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  1. Hello L74. this exact same thing happened to me on my Northern Lights cruise that I enjoyed last November. I did write to TUI and ask them to make a good will gesture to me, given that I had booked the cruise in good faith and they had access to my deposit for some time. TUI didn't even respond to my letter, which I thought was pretty poor form. I cancelled the cruise, losing my deposit, rebooked, booking the cabin that I had cancelled, and saved myself a total of £700, this despite still forfeiting my deposit.
  2. Oh really. Thanks Pensioncruiser,...I was hanging around and hoping for a slight price "adjustment", Perhaps I'll jump straight in to ensure the cabin I'd prefer. Thankyou
  3. Thanks Pensioncruiser, and Sauspud,. Your photos of the js suite have been really helpful to us , so thank you for taking the time to post them. I think we will probably take your advice and book the js aft as I'm thinking it would be a lovely way to enjoy India.... Cheers
  4. Hello all. we are considering a two week cruise from Dubai to Langkawi next year on Discovery. we are wondering if we should treat ourselves to a junior suite. We have previously enjoyed a deluxe balcony on D2 and thought it was perfectly adequate for our needs. We can save approx £1000 by booking a picture window cabin, which we know would also be great. we are curious to hear others thoughts.. Should we treat ourselves to the addition space of a suite, with its Clarins bathroom products and bath etc, go for another deluxe balcony cabin,or save a few quid with an outside window cabin..?
  5. Thanks Colbrit. Another post on these boards suggests the itineraries will be out on the 4th of this month. I'm looking forward to seeing what is on offer.
  6. I am hoping to cruise an India/Dubai type itinerary in Nov 2020. which ship will be cruising that area ?
  7. We recently spent a weeks holiday in mykonos. We didn't bother with a visit to Delos, as quite frankly Mykonos was far to pretty a place to leave. If I were you I would simply wander the streets of Mykonos and take the opertunity to visit some of its many wonderful little shops, bars or cafes. I'd honestly suggest you don't need a ships tour as its only a small town and Im confident you'll have a most enjoyable dayt just independently exploring it.
  8. We visited Rijeka and just wandered off on our own into the town....We didn't find it a particularly attractive place to visit, no real problems, but we just thought it was a little scruffy, and not especially nice for a tourist to visit..Therefore if I we're you, I'd certainly look to do some kind of a trip, and perhaps a visit to the island of Kik would be preferable to a walk down Rijeka high street.....
  9. Hello everyone I wonder if someone could help me with the workings of anytime dining. I have cruised previously with Marella, and the dining onboard thier ships is all anytime,in that you turn up at the MDR and are asked if you are willing to share a table. If you are you are seated at a table of multiple seats and so may enjoy the company of others who have also advised the waiter that they are willing to share a table. We have booked a Celebrity cruise in June and have asked for the anytime dining option, but wondered if we will always be taken to a table for two or asked if we would like to share with others as we were on our Marella cruise.
  10. If you are tipping staff prior to them even giving you service, in order to ensure that you get better service than fellow passengers, by definition you are hoping to deprive others of service / staffs time, in order to monopolise that time / service for your self. If we all resorted to the same tactic, where do you think it would stop? I prefer the British/ Aussie system. I.e. Pay a decent wage, eliminate the race to pay the biggest tip to deprive others of the service we all deserve......just my opinion...shoot away.
  11. Hi Jan. We sailed fairly recently on the Celebration and had a cabin midships on deck 3. Whilst it was very close to the water line, it was blissfully quiet and we slept extremely well. cant comment on the cider, as I'm a lager man myself, although you shouldn't worry about flight arrival times, providing your flight is with TUi.....they will not sail without you. Up the blues !
  12. The indoor pool is definitely not open 24 hours. They drain it most nights, and in any case they met it off from about 8pm each evening.. The gym is ok,...I used it most days on my recent Norway cruise. There is only one rowing machine, about 5 running machines, some limited free weights...dumbells only though, no Olympic bars. Its not a great gym, but you'll find enough to get by for a couple of weeks.
  13. We recently cruised on the Celebration. There is at times a small judder/wobble, however it really was quite minimal, usually unnoticeable and in now way detracted from what for us, was a great week onboard.
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