jan 3 so that limits us, also. Thank you all and have a great day!
  3. Yes, you are correct! I was surprised about it, too. Port Canaveral is most convenient for us, and we were considering this as a fun thing to do for the holiday. A five night coming in Jan 2 would definitely be better. We will still consider it.
  4. Hello! Question about Royal Caribbean cruises when New Year's Eve is the last night- will there still be celebrations, even if it is the last night? I know the bags will need to be out before the parties would start, but will there still be a balloon drop and everything if it is the last night of a cruise? Thank you!
  5. Thank you! This confirms what I suspected. I hope you had a great time on your cruise!
  6. Thank you! We may skip it, then. I have a feeling that they would prefer guests to go on excursions rather than snorkel for free, which makes sense from a business standpoint.
  7. I see that at some point there was a sunken wreck to look at, but it may not longer be accessible?
  8. We will be sailing on Freedom of the Seas this month and were planning to bring snorkel equipment to possibly snorkel on Coco Cay. After doing some searches about this, I see various reviews. Back in 2019 it looks like the advice was to go to Chill Island and snorkel there, where there was a wreck to look at. Some other reviews have said there isn't really a good place to snorkel anymore after some updates to the island. Can anyone from the recent sailing or from as recent a cruise as possible give me some tips and advice on snorkeling? If it isn't worth it I don't want to lug the gear around. Thank you!
  9. Watching your Sailaway! https://www.portmiamiwebcam.com/
  10. Another cam at another angle, currently showing a tight view of the top of the ship https://www.portmiamiwebcam.com/
  11. Interested to hear when you are able to access rooms. Were they ready sooner because of protocols? How fast was luggage delivery. Have a wonderful time!!
  12. For a while it was zoomed in on Freedom and you could see people walking through the gangplanks! The camera angles probably cycle through.
  13. Exciting to see Freedom OTS in port, knowing people are boarding now for the first official cruise back! We will be on it later this month! 🙂
  14. We were really. hoping to do this but my daughter is too young for vaccination. Something to look forward to another time. I have heard that the end of the class is a good time for friends to come meet up with you (to finish the sushi), and had heard that you aren't supposed to take it with you- maybe that has changed. Have fun!
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