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  1. We're Regent people, just booked our first Princess cruise to try it out, and I can say that our last Mediterranean cruise on the Voyager got us hooked on Aperol Spritz. So much so, I now make them at home. Relatively light on the alcohol so dangerously easy to go down.
  2. Indi, thanks for the great reply. I never thought about the spas and the theater. Truth be told, the spas are sort of lost on us, but the theater intel might be a thing. Really appreciate it, especially coming from a fellow Regent traveler. Excursions aren't a huge thing for us. Fairly familiar with SFO and was actually just there for a week this past summer. Know our way around fairly well, especially if I think Star will dock where I think she will. As for the others, probably just venture into the city from where we are and play it by ear. Whelp, officially booked for the trip. Sept 22 on Star if anyone else is coming, drop me a line.
  3. Are Regent vessels too large for Saba? That's a great little island. Totally "off the beaten path" for an island, and some breathtaking scenery and marine life. Not a place to go for beaches by any means, but a great place to spend a day. Probably not set up very well for an influx of a 1000 pax vessel, even if it could physically dock though. I guess it could always tender?
  4. No distress to me.. fellow Albertan! (Lethbridge area here). Thanks for all the advice. Potentially booking tonight. Since it's just an interior cabin, any big sales imminent I might want to wait for? Doesn't sound like Sip 'n sail would apply to us anyhow so I'm thinking of taking advantage of the paid gratuities and small OBC they're offering now. Regarding the drink package and 15 drinks per day. Sounds like a lot and I don't drink anything until the afternoon (no mimosas for me!) BUT, if you do the math assuming you start at say, 2PM having 2/hr, say on a pool deck or something, 2-3 at dinner time, you could realistically top out at 9PM before any shows or evening entertainment. As a thick 220lb male, 2 watered down drinks an hour along with lots of food is hardly enough to put me under the table. Sure I wouldn't want to drive anywhere, but hey, I'm on vacation!
  5. Benefits as a financial benefit. Thanks for the replies folks.
  6. My wife and I are looking at booking a cruise this fall. We have a single friend who has some interest in trying cruising but I believe is a little hesitant going solo. Since we are going, I am considering asking her if she'd like to join us. If she were to get her own cabin, are there any benefits for a party of 3? I am sure if she shared a cabin there would be a significant financial savings, but I don't think that would be in the cards. I suspect not, but just thought I'd ask. Thanks.
  7. "Cash cow Ken" Sounds like a tacky used car salesman. I'm annoyed by him already just from the name LOL!
  8. We are mid 40s and definitely on the young end of our Adriatic/Med cruise this past fall on Voyager. Maybe a handful of couples (10-20?) younger than us, but not many. I'd say probably 60%-70% US and Can, 10% UK and 10% AUS/NZ and balance others... but that's just a total seat-of-the-pants guess based on meeting people and hearing languages/accents.
  9. Darn, that's great advice, thanks! Alas that block of interior cabins are booked for the cruise 😞 Only ones on deck 5 are directly under Shooters bar... which I can't imagine is a good thing. Also, thanks everyone for the advice - really appreciate it :)
  10. Wow, that's great news. Anything around 1MB/sec+ is realistically usable for anything other than streaming. When we were on Voyager in Sept/Oct it was dreadful and bordered on completely unusable for anything (time outs/etc) 50% of the time.
  11. Boy, thanks for the great, thought out replies folks. I really appreciate it. Any decks in particular to avoid for an interior cabin?
  12. Can't speak for the other ports, but I just got back from Panama (NOT a cruise, stayed @ Westin Playa Bonita) and only hung around Panama city area, unfortunately. The stacks of ships waiting to go through the canal was the sight to see from the shore. 30-40 every day. Uber is a definite thing in Panama City and area if you are adventurous and want to go out on your own. If you have the opportunity, you might want to see the old town of Panama City and a tour of the locks if they offer one. The Minaflores set has a good visitor center and great view of the locks when operating. I understand the expansion is quite limited for visitors so if you are offered a tour to see them it might be worthwhile just for the novelty since 99% of people can't or don't go there. As for the Panama city, one thing that really took me as being special is the number of souvenirs that are for sale are actually made from locals. The "made in china" junk that almost every other major city tourist place doesn't seem to have taken hold here. You can get legit, unique Panamanian items for great prices.
  13. We used the Regent hotel in Monte Carlo last year, largely just for ease of having Regent look after everything. The transfer from Nice (a little ways away) was flawless and our stay at the Monte Carlo Bay and it was excellent. Literally nothing bad to say about the hotel at all (the outdoor sand bottomed pool was beautiful) and the included buffet breakfast was excellent, at least as good as breakfast on Voyager. Could I have done it cheaper personally? Maybe, but I did some quick running of the numbers and it was close and they did it all. Next Regent cruise, depending on the departure ports, I might not, but I do feel that I had good value for Monte Carlo.
