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  1. The DOU card has to be picked up from the casino host. That said, I ordered a couple drinks while playing video poker before I got the card, and they were comped, so I assume DOU is already on the S&S account and the physical card is just a formality. The OBC is automatically added to your account as a credit, so it will apply to anything you charge to your room. To use it in the casino, I just charged $500 on a slot, and then immediately cashed out and took my S&S card to the cage to get money. That avoids the 3% fee that they charge at tables. The only 3:2 b
  2. Oh I forgot about the escargot! That's always one of my favorite appetizers, and you're right it was definitely missing on this cruise.
  3. I actually prefer to stay onboard at pretty much any port. My thought is there's so much to do on the ship that I've already paid for, I just don't see the thrill to getting off. I usually spend port days enjoying the empty bars and reading a book by the pool. My girlfriend and her mother did get off at both Key West and Cozumel. On this itinerary we got into Key West at 7:30am and had to be back on board at 12:30pm. They walked around a bit, but said that a lot of places weren't even open for most of the time they were there. Cozumel we arrived at about 12:30pm and back on board
  4. We just got off the Victory yesterday, and had a 4-day sailing out of Miami with stops at Key West and Cozumel. This time it was me, my girlfriend, and her mother. We had two interior cabins on deck 10. We were booked on a casino offer that came with a Drinks on Us card and some onboard credit. Here are some quick thoughts, I'm not going to go too in-depth because the Victory is only going to be around for about 3 more months so a lot of what I talk about here will probably change. Embarkation: We purchased FTTF for both cabins, and thought that the embarkation process in Miami wen
  5. If you're a table player, your best bet to maximize comps is to just go sit at the $25 blackjack table and consistently bet $30/hand. That table is normally not that crowded ($25 min keeps a lot of folks away), so the pit bosses will get to know if you if you're there long/often enough, and if you get a good rapport going with them/the dealers, they'll take care of you. I also believe that if the pit bosses see you regularly tipping the dealers, they are more inclined to return the favor with little things like throwing you a free drink here and there before you qualify for the DOU card. But i
  6. That wasn't a blackjack table, that was a "Fun 21" table. It's basically Carnival's variation on Spanish 21. If you want to play true Blackjack in a Carnival casino, rather than some variant of 21, those tables usually are in the back with a $25 minimum.
  7. We had the same issue with YTD on the Magic. On the last couple nights, I finally just left the phone in the room and flat out said no when they asked if we would use the app. We checked in manually with the hostess and were seated immediately, while those that had used the app and supposedly had their tables ready were all still standing on the other side of the hostess stand waiting for someone to seat them. So, my advice for YTD is to tell them you don't have your phone (they are VERY pushy about making you use the app, so best bet is to hide the phone) and just check in manuall
  8. It sounds like that's exactly what they're doing. What's described in this article sounds extremely similar to the FAA-mandated Safety Management System (SMS) that all U.S. commercial airlines have. SMS is all about leveraging data collection and hazard analysis to proactively manage risk and prevent incidents/accidents. Definitely sounds like a step in the right direction to me.
  9. Haven’t heard any specifics about that. My hope would be that they use that time for a general face lift, and to address some of the smell issues other folks are reporting, rather than trying to add anything new.
  10. It’s pretty smoky, to the point your clothes will smell after spending any significant time in there. In fact, there were a couple times that we could smell the smoke all the way down at the lobby bar. The bartender there said she can smell it all the time.
  11. Our arrival appointment was 1:30-2:00 and we got there about 1:20. The line was wrapped all the way around the building and then down past another one of the buildings. To me it seems like the earlier the better!
  12. I realized I forgot to mention that the sushi is an extra cost too. I believe it’s $3 for sushi or sashimi, $5 for a basic roll, and $7.50 for the specialty rolls. The menu is also posted online a lot of places just google “carnival sushi at sea.” Have a great cruise!!!
  13. St. Maarten we took a cab to Maho Beach and had lunch at Sunset Bar. Just walk up to the cab dispatchers outside port in the orange shirts, it's $16/person round trip. Sunset was fun and the food was good, but the only worthwhile part of that beach itself is the plane-watching. It's very rocky and insanely crowded. St. Kitts we chartered a private catamaran through Purple Turtle Charters. They were AWESOME, highly recommend using them. You just take a cab over to Frigate Bay from the port, I think the cab ride is $12 each way. If you go over to Nevis, you need to go to Sunshine's b
  14. We just got off an 8-night cruise on the Magic, so I thought I'd share a quick review. As a bit of background, it was me (31) and my girlfriend (33) traveling together. This is our third cruise on Carnival, the previous two being on the Breeze and Liberty. Rather than do a play-by-play, I'm going to just hit the highlights of the things we experienced. Port Everglades I'll say one thing about Port Everglades: NEVER AGAIN. I used to think LaGuardia Airport was the most inefficient and poorly run transportation hub in the country, until I discovered Port Everglades. It's unders
  15. It's a flat iron steak. I had it last week on the Magic and loved it. I order my meat rare and it was cooked perfectly, and very tender and flavorful.
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