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  1. Forgot to post here, but our was cancelled late Feb and was posted May 28 - I think almost exactly 3 months. They also refunded my culinary courses without my prodding. Now just to deal with cancellation insurance on my flights to MIA lol! I'll give regent a + on this cancellation experience for myself. Wasn't immediate, but it came and without a lot of fuss. I'm just glad I didn't desperately need the $$... although if that was the case I probably wouldn't have been booking a Regent cruise in the first place.
  2. For a FCC, probably not, but for a paid in full cruise that didn't happen and the time has come and gone, I think they might. I'll do some checking today. I'm not sure what the time window is... but for myself I did purchase insurance for the first time ever so hopefully I should be covered either way.
  3. Oct 1, 2020. To London for the Sotheby liquidation auction LOL!
  4. I'm genuinely considering that. I have insurance on it as well, so I should be covered either way.
  5. I could think of worse circumstances for a stranded crew member. At least they are with people they know, in familiar surroundings and have access to services. Better than being stuck at an airport sleeping on a bench or having to pay a hotel every night.
  6. Same here. I remember reading somewhere on Voyager (either in cabin literature or on a sign elsewhere) explicitly asking guests to not enter areas signed as crew only. I thought "Well, duh, that's obvious" but I see why they even have to mention it 😕
  7. Interesting tidbit that even those without strong financial acumen should understand. And that last sentence is not a throwaway "if" This is serious. Let's all hope they can get back to making some semblance of revenue this summer.
  8. They are going to hold onto that cash as long as they possibly can. We are in the same boat, but if they are still afloat (get it?) I still think the refund will be on my credit card before any sailings I would have possibly used a FCC on.
  9. Oh that would be the easiest way, no doubt! However, Norwegian does it for Hawaii cruises with the Pride of America. It can be done. It's a matter of expenses/profits. It's far, far more profitable to not do it, and flag in Panama/Bahamas or wherever for sure.
  10. They could do it now and get rid of flags of convenience. There would probably be more sympathy for the multi billion dollar industry if they weren't flagging their vessels in small nations to skirt laws. 1000% agree. Sears still has "assets" but probably not a great investment opportunity right now, even if their stock was worth exponentially more not that long ago. That said, I have hope that the cruise companies have a brighter future than Sears, but the point is similar.
  11. I genuinely hope that is the case too, but almost certainly won't be. China being totalitarian was able to effectively lock down the effected regions quite hard. In North America/Europe, we were far more lax and even now still largely voluntary. The big fear with China right now is they'll get hit with another wave as people start to mingle again and it's a very strong possibility as the virus is still out there.. and there are already unconfirmed reports that it's not as rosy in Wuhan as the Chinese government would like the world to think it is. IE: The government telling business leaders to leave lights on and turn on machinery to give the appearance of normalcy returning. China cannot be trusted in this regard. That's why there are even now rumblings of severe social contact restrictions lasting much, much longer. I genuinely hope not, and up until a week or ago I was fine with planning a future cruise later in the summer/fall, but I don't think it would be wise to make any plans yet and we decided to get a refund for various reasons which I won't get into here. We are still in the first period of the hockey game here folks. When the government is approaching automotive manufacturers to see if they can make medical equipment in their factories a'la typewriter companies making firearms in WW2, I don't think the world is going to be as it was anytime soon.
  12. Agreed. I'm didn't cancel and let them make my decision for me, now I'm just on the fence about 125% FCC or full refund. Also, as an aside Canada has closed its borders to all foreign nationals except Americans and goods for trade.
  13. I think very likely that will be cancelled. Spain is on the verge of total lockdown and even if the worst is over by then, world travel will be slow to come back on line. Summer would be my best guess but who knows at this stage. Total hypothesizing.
  14. I plan to take the FCC as the extra 25% is nice and I have cancellation insurance so if they go belly up I should be fine. Key word ~should~
  15. I think it is an overall NCL policy and not just regent.
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