  14. What an odd program, seems like a bizarre way to come up with a new revenue generator and somewhat glad to see it was killed. I don't know what goes on behind the scenes on the ships, but I truly hope that the crew and staff have ready access to internet connections at no cost (or minimal at worst) to keep in contact with their family and friends.
  15. Hi folks, been reading these forums, doing some searching and would really appreciate a few questioned answered from some more "seasoned" princess cruisers! My wife and I have "luxury" cruised a couple times (Regent) but considering trying a more "main-stream/mass passenger" line just to see if we like it and we're leaning towards Princess. Many people seem to be repeat Princess cruisers so thinking there must be something good about them! To dip our toes in their cruises we're looking at a relatively short 7 day California cruise departing/returning to Seattle this Sept on Star Princess. We are doing this because Seattle/Vancouver are reasonably drive-able for us (would rather not fly) and the California itinerary appeals to us far more than an Alaska cruise. We are mid-40s no kids. Please forgive me if some of these questions have been answered or seem extremely rudimentary. I have done some searching and either haven't found the answer OR have found conflicting answers so clarification would be genuinely appreciated :) Cabins. I know being a Regent cruiser it's not fair to compare an entry level cabin on a princess ship to an entry level cabin/suite on a Regent ship. However, we truly use the cabin mostly for sleeping. The balcony on the Regent cruises we could easily count on 1 hand the number of times we were on it for more than 2 minutes. The Mrs. also really likes to sleep. As in, if she could sleep in until 11 am she would... and being a holiday she would like to. Biggest issue for us is noise and light. I am a fairly light sleeper and get woken up quite easily when light hits my face, and noise drives me up the wall.. so I bring earplugs just in case. Space isn't a huge thing for us, we'd probably only have 1 "large" suitcase and a small bag for a 7 day trip. For these reasons we're thinking of an interior cabin. Crazy idea? Or are interior cabins inherently more noisy due to staff corridors/common spaces? How good are the mattresses? Crowds. We've never been on a ship with more than 1100 people @ max load. Generally <1000. Getting a decent spot on the pool deck is basically not an issue, any time of the day. If the Mrs. sleeps in until 11AM on a sea day, get's up, grabs lunch and then would like to sun on deck near a pool, are we going to be out of luck getting a couple of deck chairs? Doesn't necessarily need to be absolute prime spots or anything or course, but are there enough chairs in the common areas of various decks for everyone? Are the pools absolute zoos on a nice sea day? Also related to crowds - meals. Are line-ups a thing for buffets/restaurants? If so, do they move and it's only momentary? IE: Minute or two at most? Or are you going to be standing around for 15 minutes to get a seat or in a buffet line? Also related to meals, we are not ones that need to premium dine. In fact, on Regent even though the specialty restaurants are included, we typically would go to one of the normal restaurants/buffet based restaurant. I presume food quality is still good regardless of the restaurants or is specialty dining really more of a must-do to change things up? Laundry. Are the self serve laundry facilities decent? Always super busy? Or if I need to do a load chances are very good I'll be able to? I presume there is a charge for the machines/soap/softener? Is it cash or just uses your room card thingie? Drinks. I am a drinker. The Mrs, not so much on the alcohol side. I typically wake up fairly early (6-7am) and start into coffees... generally prefer late's or cappuccinos but can certainly get by with good old regular drip. I'll have anywhere from 4-6 if they are good. I might have several specialty coffees in the AM, and several alcoholic drinks (highballs/cocktails) over the day (say between 2PM and 10PM). I see the premium package is about $70, so for a 7 day cruise that's pushing $500. That *might* be a reasonable thing for me... although I certainly don't drink that much every day. Maybe every other day. The Mrs might have 3-4 (max) cocktails or glasses of wine a day... if any. I have heard from a Youtube review that if 1 person gets the premium package (including alcohol) that the 2nd person in the cabin must as well. Is that true? I didn't see it on the Princess package terms page. If so, that will kill any reason to get a premium package for sure and just buy an $8 cocktail as wanted. I don't mind paying good money for value, but I don't like wasting money. How does the system work? A wristband? Children. We don't mind kids, especially ones that are well behaved, but families with an army of poorly behaved kids do not appeal to us. It sounds like Princess really doesn't cater too much to that demographic so chances should be minimal.. especially in the school year. C/D? Up-selling and vendors. How in your face are the ship photographers and various up-sellers trying to peddle their wares? Are they easily avoidable? Is having a nice dinner with my wife and have to fend off someone that won't take no for an answer taking our photo a thing? How about having a massage and an incessant hard sell? Speaking of, how is the spa and massage services? Is the pool accessible without being a spa customer? Gym space. My exercise of choice is martial arts (Tae Kwon-do) and while I don't need a ton of exercise equipment, a room with floor space is fantastic. I don't expect there to be a heavy bag in the gym for kicking/punching, but will there be an area with a 15'x15' or so of floorspace in the gym? How about somewhere else if I am flexible on time? On Regent, they would just give me the room where they did aerobics as long as a class wasn't in session. Do you think that would that be possible? Boy that's about all I can think of for now and sincerely appreciate replies!
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