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  1. Spellbound Too is more for multi-day charters. Spellbound does the day sails Nice boats. You can google them.
  2. Approximately $6 per person from cruise ship pier to Divi Little Bay.
  3. How horrible. We are so sorry. Grace and peace. David and Vickey
  4. If your interest is primarily sightseeing and/or just relaxing, I would do the catamaran. If your primary interest is snorkeling, then do the speedboat. I recommend Random Wind for catamaran. Magic Time or Soualiga (Bob Cass) for speed boat.
  5. Orient Beach has progressed well since last summer - except that Club O is still a disaster area. Beach has been busy, Perch is doing well, the Carbets are getting open but I am not sure they all have power and water yet - if not, they should have both very soon.
  6. You are referring to Grand Case - directions still will work, I think.
  7. In email from Carlington for Feb 8 cruise: Lunch on Boarding day in The Great Gatsby Dining Room Deck 4 11:30 am to 1:00 pm this would be for GS and up, I think also his email is GR_SuitesConcierge@rccl.com With regard to noise from above in forward suites - we have heard the scrapping noises from time to time, but it has never kept us awake or bothered us much
  8. You will be perfectly safe at Divi Little Bay.
  9. Many vendors have a policy of simply changing the date if they know that a ship has changed its itinerary and will be coming on a different day. I have no idea if Bernards Tours makes that clear on its website or otherwise - they should make it clear if they do not. Lesson for Bernard not to assume customers know that company simply changes date of reservation. When there is a change in itinerary, but still getting to port, if tour company does not initiate communication, cruisers should email or call and make sure both sides understand if tour still is scheduled on same terms b
  10. I think that now taxi to Orient Beach from port is $7 or $8 per person - no good way to take a bus. Do not plan on using bus to get any where near Orient beach unless you are very familiar with the island and have done it before. Two chairs and one umbrella are normally between $20 and $30 - some places offer additional amenities in connection with chairs/umbrellas, such as access to rest room and drinks. "Best part of beach" is very subjective. If you have not been there before, you may want to walk beach and see what you think. There are places from wh
  11. Yes, it is very easy to catch a cab back to port from Philipsburg - in fact, the usual problem is fending off the drivers trying to get you to take a cab when you are not ready to head back, yet. Yes, you can pay in US dollars and, in fact, that is the normal method of payment. Some cabs may be able to take a credit card but you cannot count on that - have cash. I have no suggestions on art galleries - I really do not recall many in Philipsburg.
  12. As best the experts know, is the 7/30/2018 version still the most recent Loyalty Deserves a Reward, Bonus Amenities, document? David
  13. I had not noticed this particular boat or tour before. Eagle generally has excellent reputation. I may try this myself on next port of call visit.
  14. Francis has been on Radiance - but I believe that he was off Radiance today for vacation until mid-January. He is coming back to Grandeur in January - at least that is the plan as last I knew. I do not know which lounge he will have when back on Grandeur, but he obviously would like to get into the CL.
  15. We have UDP on Radiance this September B2B Vancouver to SYD. Can one of the concierges (we can access either lounge) make our reservations or do we have to go to one of specialty restaurants?
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